Adam is the main protagonist of the first three Homo Perfectus stories.

Alternate Timelines

As the Homo Perfectus series features many alternate choices and endings, with the main timeline originating from the super heroic endings, there are a number of alternate Adams. These show all the possible Adams who either very different from the prime Adam, or only a little different.

  • There are three who died when they were ten years old. One was killed by not controlling his power to control fire, another was killed by Teacher for killing Eve, and another was killed by Eve losing control when he tried to run away.
  • Another was killed at the age of fifteen by Teacher, after being found snooping around Meckard's office. In a different timeline, he was killed in the training fight by Teacher and in two others he was killed by Teacher when the android found his Bible book.
  • One version failed to realise how dangerous the man with the gun was, resulting in him being shot. In another timeline, where Adam didn't trust Mark, Pandora's Box was released. In another timeline, Adam took the money from the woman after saving her. In another version of history, he never entered the electronics store, also failing to stop Pandora's Box.
  • In one version of history, Adam was killed when he tried attacking the guard at the museum. In two others, one bribed the guard with money and in another, Mark told a lie to convince the guard to help.
  • In two versions of history, Adam was killed for trying to break into the museum, but only one of them succeeded in entering the museum.
  • In another timeline, where Adam took the car with Mark, they were too late to stop Meckard. In one, Adam joined Eve and in another, he ran away in fear.


  • The prime Adam's version of history is what the writer of this page decided to be the real history after playing the Homo Perfectus series.