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Ooh folk!
~ Black Yoshi's catchphrase

Black Yoshi is the secondary antagonist in the SuperMarioLogan series. He is Yoshi's cousin and an African American gangster who lives at Mario's house and he's Yoshi's cousin.

He is voiced by Lance Thirtyacre.

He is most of the time seen playing Call of Duty in the living room and most times saying "BAP BAP BAP." He is well known for habitually demanding and somewhat bothering Mario for new Call of Duty games that come out every single year and money, since he has no job and never pays him back. And in the episode called ''Black Yoshi's Job Interview!'', Black Yoshi says he can't get a job because he can't read things properly when things aren't spelled in the way he says them and he's unable to pay attention. He actually thinks that Mario is his best friend when that is obviously untrue and doesn't Mario like a best friend. The closest thing Black Yoshi has to a best friend is Tyrone since they both show strong pride in their race. He is also an arch-nemesis of Brooklyn T. Guy which makes sense because Brooklyn T. Guy is usually a cop while Black Yoshi is usually a criminal. 

Role as a character

Black Yoshi is a villain most of the time, but he is sometimes an anti-hero.

After Mama Luigi, the show's former deuteragonist was killed off because of his voice actor leaving, Black Yoshi served as a replacement as the deuteragonist of the series despite being mostly antagonistic. But, since he has lost most of his heroic traits and caused more trouble nowadays, he is currently the secondary antagonist of the series.


Black Yoshi is a violent, homicidal, mean, evil, arrogant and aggressive Yoshi who kills people and steals things. He commits crimes and does other bad things. He is also shown to really be one of the dumbest characters of the SML series.

Despite being a flagitious and wicked criminal, he still has good intentions since he saved Mario from Peach attacking him and he treats Chef Pee Pee nicely and he is shown to be extremely nice to people until they make him angry.

He hates it when people touch his Call of Duty.

In newer videos, Black Yoshi acts whiny and immature and has become less violent and cruel, but still continues to commit crimes. An example of him whining and being immature is when he begs Mario to do stuff for him.

Heroic Acts:

Black Yoshi is usually a villain but sometimes he is an Anti-hero so here is what he did that was good.

  • Mario and Luigi's stupid and dumb adventures Season 2 episode 10 - he saved Mario from Zombie Peach attacking him and attempted to defeat Bowser until Bowser killed him.
  • Black Yoshi and the Birds Episode 7 - he helped the angry birds to fight against the pigs.
  • How Black Yoshi Saved Christmas - Black Yoshi found Fake Santa stealing his and everyone else's gifts so Black Yoshi shot Fake Santa in order to save his gift and everyone's gifts from being stolen.
  • Black Yoshi's Girlfriend - He rescued Delilah from a drug dealer and the two of them became a couple.
  • Mario and Bowser's Stupid and Crazy Adventure episode 6, he saved Mario from Sonic beating him up.


Mario, Please!
~ Black Yoshi begging Mario to do something for him
Man, you green for that.
~ Black Yoshi accusing others of being "greedy" because they won't give him something.
Ooh folk, I love playin' me some Call A Dootez
~ Black Yoshi's catchphrase when he plays Call of Duty


  • Black Yoshi almost always call people he just met or people whose name he doesn't like to say "Folk".
  • PS4 is Black Yoshi's most favoured video game console.
  • Black Yoshi has access to the most weapons of all the SML characters.
  • The replacement for Mama Luigi after he died is Black Yoshi. That what he was created for.
  • Black Yoshi pronounces Bowser's name as "Boozer". Which could be one of his speech impediments.

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