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Bob is one of the main characters of SMG4. He is a supporting character in SMG4's Super Mario 64 Bloopers, introduced in SM64 Bloopers: Can Ganondorf come out to play?. He is a Garo (and evidently a wizard as said in his debut) who lived in the sewers of what would become Ganondorf's castle for over 502 years. Later in recent bloopers, his selfish dreams of fame eventually drive him to become the main titular antagonist of The Rapper Bob Arc, but ironically, thanks to Waluigi (the previous arc villain), he redeems himself and reconciles with the main cast.


Bob is a selfish, attention-hogging and sometimes cruel Garo who has a knack for swearing. He loves himself more than anyone and believes he is far more important in the world than anyone else. In fact, he made himself a really long fake autobiography where he kills SMG4 (who was apparently the book's main antagonist) and replaced him as the new main character. In both the same book and his Soundcloud account, he believes to be "the sexiest man in the world". This led to SMG4 calling him an "asshole". He also sometimes leaves his friends to die in certain situations despite their begging, which severely infuriated Mario.

Despite that though, Bob really did care for his friends aside from the Rapper Bob arc, considering the fact he hasn't seen anyone for 500 years and called Boopkins his best friend. However, at some point, he started seeing his friends as morons who only made his life "devastating", and used them to selfishly gain fame. Upon Boopkins accidentally ruining his concert, Bob angrily revealed that he never considered Boopkins nor anyone else his friend, and upon rebuilding his career, proceeded to humiliate them all on live TV.

However, after his career is ruined by his former friends, Bob tried and failed to make amends with them, until Waluigi made him realize that his friends were the most important thing to him. He eventually decided to stop being a selfish narcissist and became friends with Boopkins and the others again, supposedly.

As revealed in Mario's Challenge and basically every episode he appears in, he has a bad sense of humor that only annoys people, which led to Gobbles The Gargoyle crushing him. The only time people laugh at him is when he is in pain.

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