Brandi Civine is one of the two protagonists of Youngsters.  She is a creative nine year old girl hopeful of becoming a no-money entertainer and recently moved neighbor of Mickey Mouse. She is the best friend of Paws Crumpster.


After eight years of bullying and misunderstanding, Brandi moved from Mouseton to Toontown with her family; her parents office janitor Jazz, hotel maid Mirabelle, her brother Wilby and her grandmothers Gail and Laura. On her first day in toontown, Brandi started to look around her new home in fulfilling a promise for her Aunt Gloria, who


Brandi is a short girl around eight or nine, she has peach skin, india green eyes, chocolate brown hair that is lemon chiffon at the bottom parts. She wears a white shirt with a mint cream vest, a sprinkles pattern skirt, white socks, and lavender slippers with blue ribbons on them.

In special occasions, Brandi wears rockn roll decade clothes, usaully


Brandi is a very creative yet cowardly girl. She can come up with amazing performance ideas Many times Brandi gets very terrified during scary stories or something worst. Whenever she is with Mickey, Brandi acts very helpful and creative as usual but yet also alittle seen more writing notes,