Brooke The Kaiju Is The Main Monster Protagonist Of The Pixar Film The Giant Reptile From The Deep.She Is A Giant Prehistoric Amphibious Reptile Awakened And Irradiated By Al Qaeda Nuclear H Bomb Testing.She Is Voiced By Jenny Slate.


Brooke Is Depicted As A Gigantic, Bipedal Reptilian Creature With Light Green Skin,Sharp Dorsal Plates That Are Shaped Like Fins Somewhat Like The 1998 Godzilla,Long Arms,Thick Gorgeous Legs And A Long Powerful Tail. Her Design Is A Mixture Of A Flesh-Eating Dromaesaur And An Iguana.


As A Heroine

In The Late Scenes Of The Film.Brooke Returns As A Heroine When She Returns Years After Her Defeat In December 2009.As It Clearly Reveals That Brooke Is More Of Either A Heroic Monster Or An Animal Finding Its Place As The Last Of Her Kind.She Began Her Heroic Ways By Beginning To Love Mankind And Fighting Two Bad Monsters Named Dragon And Man-Eating Monster.Who Were Ravaging Most Of America.She Returns To Help Us Prevent An Evil Takeover.It Is Also Possible That She Returns As A Heroine After Osama Bin Ladens Death.Once Her Foes Are Defeated.She Could Be Honored As The Femme Fatale Of The Monsters In The End.In The Sequels.She Would Continue Her Heroic Ways Mostly By Saving Mankind From Certain Evils In This World And Also From Outside This World.She Would Also Become A Caring But Strict Parent When She Adopts A Son.She Would Also Befriend With Other Monsters Who Are Pretty Much Like Her.Although She Begins Fighting With Them At First.

As A Villainess

In The First Scenes Of The Film.Brooke Is A Prehistoric Creature Awakened And Irradiated By Al Qaeda Nuclear Testing.She Is Enraged By The Humans For Awakening And Irradiating Her And Also Killing Her Family.As She Also Began Sinking Multiple Fishing Vessels.She Is Also Treated By The Hawaiian Natives As Their Ocean Goddess Who Is Responsible For The Sinking Of The Ships.She Also Begins Attacking America (Mostly New York) Multiple Times.Yet.Some 9/11 Historians Could Consider Her Attack On New York In September 11 2009 The Second 9/11.Al Qaeda Would Consider Her Their Best Agent For Destroying America.It Is Also Possible That Although Brooke Was Defeated In Her Battle With The Nuclear Submarines In The Hudson River.It Is Also Possible That She Survived.


Brooke Was Awakened By Nuclear Testing By Al Qaeda In 2009.


The Giant Reptile From The Deep

In 2009.Al Qaeda Began Testing Their New Plot Against America.They Are Doing A Nuclear Testing That Awakens A Godzilla-Like Monster Named Brooke.Few Months Later.The Monster Began Sinking Countless Ships.Then The Hawaiians Tell The Americans That The Sinking Ship Was Their Work Of Their Ocean Goddess Brooke.They Also Began Offering Some Meat Made From Dead Animals To The Monster For Forgiveness Of Their Sins Against Her.Later That Dark Stormy Night In Hawaii.The Monster Began Taking Refuge In The Island.Then In The Very Next Day When DJ And His Friends Return To Hawaii.The Monster Shows Off Then She Leaves The Island.Then Later In The Seemly Bright Night In New York.She Makes Her Way Towards The Hudson River.Then In That Fearsome Night In September 2009.She Began Wreaking Havoc On New York City.Then In September 11 2009.She Destroys New York City.Then New York City Is Now In Ruins.Then In December 2009.She Was Defeated.Then She Returns As A Heroine And Began Battling Two Evil Monsters Named Dragon And Man-Eating Monster.She Begins Her First Battle With The Two Bad Monsters In Washington.Then Later.She Fights Them In New York.Til Then.The Two Bad Monsters Began Wounding And Scarring Her.But Fortunately.She Gains The Upper Hand And Fights Back Against The Two Bad Monsters.She First Strikes Man-Eating Monster With Her Tail Causing Him To Be Impaled In The Stomach.Killing Him Instantly.Then Beheads Dragon By Firing Her Atomic Breath Down His Throat.Killing Him For Good.After Defeating The Two Evil Monsters.She Roars Victoriously And Then Falls Asleep Until The Next Morning.In The Next Morning.With Both Evil Monsters Defeated.Most Of New York Is In Ruins.DJ And His Friends Looks Sadly At Brooke.Believing Her To Be Dead.But She Wakes Up And Leaves New York City Peacefully And Swims Home.She Will Now And Forever Be The Femme Fatale Of The Monsters.

The Giant Reptile From The Deep 2


The Giant Reptile From The Deep 3


Similar Heroes


  • Brooke Is Very Similar To Godzilla From Toho's Godzilla Franchise:
    • They Both Have Similar Origins.
    • They Both Are Metaphors (Godzilla Is A Metaphor For The Atomic Bomb And The Horrors Of World War 2,Brooke Is A Metaphor For Islamic Terrorism And The Horrors Of 9/11 And The Events That Led To It).
    • They Both Are Tragic Monsters Treated By The World As Threats To Mans Very Existence.
    • They Both Attack Well-Known Cities In Major Countries (Godzilla Mainly Attacks Tokyo,Japan,Brooke Mainly Attacks New York,America).
    • They Both Are Very Powerful Monsters.
    • They Both Are Legendary Monsters.
    • They Both Have Similar Nicknames.
    • They Both Have Similar Powers And Abilities.
    • They Both Started Off As Villains Then Later Became Heroes.
    • They Both Are Heroic Monsters Who Fight What We Soon Realize Are The Real Threats.
    • They Both Have Heroic Names (Godzilla Is King Of The Monsters,Brooke Is Femme Fatale Of The Monsters).