Butch Thomas Coby (full name)

Other Aliases

Worthless Street Dude, Sweetheart (by Kaguya Houraisan), Hero of Tycoon City, Buck (by Achilles), Son (by Dun Frylark), Private (by Kevin Abraman), Bunny (by Cherry Korakura), Coby


Aip Orang (best friend), Axl Jet, Guy Rawkins, Reimu Hakurei, Dun Frylark, Ellis Nipper, Satomo Sotomiru, Guerilla, Roxanne Foxy, Deadpool, Spider-Man, Ryu, Cody Travers, Ken Masters, Engr. Doe Dell, Kaguya Houraisan (attraction in his side), Towa Yuhazaki, Rubette Folnarc, Toru Kugami


Street vigilante


To interfere the Led Storm Gang and their crime lord from making Tycoon City complicated (Street Fist), defeat Skullus from controlling his minions and henchmen in Dream World (Dream Warriors), stop Kaguya Houraisan from wanting to have a rivalry with Fujiwara no Mokou and try to comfort her (crossover), prevent the evil forces of Ikku from conquering over Japan and some parts of the world (Sky Strike 20XX), team up with R.M.S hero team to save Kaguya, prevent Xenoforms from taking all over the world and marry her (Con-Alien)


The Led Storm Gang (including their main crime lord), Creatures of Nightmare, Ikku, Xenoforms, Cherry Korakura

Type of Hero

Vigilante, Life Saver, Evil Exterminator, Beast

An anthropomorphic humanoid rabbit, Butch Thomas Coby (also known as Butchelor or Butch), is one of the two main protagonists under the influence of "Street Dudes" in his first upcoming beat 'em up video game appearance titled Street Fist, alongside with his best friendly rival, Aip Orang. He is once a replacement of Rabin Dan the predecessor due to social outcast problem and the street fighting champ who is fully skilled in performing some lethal street fighting techniques and hard hitting skills as his martial arts styles, which are exactly the same as the other one did. During the events of gang violence in Tycoon City, Led Storm Gang launches the surprise attack at urban citizens under their crime lord's order, but together, he and his partner as street vigilantes will save the innocence and defeat various gangsters from making the place destructed.

Butch Coby will also be determined as a playable character in the future top-down shooter game with Space Monsters engine, known as Dream Warriors. Another futuristic idea is that he is a brother-in-law of his non-canonical relationship with Kaguya Houraisan but sometimes, she was once called his Byronic fiance or boyfriend as her love interest.


  • His first name is the American term meaning manly man and his alias comes from the male rabbit called "Buck", while "Doe" is for female counterparts. Then his surname "Coby" is derived from the pink-haired guy of One Piece series, but it is the reversed version of "Cody" from Final Fight and Street Fighter franchise, with the replacement of "B" between "O" and "Y" voices.
    • His alias "Butchelor" is a phenoma of two terms: Butch and Chancelor.
  • The middle inital of this character "Thomas" is inspired from the main protagonist of 1984 street-themed film titled Streets of Fire.
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