"I win! I win! I win!" - Button Mash

"Aw, fiddlesticks!" - Button Mash, losing his last life on a certain video game.

"I'm not Button anymore! I am... 'The Stache'!" - Button Mash, showing off his alter-ego.

Button Mash (voiced by ShadyVox) is a brown male Earth pony filly and a supporting protagonist in Ed, Edd n Eddy XL. He is the depicted as the local gamer of the Eques-De-Sac.

Button Mash is portrayed as a video game fanatic based on his appearance in the show. He is frequently seen playing video games in his room, which are old games ranging from the 80's to the 90's.

Button is also described as curious and hyper. He has a short attention span and whenever he plays video games for way too long, he becomes scatterbrained in which he is having trouble separating the fantasy world of video games from real life. While Button is normally cheerful and a genuinely lovable character, there are times when his curiosity and imagination can make him become competitive and a bit of a show-off to anyone who tries to reason with him, especially his own mother (Elaina Mash).

Button has a very great relationship with his love interest, Sweetie Belle. He is also great friends with the Eds and he loves how clownish they are and how adventure-hungry Eddy is.

Button Mash is small brown Earth pony filly with light brown hair and orange eyes. He wears a white beanie with red and yellow stripes and a green propeller that never stops spinning.