Cabba is an alternate timeline's version of himself in the original anime and in his timeline, he is the main protagonist of ' A Dragon Ball Super: Fan Manga ' By Youtuber 'AlexTheStampede' .


Cabba is a member of the Sadala defence forces. Like his counterpart in the original anime, he has participated in the Universe 6 tournament and learned about Super Saiyan from Vegeta. He was born to unnamed parents and is a teenager at present. He worked his ranks up in the defence forces up till the point he was One of The Elites of his Master, Captain Renso. At some point in the past, he had met his Master's sister named Caulifla , but stated that he didn't get along with her, but respected her nevertheless. Little did he know that he was going to fall deeply in love with the same girl , eventually.


Cabba is a good-natured, polite, and humble Saiyan, but when in a fight his disposition changes to a serious, no-nonsense attitude. Contrasting the violent and arrogant nature exhibited by the vast majority of Saiyans from Universe 7. He speaks respectfully to everyone and prides himself as a protector of the weak. He is pure hearted and takes pride in being a Saiyan and is pure hearted. He holds his both his masters, Prince Vegeta and Captain Renso , in high regards.

Also, unlike the Cabba from the original anime, this Cabba speaks with an English Accent.

At some point in his life, he had met Caulifla , but he said that they didn't get along , possibly due to their contrasting personalities and him being an army brat and her being a gangster. However, it is shown to the fact that he is deeply in love with Caulifla as he screams "Let Her Go!" Furiously To Tarro with Fury when he mistreared her. Cabba is also shown to be very brave as he took a possible lethal blow from Tarro to save Caulifla's life. He also collapses with a smile looking at Caulifla , finally realizing his feelings for her.

In episode 5, Caulifla and Hit manage to make Taro's gang fall back, Hit apparently has an idea to revive Cabba and find the enemy gang, he teleports away to an unknown location with Caulifla and the corpse of Cabba.