Caulifla is an alternate timeline version of Caulifla from Dragon ball Super. She is the deuteragonist of ' A Dragon Ball Super:Fan Manga' By YouTuber AlexTheStampede.


Caulifla was born to unnamed parents in planet Sadala, as a younger sister to the Sadala Defence Forces Captain, Renso. At some point before the events Of Dragon Ball Super: Fan Manga, she had met Cabba and didn't seem to get along with him, according to what he said. Possibly because of their contrasting personalities and occupations. Nevertheless, she fell for him head over heels because of his power,bravery and pure heart and the fact he sacrificed his life to save her. Eventually over time, she was one of the strongest Saiyans in Sadala and Universe 6 and started her own gang and stole frequently. Apparently, she had stolen from Tarro's Planet sometime in the past, making him have a vendetta against her.


Like her main anime counterpart, she has a very punkish attitude and is also recognized as a tomboy, to which she shows a strong contrast to the rest of her race, acting more akin to the Universe 7 Saiyans. She is very confident in her abilities and is very naturally talented, being the 2nd ever Super Saiyan in her universe and the first and only ever Female Super Saiyan so far. She is shown to be a bit greedy, as it took 1 Million Zeni for her to go check out the terrorist activities in Sadala alongside Cabba.

Caulifla The Hero

However, Caulifla, unlike her main anime counterpart, unlocked super saiyan out of frustration and helplessness of losing a fight and possibly her life against formidable enemies. Despite Cabba saying he dosen't get along with her, they both seem to have obvious chemistry and a desire to protect each other. She realized her feelings for Cabba after he took a lethal attack to save her life. The rage she felt at Tarro over possibly killing Cabba gave her Super Saiyan 2.

She is shown to be very remorseful and believes that she is the one responsible for causing the situation that her and Cabba are in at present. She also shed a few tears and felt truly devastated when Cabba's eyes closed, blaming herself for the entire situation happening.

In episode 5, Her Super Saiyan 2 is powerful enough to badly injure Taro, almost killing him, however the strain of Super Saiyan 2, makes her collapse before finishing Taro. Luckily, she is saved from Taro's gang by Hit. Currently, Hit has a plan to revive Cabba. Hit teleports away from Sadala with Caulifla and the corpse of Cabba to an unknown location.

Caulifla ssj2