Do not worry, we will end this Apocalypse, even if it cost me my life.
~ Commander Cody to Shizuka Marikawa.

Commander Cody Arc is a Outbreak Hero during the Apocalypse era in Highschool of the Dead, and one of the twelve infamous Advanced Recon Commandos. He's the commander of the First Sky Corps of the Sky Corps, and the most decorated commanders in the U.S. Army. He becomes the lover of Shizuka Marikawa.


Early Life


Cody was raised in the United States of the military family, the Arc family. Raised as a soldier since he was 5 years old, he was trained in the basic forms of martial arts across the state. At a young age, he was one of the selected candidates of the ARC porgram for the Sky Corps. At 15 years old, he succeeded in many training missions until he was official;y recognised into the United States Army]when he turned 20, and went further training to become a ARC soldier.

ARC Training

Sent to a secret facility in Area 51, Cody, along with eleven others were selected for the ARC Cybernetics and outfitted with prototype experimental protection armour known as ARC Armour. This is when he went for his procedure for the ARC cybernetics, and gained enhanced physical conditioning and quicker reaction time and accelerated perception. He then trained for 10+ years and made was made commander of the First Sky Corps of the Sky Corps in the army 2 months before the outbreak.




Hahahaha, Shiz, you crack me up. But question, why are you naked on my bed?
~ Commander Cody to Shizuka.

Abilities & Skills


Cody was trained a senior officer, and one of the first ARC soldiers, he is a highly skilful combatant against all forms of situations. He has shown the physical capability to push on, and be able to fight against numerous undead. He is highly agile, and is able to react to any situations. His reflexes is only on par with his fellow ARCs. His marksmen one of the best in the world, having nigh-flawless accuracy with any weaponry he comes across. His tactical intuition allows him to formulate strategies on the fly and formulate ideas of any situations. Highly intelligent, having a I.Q of 290, is a genius in the fields of engineering and medical expertise. As a medic, he is the best field medics on the Armed Forces.


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