Dana von Franke

Dana von Franke is the best friend of Ginger Hancock . She is from Germany, and she is one of the members of Ginger's singing group, the Hancocks. She has a brother named Konrad. People think she's weak, but in fact she's a lot stronger and braver than they think. She is usually a nice person, but she can be quite scary when she's angry. She mainly gets angry when someone mocks her, or when Ava and Anna call her a crazy German. Twice a week, she has to babysit for the Farnum family, an Irish family who live a few neighborhoods down from her house, and their little girl named Lucia. Dana hates babysitting Lucia, because she is such a brat.

Dana as a little kid

Dana as she appears in GingerKawaii.

  • She speaks with a heavy German accent.
  • She likes to use some German words in her English sentences.
  • She always eats schnitzel for lunch.
  • In GingerKawaii, she has teal hair.