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Hey! Cheating is a legitimate strategy!
~ Desti

Desti was a supporting/ minor character in the Australian web adult-animated series SMG4 short for SuperMarioGlitchy4.

She was the main antagonist in the following videos If Mario Was In... Splatoon 2 and in Part 1 of The Anime Arc. After that she redeemed herself by becoming a major protagonist in part 2 of The Anime Arc. She was helping the SMG4 Gang to rescue Meggy from Francis. Unfortunately in the final battle, she got killed by False Sephiroth. He used his masamune to stab her. This made Desti to be the first major character to die without reviving in the series.

She was still mentioned and was shown in flashbacks and photos in videos following her death until SMG4 Movie: Meggy's Destiny. She showed up as a spirit. 


Oftentimes Desti was arrogant, competitive, vain and was also an octoling who was a cruel and sadistic bully. However despite her negative personality she was also very good-hearted, and was remorseful and became friends with Meggy.


Desti has purplish-red tentacles, tan skin, yellow eyes. Shes was dressed in a somewhat gothic style involving a Shirt with Blue Hoodie, Fake Contacts and Neo Octoling Boots. She wore black shorts and fingerless gloves.



  • Mispronouncing Mario's name before she gets corrected was a running gag in her appearances.

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