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Æsir "Dogma"
Dogma V2


"The Infinite One"

Other Aliases

KeraBeast (Heavily weaker, Self Created Incarnation)
Dogma Therian Mode (Ultima's nickname of Dogma's Æsir form)




Overseer of existence's stability


To destroy deities who abuse their powers for kicks, and thus threaten existence itself with what powers they gain


Kagubot, Grandis, Ultima, Dragora, Hydriska

Type of Hero

The Keeper of Existence
Literal Genie
Literal Minded


Original Titans (Second son)
Primordial Deities (Leader)
Guardian of Ultimoria (Neo Ultimorian Canon onward)
Zenith's Victim(s) (Until Bomberman Classic)
Order of the Ultimorian Djinns (Leader)
Anti-Omnicron Alliance (Until The Blue Tri's finale)

I couldn't recall what this humanoid was saying, or who or what it was even saying this to... All I could realize it was holding... something... in it's hand... within a few minutes, the many armed entity suddenly conjured up miniature stars, before uttering the words; "Jeg er uendelig ett."... I fail to recall what language it was speaking, but according to an old colleague, it may or may not have translated into "I Am The Infinite One.".... the way the being spoke those words so casually.... it's as if it KNEW it was in fact a God and it was being completely serious about it.... given how the rest of the incident played out, I needed no further evidence to know whatever this being is..... it's a God.
~ William Kenson regarding his own personal witness of Dogma in a humanoid form whilst confronting Kyubey.
I did, I took off the mask; you simply didn't specify which one.
~ Æsir's literal mindedness showing itself to Asuna's mother during their meeting.

Dogma is an infinite grade Deity who existed during Ultimoria's so called "peak", in that there was no deity who was good aligned existed, and that nothing was stopping Grandis from invading other Multiverses for either conquest or flat of extremely petty reasons. Many trillions of years prior to this, "Dogma", as he's given the temporary nickname of, is the very being who slain his supposed "rival" in terms of strength, known as a demon called Kagubot. With Kagubot destroyed, Dogma didn't awaken again until trillions of years later, where he personally slain the Ultimorian Deities and rebooted existence so that everything started off in a clean slate, since as existence was prior to this, Grandis had done so much severe damage that it was near impossible to fix. With another threat to existence destroyed and existence itself having been reset to allow a peaceful lifestyle again, Dogma once more goes into a deep slumber, and many incarnations of Dogma spread across the one universe that Dogma is the closest to, thus creating an incarnation which would later be called "KeraBeast". With the discovery of a third Omnideity known as "Granjia", and the reveal that Ultima is more powerful than he initially let on, Dogma, Kagubot, and Granjia were reclassified from Omnideities into "Primordial Deities", but nevertheless, they are continued to be referred to as Omnideities because of just how powerful and dangerous they are. To date, Dogma's real name is still a mystery. However, recently, Dogma has been spotted in an unknown world where it does in fact say it's name; "Æsir", or Aesir, appears to be Dogma's true name, since this is apparently what not only Dogma himself uses for his own identity, but also the identity used by numerous minions and servants of Dogma, which until this point, was thought to be referring to something else entirely. Dogma's humanoid form is either called "Ultruraura Dogma" or "Ultruraura Æsir" depending on which name is used at the moment.

Due to how Dogma reset time itself and destroyed most of the Ultimorian's past history, Dogma's actions from 7 trillion years ago can be considered a mass scale cosmic retcon of sorts.


While you would think Dogma's appearance would vary on the lifeforms who view him, he's actually pretty consistent in appearance as to what he is, and every race sees him for his true form. That said, Dogma's overall appearance is relatively Saurian in nature, if not Draconic in nature instead given his own abilities. His skull is shaped a bit like KeraBeast's helmet and horn, but his head as a whole is vastly different, with a mane of tentacle-like quills for hair, and eyes that are virtually identical to KeraBeast's eyes. Dogma's physical build is incredibly muscular, especially with his upper half. His lower half consists of heavily armored legs, in addition to a tail that resembles that of a Stegosaurus towards the end of it.

In terms of size, both Dogma and Kagubot hold the record of the largest Ultimorian Deities to exist, their sizes far surpassing a single galaxy in size, although in terms of sheer muscle and physical strength and favored technology, whereas Kagubot favored more magic based type of attacks and favored organic based material as it's physical attributes. However, whatever type of material Dogma is made of is unknown to science itself, and the type of organic material Dogma is composed of appears to be exclusive to Dogma and Dogma alone due to how insanely huge he is. It should be noted, that when people are told of Dogma's immense size, nobody is able to correctly predict how big Dogma actually is in comparison to themselves.

Some of them, however, don't even believe Dogma could physically exist at all, a trait that the natives of the Madoka Magica universe suffer a problem with due to the fact that universe is undergoing Heat Death, and the fact Dogma arrives one day out of the Primordial Ocean with no difficulties at all, and maintaining his immense size, meaning all of the characters who witness Dogma's immense size on their own generally go insanely mad as to try and comprehend how such a creature can even remotely exist. There's many reasons that Dogma is outright called a God upon humanity's discovery of the massive alien, and one of said reasons as to why Dogma is outright called a God is because no other creature alive or extinct has ever managed to achieve Dogma's sheer physical size. Even Kagubot and Granjia fail to be just as physically massive as Dogma is. Kagubot's height is only anywhere near equal to Dogma's if you take into account Kagubot's omniwings surrounding it's body, and the wing held straight up from Kagubot's head only reaches Dogma's torso. Granjia's size varies incredibly, but is smaller than Kagubot's height based wingspan, and is effectively smaller than Dogma as a result.

According to rumor, but in ancient times and even modern times, Dogma has apparently shapeshifted into the form of a 12 foot tall humanoid dressed in Knight's armor and his face never seen (his eyes are visible, however, and look just like the ones his true form have). This particular body is noted for having no tail, but having no less than 6, powerful arms floating freely from the main body itself. Dogma's many powerful arms are capable of ripping holes across space-time through the use of reflections and lighting, to the point some of Dogma's melee attacks look not much different from the attacks of Hoopa's Unbound Forme, if only because both of them have six arms (at minimum in Dogma's case).

An important note about Dogma is his possession of a halo which can remain unseen if desired. The halo is so physically massive that whenever it is utilized in Ultruraura Dogma, it's so outlandishly huge that it causes a blinding light across whatever planet it's on, and can easily turn night to day quite literally whenever the halo is summoned. As normal Dogma, the Halo is only slightly wider than Dogma's own height.

It should be noted that Dogma originally wielded a twin-sided javelin as a weapon, but during the Dogma Damnation incident, an Ultimorian known as Zenith defied Dogma's wrath outright because his own reset of the Winds of Existence would eliminate his wife, and thus Zenith's own intense rage caused him to grow to the size of Dogma himself, charging him head on and get impaled with the javelin... but it failed to kill him. Likewise, it is also revealed that Kaguobot and Granjia were also part of the brawl, but they too were disarmed from their signature weapons because Zenith was virtually unkillable even with the fact every part of Zenith's body that got impaled with one of their weapons would've outright been immediately fatal otherwise.

Sometime after Code Black Act II, Dogma is sent incognito to the SAO multiverse to have a talk with Asuna's mother for any possible clues on Omnicron's behavior in the prior story. Initially, he takes on his humanoid form, which Ultima refers to as his "Therian Mode", but as Asuna's mother proves to be more of a jerk than Aesir had realized, she eventually asks him to "put some actual cloths on", which prompts Aesir to change his wardrobe in an instant to that of a business suit. However, then he is asked to have normal arms, then immediately afterwards normal fingers. Then when it comes down to removing his mask as her final request, Aesir goes to great lengths to poke fun at her requests all the while trying to avoid removing his mask entirely.

In regards to appearances outside of Ultimoria, his exact size as his default form is difficult to give an exact measurement to; in other universes, he's appeared MUCH larger than he does normally, as in the Madoka Universe, he was shown to be so immensely gigantic in size that he was capable of holding Akuma Homura's "Happy Ending" universe in his own grip, demonstrating that if truly need be, Dogma can actually surpass the size of a given universe with an unknown maximum size capacity possible for him to achieve.


Whenever Dogma deems something a threat to all of existence, he ensures that anything related to whatever character he destroys is destroyed along with them. Thus, this led to the untimely death of Nailixxz due to the fact her species's overall leader was considered an irredeemable demon, and thus her entire species got destroyed by Dogma as a result. This can mean Dogma sees no true sort of right or wrong despite being a heroic character in nature. It considers an entire species a threat to existence itself if merely only a single individual is an actual threat, which leads to many historians who learn of this event in the future as thinking Dogma having an extremely alien sense of morality that's far beyond whatever they're capable of understanding. This also why Dogma, despite being an intelligent being, never actually speaks English, and possibly why KeraBeast was even created as Dogma's avatar to begin with, so that Dogma could secretly spy on the surrounding lifeforms to see if any of them pose a threat to existence, although thankfully, nothing ever since 7 trillion years ago happened in which Dogma ever was needed to awaken in full again, and even then, the idea of KeraBeast being used as a spy for Dogma is just some wild guess thrown out of nowhere by a character in-universe.

Curiously, though all of the other Ultimorian Deities speak some form of English, Dogma apparently speaks Norwegian in it's dialogue whenever it does speak. However, according to some remarks from Kyubey during a close call alert involving Dogma completely rushing straight into the Madoka verse, Dogma's intelligence is apparently extremely difficult to reason with once Dogma has made his judgment over a certain matter, meaning whatever Dogma decides to do is absolute and he is completely against changing his mind. Dogma only backed down when Ultima threatened to completely undo all of Dogma's actions, but for some reason, despite Ultima's power levels being high enough to actually pull it off, Ultima refused to try and interfere with Dogma's course of actions because while Ultima is in fact powerful enough to actually defeat Dogma, that's only if his rage is so intensively high to where Ultima is unaware he's facing Dogma at all, which Dogma himself deliberately pointed out just to have Ultima back off without any further warnings, meaning Dogma is possibly more intelligent than it lets on.....

In most of his appearances, Dogma isn't much known for dialogue. However, during the fateful confrontation with Kyubey, Dogma was rather chatty towards Kyubey. Dogma seemed entirely unimpressed with Kyubey's efforts to "save" his own universe from destruction via his Witch System, and when Dogma insisted on a better system, Kyubey completely denied it and claim innocence. However, Dogma was persistent in showcasing how Kyubey's methods did nothing but cause pain and suffering, and as a result, he has various beings trying to kill the Incubators as a result. Kyubey, still unimpressed, causes Dogma to take on his multi-armed stance, as Dogma conjures up three miniature stars in his own hands, while proclaiming; "Your dismissive attitude towards a God will not go unnoticed, so prepare for Judgment." The polite way in which Dogma states that doesn't seem to imply as much of a threat, but given what Dogma does immediately afterwards by slamming all three miniature stars into Kyubey's body and forcing them to explode in a grand burst of light and energy, Dogma demonstrates the best possible way to produce energy for the universe; by having forging miniature stars out of nothing and using them as weaponry.

Dogma, when slaughtering the canon fodder Magical Girls present in the above encounter with Kyubey, considered nothing to be wrong with killing them because from both perspectives, they are technically undead beings who only caused harm due to their witch forms being a factor to add in. Dogma, as a result, did not recognize them as actual living beings with actual souls, and thus saw nothing wrong in killing them to acquire their energy in his plan to force Kyubey out of hiding. While there is the heavy implication Kyubey was never hiding at all, Kyubey was completely dismissive of Dogma regardless, and thus Dogma continued what he was doing until Kyubey had no other choice but to confront Dogma because by the time Kyubey finally confronts Dogma, no further young girls exist for Kyubey to form contracts with, and Dogma has showcased that he doesn't even need the power he's absorbing; he's only absorbing it solely for the purpose of pissing Kyubey off. When Kyubey finally arrived, Dogma failed to see any logical explanation as to how Kyubey's plan of keeping the universe alive was even worth the energy output. As a result, Dogma assumes numerous arms to appear and forge miniature stars out of nothing, all based off of stars capable of going supernova, but with the special output of an incredible surge of energy to where every ounce of energy gathered by Dogma looked minuscule by comparison. As a result, Kyubey finds himself the victim of Dogma's intentions, and Dogma's frustration with Kyubey's disagreements forces Dogma to reset the entire universe to write the Incubators out of existence, and replace them with the very same special stars that Dogma showcased to Kyubey as to keep the universe alive.

Judging by the revelation of Dogma's true name, and even further studies into Dogma's unique physical composition, it has been discovered that Æsir is the collective union of various gods and deities that have existed long before the Ultimorians could establish themselves as their own set of deities for a select dozen. It is unknown how many gods/deities form up the physical body of Æsir, but it is believed that Æsir has at least one deity from every religion to exist forming a part of it's body, which makes many question just how Ultima can actually manage to best Æsir in battle. However, when it was later learned that Ultima could only score the upperhand against him without realizing it, Æsir is soon yet again placed at the Top 1 spot for the strongest Ultimorian, since Ultima's abilities to best Æsir have proven to be extremely situation based and requires very key specifics to be able to best Æsir. However, that does NOT mean that Ultima with the aid of another Ultimorian Deity can't best Æsir somehow, even if the process will be extremely difficult since Æsir's true body is far too physically massive compared to every other Ultimorian Deity to be able to handle properly. However, in addition to Ultima needing to meet specific requirements to best Æsir, it's apparent that Æsir also has it's own requirements that allow such a defeat to happen.

It should be made clear that for a very long time, Dogma was considered only partially sapient; Dogma had an incomplete mentality and intelligence for a very long time, and thus, many of his actions come across as either neutral or evil depending on the viewpoint by any witnesses of Dogma's actions prior to Dogma being reborn with a completely sapient mind, and thus Dogma rectified it's own errors and mistakes immediately upon fully grasping what it had done after so many years of functioning part brain dead. Due to Dogma's initial level of intelligence, Grandis had secretly listed Dogma on the Black List unofficially, in that Dogma was to be targeted to be killed, but Dogma was no actually on the Black List itself at the same time.

Due to the incident described above regarding Dogma losing his signature dual-sided javelin in a battle against Zenith, from which Kagubot and Granjia were forced to team up with Dogma as a direct result and also lost their weapons as well, that all three of them live in fear of Zenith's wrath; Zenith is not only a being who survived the Dogma Damnation incident along with his own wife, but Zenith is the ONLY individual of said incident to have not only fought off all of the Primordial Deities, but actually SUCCEED in getting them to back off lest Zenith's threat of killing all three of them would be absolutely legitimate. Zenith's boast to them left them terrified as to WHAT Zenith even was to begin with...

Heh, how cute for such a powerful being... No weapon can slay me... No God can terminate me... My age is forever... My body functions without a Heart, without a Soul, and I am unrecognized by death itself... You want to know why, Primordials? It is because I AM Death itself, and if you even attempt to undo my wife's existence, I will burn all of what you have and ensure you never get reborn!!!
~ Zenith's badass boast towards Dogma that forever scared the Deity away from the Infernal Void.

At a later date, when the SAO Multiverse is being inspected after the ordeal with Omnicron 900M, Dogma guises himself as a businessman... but keeps the mask of his Therian Form. When talking with Asuna's mother on what had been happening, she had told Dogma to change his appearance appropriately, since Dogma had arrived in his standard Therian Form. Dogma reluctantly agrees... with a catch. Dogma had already made it loud and clear that he has no sympathy for her due to her constant insults to the SAO Survivors, and the fact she is acting like an ungrateful douche considering one of which had saved her world from destruction when Ultima's own mind had shut down from heavy injuries sustained from Omnicron 900M. However, while he by no means has any hostile motives to attack... that does not mean he isn't going to act like a goof with messing with her during their conversation.

For instance, Dogma, for an entire 10 minutes, had been told to "take off his mask", something which Dogma predicted she would say, and agrees... only for an almost identical mask to be where his removed mask was prior. When Asuna's mother asks him if this is some kind of joke, he tells her specifically that she had told him to take off his mask, and he did; she simply didn't say which mask to take off. When Asuna's mother corrects her request, he complies again... only for what's underneath to be seen is yet another mask. Asuna's mother begins to ask him if he's seriously going to joke about this, and she tells him he did as she was asked; he removed the masks she wanted him to remove, but neglected to take into account that his iconic Dinosaurian mask wasn't the only type of mask he had.

Part of this behavior comes from the fact revealed during Endgame about Dogma's creation; he is actually a Djinn, and not only that, but Ultima's orders when they were doing a low key investigation was for him to act as such; when he asked which type of Djinn to act as, Ultima told him that as long as it wasn't a "Jackass Genie", then he could choose on his own. Dogma, in this situation, basically chose to play the role of a "Literal Genie", which in and of itself is actually much more accurate to Dogma's ability to interact with humans at all; he is actually very literal minded about requests he is told to perform when a human tells him to do something.

... You do realize no Physical being can truly travel to the Virtual realm, yes? The technology for such in this universe won't be invented by humans for another century at minimum.
~ Dogma's literal mindedness towards Asuna's mother.


For the most part, only one attack is used that brings the plains of existence into their current form; the "Omni Reset Pulse" finisher attack, in which it almost immediately annihilates threats that it targets that are weaker than it, and erases their actions and evil from existence as to leave the universe in a cleaned off slate. Another finisher that Dogma has is the "Existence's Alpha", which is it's signature move it utilized against the demonic Kagubot, whose mere presence threatened existence itself. As an Omnideity, whose existence influences all of creation and destruction, and the only other one like him being Kagubot, any attack it has is INCREDIBLY deadly to a pre-existing environment if they get caught in the blast radius of any of them.

According to Zaalim, the chest cavity on Dogma's body is an unknown type of weapon that is somewhat similar to KeraBeast's energy weapon projection ability, given that the structure and shape of it is highly similar to KeraBeast's "mouth" whenever KeraBeast is in Battle Mode (AKA Kerason in Plio's case). Nobody has ever witnessed what Dogma is capable of with this particular weapon, but in an alleged sighting of Dogma in the Madoka verse, Kyubey was displaying incredibly OOC emotions and speeches because, while he doesn't fear Dogma's size, he DOES fear whatever the hell that weapon on Dogma's chest is capable of, to the point Kyubey's own behavior became incredibly OOC with trying to simply get Dogma to retreat.

Although no Ultimorian ever witnessed the event, audio from the event was transmitted to all of the Deities while they were at Shiramu Inc. enjoying themselves, and none of them wanted to even remotely think as to what Dogma's chest cavity could do. They already knew Dogma's most dangerous abilities were used by other parts of Dogma's body, primarily his jaws, hands, or feet, but none of the known attacks Dogma have are associated with Dogma's chest cavity, and Kyubey outright states that Dogma apparently attempted to showcase just what the weapon does, and Kyubey was outright horrified by it. Whatever this weapon does, it scared Kyubey shitless, which was all that every other Ultimorian Deity needed to know to prepare for whatever the hell the weapon did. However, none of Kyubey's hints even implied just WHAT they should be preparing for...

In relation to how Dogma is fully capable of seeing Kyubey, which the following will apply to EVERY creature or character of Ultimorian origin, Dogma apparently has his sense of sight split into various specific senses of sight, one of which can flip around who is visible and who is invisible, meaning if this particular sense was active, Dogma would be able to see Kyubey and any other Incubator like him, but be blind towards everyone else. Dogma, however, is apparently the only Ultimorian who isn't capable of seeing Kyubey and everyone else in the Madoka verse at the same exact time. At the same time, though, Dogma is apparently unable to identify specific types of targets in his visual senses, and Dogma is pretty much drawn towards beings who are considered evil. Regardless of whether Kyubey considers himself a villain or not, the actions he indirectly causes as a result allows Dogma to view Kyubey not only physically, but also as a complete monster type of character whose position has made Dogma's own personal black list. To say the Voodoo Bara Demons would be completely merciful to Kyubey is a heavy understatement.....

In the humanoid form described above, Dogma is surprisingly deadly and quick to the point of taking advantage of openings. Via the usage of many, many disembodied arms, each armored to the core with unknown gauntlet type weapons, Dogma's humanoid form is capable of unleashing a barrage of so many punches all at once that one would need to slow down time extensively to see just how many punches Dogma lands total on a target. Dogma's punching ability is apparently so unrelenting in nature that Dogma is capable of killing numerous Kyubey bodies faster than they can actually respawn, to the point Kyubey outright flees from Dogma's humanoid form at every instance possible ever since having received far too many punches from the Primordial Deity's smaller scaled humanoid mode.

In regards to naming, Dogma's name has recently been revealed to be Æsir, but it is completely unknown if Dogma's two forms are known by any different name to distinguish them from the other, or if any or all of Dogma's forms are referred to as Æsir by Dogma himself in addition to Dogma's minions/servants/creations.

Prior to his original demise, Dogma was the "High King of Djinns of Ultimoria", but when he became corrupted by Zenith, he was robbed of this power and title. However, upon being purified and revived, he acquired his signature powers as a Djinn back.



Dogma was born from the "Sacred Forge" which also created Kagubot, Granjia, Zenith, and most importantly, Ultima. Together, the five are the children of the most powerful Deity "whose fate was never known", under the modern codename of either the "Original One" or, more fittingly, the "Invincible One", because of the fact nobody, and I repeat, nobody knows what became of him after his five children were all born. It is also learned from a later point that Ultima is actually the eldest son of the five, and that Ultima is the first to actively utilize his omnipotence to create an entire universe; the Ultimorian universe at that, which is why Ultima is truly considered to be the Creator of Ultimoria, and is likewise highly speculated to be the absolute strongest Ultimorian now that his father is no longer around. Dogma's role as a sibling to Ultima seemed to have Dogma as actively being afraid of Ultima, to the point Ultima's actions unwittingly caused Kagubot to acquire more power to the point of insanity, causing Granjia to become overly paranoid of everything, and caused Zenith to become incredibly envious of Ultima to the point of becoming evil.

All in all, it was an unknown time between this and 19 Trillion Years ago that this all took place. Why this origin is so sparsely detailed is because Ultima is outright preventing his colleagues from learning about his origins, because Ultima doesn't want them to actually know that not only is he actually the most powerful Ultimorian alive, but also because he knew far too well that, until Endgame, they were not ready to know the truth about his own past at the time. Only when the final steps were being taken to kill off Zenith did Ultima allow them to learn about his past, and thus, the pasts of Dogma and the other Primordial Deities.

In secret, a sixth Child was actually created alongside them only for it to seal itself away on it's own accord.

Modern History

I cannot promise that any of you will survive in the place dubbed the "Primordial Ocean", a sector so far deep in space itself that no light from stars ever make it to our own differing skies. The reason I am asking once more, even after all the other times you've been asked for your loyalty for this mission... is because the creature we will all be up against is not a monster..... it's a God.
~ An unnamed space exploration officer debriefing his lesser ranked units on Dogma's existence.

19 Trillion Years ago, the demonic Kagubot emerged from a void of chaos alongside the only just then awakening Dogma, who has no actual confirmed name unlike Kagubot, so is simply referred to as Dogma in the present day whenever it's brought up. Dogma and Kagubot both famously clashed at the beginning of existence itself, and their battle with each other is depicted in the constellations far away from Ultimoria in worship of these omnipotent deities far beyond the abilities of any other type of deity. When Kagubot was destroyed, it reincarnated itself into a lesser deity called Dragora, and Dogma disappeared into hibernation.

7 trillion years prior to the present, Dogma awakens once more to unleash it's wrath on the extremely unbalanced force of evil that has wrecked and reigned supreme over the forces of good, all thanks to an Ultimorian Deity named Grandis and his other Ultimorian Deities, among which includes Dragora. Feeling Grandis had contaminated all of existence with his own creations to attempt to forge all of it into his own, Dogma obliterates everything relating to Grandis and resets all existing multiverses and universes into before any Ultimorian had touched them, and basically reset all of existence into a clean slate.

In the aftermath, it created a far weaker incarnation of itself which would serve as the true form of KeraBeast, and went into deep hibernation, but not before sealing away the fused together Kagubot and Dragora that had recently reincarnated, and forced them into a singular body in the process. Grandis, later down the road, also reincarnates, but while still being a jerk, does not turn out to be evil like his former past incarnation turned out to be, even if he is a bit of an extreme douche with a god complex at times. However, while Grandis could still communicate with other universes/multiverses, he simply had no interest in them unless he felt he could benefit them somehow, which is why Dogma ultimately allowed Grandis to be reincarnated in the first place, as he was able to sense that Grandis's evil must've been related to Dragora's presence in his life.

However, the reset did not come without it's consequences against Dogma. Rising from the Infernal Void, Zenith openly attacks Dogma due to the fact that had Dogma's reset gone unchallenged, Zenith would lose his wife's existence, and since his wife was what kept him from attacking on a much more regular basis, he was forced to attack Dogma since Dogma failed to realize that his own ideals would end up doing more harm than good, and as a result of a rather nasty battle between the two, Dogma was defeated and so mentally scarred by Zenith's intervention that some of Dogma's later actions it would take prior to it's introduction to Mirror M would cause Dogma to act rather questionable in nature all due to Zenith's own damages to Dogma's being...

Sometime in the present, Omnicron created a clone of Nobuyaki Sugou in an effort to awaken the hidden third Primordial Deity known as "Granjia", who is the ancestor of all of the powers in which the Ultimorian Deities wield. The plan was to enrage all of the Ultimorian Deities so drastically that Granjia would be forced free of it's chains of despair. However, the Sugou clone was stopped by Grandis once again demonstrating how pathetic Sugou is as a fighter, and promptly sends Sugou flying out of the galaxy and into the maul of the awaiting Dogma, similar to how Omnicron will later be killed as well. However, apparently Granjia DID appear in the SAO Multiverse, in which all of the incarnations of Sugou were cursed to suffer the same fate as the clone; to be devoured entirely by Dogma. While Dogma is normally against the interference of universes outside of Ultimoria, the actions showcased by the cloned Sugou forced Dogma's judgment rating to allow this to be the ultimate fate of all Sugou incarnations since even Dogma agreed that Sugou should've never been allowed to live at all after his status as villain ended in the main timeline.

However, Dogma's patience and tolerance of worlds outside of Ultimoria were put to the test when Dogma learns of the entity known as Kyubey from the Madoka Magica multiverse, to where Dogma apparently was reported, by numerous explorers affiliated to Shiramu Inc., to have actively traveled to that multiverse via the Primordial Ocean, which is what the same exploration company uses as to gain entryway into other worlds outside of Ultimoria. Under Grandis's orders, they were instructed to follow Dogma and locate any civilization with humans present. William Kenson was 18 at the time and part of the same group, and what he witnessed alongside his fellow soldiers was not a small, white creature that everybody can identify as Kyubey... but rather something much more intimidating in appearance that was completely separate from Kyubey.

I-I don't like talking about this event very much more than anything else... I have no idea why these innocent, young girls were being horrifying thrashed by this armored humanoid with who knows how many disembodied arms... but the sights were not pretty... It's face, concealed in a Dinosaur shaped mask with an ever-constant grin of sharp teeth, seemed to be that it was incredibly against what it was actually doing... It's mind, however it did, spoke in an Earth language I cannot remember, but it seemed to be asking each of it's targets a single, odd question that I never learned the answer to; "Where is Kyubey?"
~ William Kenson, describing the incident of what is allegedly Dogma in a humanoid form slaughtering innocents solely to force a greater evil out of hiding.

Dogma's intentions were not even evil in this slaughter, as all of them were intended to completely force Kyubey into a corner since Dogma was destroying every ounce of possible method for Kyubey's Witch System to never work as he wanted it to, and as a result, not even an entire mob of Magical Girls or Witches were anywhere near strong enough to outright defeat an Omnideity as powerful as Dogma, and as a result, all of them were destroyed with whatever energies they had drained and consumed by Dogma's God Soul, and after Dogma absorbed practically every energy source possible, Kyubey forced himself into view towards Dogma, and proposed a trade. However, Dogma immediately states Kyubey has nothing worth trading, and states his own world is already dead, and each being he was slaying was already dead to begin with, and thus Dogma had nothing of worth to even give Kyubey.

Dogma's wording of how worthless the individuals and beings he'd slain actually managed to anger Kyubey, since it was clear Dogma wanted something out of this in the end, but Dogma refused to negotiate at all until Kyubey was perfectly willing to sacrifice the entire existence of the Incubators to the point none of them survive after this event, and only then will Dogma return the souls of those he's slain back to this world. This dialogue exchanged, based on William's knowledge, just goes to show how incredibly alien in nature Dogma's mind thinks in regards to being a good aligned character. Dogma's actions are all for a true good, happy ending, but Dogma's incredibly persistent in seeing that EVERYTHING has a happy ending to it that Dogma will not truly be at rest until true peace is established. Kyubey, after many months of Dogma's actions, and from some convincing from William, who apparently discovered where and how Kyubey manages to keep coming back from the dead, Kyubey surrenders to Dogma's wishes, and Dogma orders William and his remaining troops, in English of all languages, to retreat from this universe within ten minutes before the deal is done. With William's exploration group evacuated, the immediate moment in which William is out of range and gone, Dogma reverts to his true form and ignites the entire universe in a powerful explosion, manually recreating all of the universe from scratch to override the Incubator's existence so that the innocents of this universe can live a happy, peaceful existence for the rest of their days.

During an encounter with William, it has been noted that William is the most common individual that Æsir would encounter in differing multiverses, not simply because he worked for the Black Ops, but because William was the most competent out of all of them that all of his missions always involved interfering with Æsir. However, when Æsir takes note in William's chronokinesis, Æsir performs a mass scale pause of time around itself and all across the winds of existence just to isolate William and have a conversation with him. In this entire time, Dogma appeared to speak perfect English rather than Norwegian, although Zaalim claimed to have been hearing Norwegian as usual from Æsir's dialogue. As Æsir conversed with William, Æsir is informed of it's actions against the magical girls, but quickly reveals to a concerned William that Æsir had no prior knowledge that any of the magical girls he was attacking were anything more than undead servants for the Incubators, not helping sway Æsir from that belief being how Kyubey explicitly referred to the process as "making contracts", which made Æsir believe Kyubey was either the Devil or a descendant of Kagubot, either way, anything relating to Kyubey had to be outright destroyed for the multiverse he traveled to be restored to healthy condition.

Not only does this reveal to William that Æsir has a bizarre sense of morality, but William, in turn, indirectly learns from Æsir that Grandis and Ultima are stretching the truth of what Æsir is really doing to make Æsir look like the villain. Æsir assures William that it's but a mere phase Grandis and Ultima have to suffer for at least a few more years, because both of them had originally been vile villains who had no true good in them, and thus seeing Æsir, a Chaotic Good aligned being with a Blue and Orange Morality, is scaring both of them because they never had to deal with such a creature with both of those tropes associated with it at once. By the time the conversation is over, William departs from the Black Ops since he's learned a few other things about Grandis that made William suffer as a result of it, such as William's younger brother having to die at Æsir's hands all because of Grandis's failure to properly grasp Æsir's odd sense of logic, and the fact Grandis could've easily warned them both about Kyubey. Grandis, horrified from the speech that William gave, actually feels horrified about what the Black Ops was for to begin with, and thus disbands the Black Ops altogether, and, possibly as a result of this, Æsir disappears into the Primordial Ocean, never to be seen again for many years...

Nothing should ever have any reason to be this huge...
~ Mirror M upon first seeing Dogma in the Primordial Ocean.

During the final few arcs of Bomberman Classic, Dogma is mentioned in Centauri's back story when she remembers who she is after nearly having died in a sparring match with Mirror M when she was given the ability to access her past life's powers. Mirror M, fed up with seeing Centauri so miserable and suicidal, takes it upon himself to defy Dogma's own nature just to showcase to Dogma that this is all his fault as to why Centauri is so miserable, as Mirror M bum rushes into the Primordial Ocean as Omega Platinum as Dogma, initially doesn't put up much of an effort to fight since Dogma's current form being in his signature colossal mode would make it seemingly impossible for Mirror M to possibly kill him... Until Mirror M activates his hidden Phase 5 form called Infinity-Grade Dragozaur, and causes Dogma to activate his self defense instincts too late before Phase 5 Mirror M impales Dogma through his chest cavity and causes a complete collapse in Dogma's stability, which causes Dogma to explode in a bright flash that completely lights up the Primordial Ocean's dark regions entirely. Sometime later, Dogma is revived by the Winds of Existence itself since Mirror M basically scolded the Winds of Existence by refusing the position of replacing Dogma, and basically flipped off all of existence itself that if Dogma continues to meddle with the lives of lesser beings, he will personally kill Dogma yet again just to make it loud and clear that the Winds of Existence had messed up big time. In response, Dogma is revived, and Dogma's first thoughts regarding Mirror M as he departs is how proud he is of Mirror M for finally having the guts to defy those in charge and choose his own path. Dogma, once the lifeforms within the Primordial Ocean calm down when Mirror M is gone, goes back into slumber while simultaneously undoing most of it's own changes to other multiverses accordingly.

Due to Dogma's actions after revival, William Kenson's brother, known as Lucas Kenson, is brought back to life due to the fact that Dogma's influence had been reset in most worlds meant that Lucas would've not been killed at all, and thus he is revived as a result of the paradox, but his location is currently unknown... All the while Dogma appears to redo what it had done to other worlds, but handling each situation differently than how it handled them originally. As a result, Dogma forged the serpentine deity known as "Jormungandr" into existence to carrying out Dogma's original personality and will. However, it would later prove that Jormungandr would prove a bit... overly violent... with how extreme it will end a problem, and was banished to the Infernal Void as a result... until it was made clear Jormungandr had a very easy method of continuing it's influence by exploiting the emotions of Zenith and Darigus to carry out it's own will...

When Jormungandr became too much of a hassle, Dogma created a simple solution, since all it needed was for Jormungandr to die, and then it would soft reset existence itself so that it's involvement in certain events within the past few decades didn't occur (although those involved from Ultimoria would retain their memories regardless). As a result, Dogma orchestrated the resurrection of the four Guardian Beasts; Sirryu, Zucue, Baywho, and Xanuu, and gave all four of them amplified levels of powers dubbed the "10K Mode". With the four composites revived, their fused form of "Genesis" was reborn, and like it's composites, Genesis also acquired a 10K Mode. Utilizing sheer raw power alone, Genesis completely destroyed Jormungandr just in time, as Dogma performed a soft reboot of existence in the aftermath. In the light of the results, Dogma no longer interfered with the realm of mortals, and decided it was currently in need of some rest, so faded into the Primordial Ocean until it would later reappear when it would ultimately be summoned for the final battle against Omnicron...

Neo Ultimorian Canon Act II.5: OBLIVION

When Oblivion's Ancient Ancestor, the missing son of the Invincible One awakens from dormancy, his awakening declares the end of the Ultimorian Multiverse, and it's reversion back into a singular Universe like how it's traditionally been. Dogma, alongside Kagubot, were simply forced to shield the prime universe as long as they could; they were far, FAR too small in comparison to Ancient Olbivion to properly blockade his rampage against all of the other universes that were once a part of the Ultimorian Multiverse, and the pain on both of their ends only ceased when Ancient Oblivion ended up doing himself in through his own sheer size and power.

Crossover Material

Beasts of Power: Ultimorian Deck Special

Both of Dogma's forms appears as two different bosses, who if defeated, can be unlocked as playable characters. When using original Dogma, it's model shrinks to properly fit in with the environment, although canonically, it's still the overly massive size it's supposed to be. To unlike Ultruraura Dogma, you must have already beaten Dogma, and have also unlocked Mirror M with his Phase 5 form and William Kenson's Black Ops Guruson armor. The storyline that follows is a retelling of Ultruraura Dogma's storyline from when it had first encountered William, all the way up to Dogma's first death against Mirror M Phase 5. After the storyline is complete, Ultruraura Dogma is unlocked for play.

In addition, after unlocking both forms of Dogma, Jormungandr's storyline becomes available which will allow players to unlock Jormungandr as a summon.

Avengers Ultruraura

Dogma is mentioned by his true name of Æsir for the first while, until confusion with Thor causes the Ultimorians involved to utilize their Æsir's original known name of Dogma to prevent any further confusion with Marvel's Aesir.

Design Notes

Dogma was designed in the notion that all prior Ultimorian Characters were not only villains, but not handled correctly because of just how powerful they were. As a result, Dogma was created to counter the Ultimorian Deities of the past, and then completely reset existence so that the reborn Ultimorian Deities would wind up being good aligned instead of being evil. However, according to Ultima, Dogma apparently never intended to recreate Ultimoria when he reset everything.

Dogma, for the most part, doesn't have many attacks designed to take on opponents of Dogma's natural size. Or, at least, this is the thought, since most of Dogma's opponents don't involve an equal size combatant. Most of the times Ultruraura Dogma is utilized is specifically to make a point to the inhabitants of a multiverse that Dogma is just one character you don't fuck around with by any means, no matter who you are.

Although Kagubot appears to be Dogma's opposite in terms of role, Kagubot does not represent Satan in the Ultimorian Canon, but instead, that role belongs to Zenith, who existed around the same time as Kagubot, but survived Dogma's wrath because he was smart enough to keep a low profile during the Primordial Era, in addition to having a very weak, non-physical form at the time. However, by time Kagubot's energy scattered with his death, Zenith absorbed some of that energy to acquire power great enough to send absolute terror into prehistoric Ultimoria. As trillions of years passed, Zenith went by many names and forms, before finally settling on a mass of lava as his true form in the modern era. However, it is noteworthy that Zenith's role of Satan now belongs to Darigus, even though Darigus is nowhere near as evil as his father, and is actually rather sane and intelligent unlike his old man (though it is noted by this definition, Darigus is actually referring to how soft and mellowed out his father is because of Sophia's presence). However, while Dogma acknowledges Zenith as a threat, he does not consider him his "rival", nor does he consider anybody else to be this towards him. Neither Granjia (who severely beat Dogma), Ultima (who can demolish Dogma when going through mental trauma), or Mirror M (the only being to have ever killed Dogma at any point in time) are considered Dogma's rivals at all.

It is unsure why Dogma refuses to acknowledge anybody as a proper rival, but it does seem apparent Dogma does seem to hold some form of grudge against his own short-lived creation known as Jormungandr, an Omnideity who went insane due to how violent he acted towards his own duties; Dogma, in the above situation with the Magical Girls of Madoka Magica, only killed them because he did not recognize them as living beings. Jormungandr, who was perfectly capable of noticing what they truly were unlike Dogma, slaughtered them regardless so long as it had deemed them a threat to the multiverse they inhabited. Jormungandr is a foil to Dogma solely because of this; Jormungandr is much more violently and deliberately aware of who is good and who is bad, but doesn't care at all whether he kills them or not so long as everything is in proper order and peace.

Dogma, when he first appears in the series, has no actual personality or sapience and is nothing but a force of nature tasked with a certain task and nothing else. However, when Dogma actually DOES acquire sapience in the Neo Canon, it's still stuck on it's own instincts and sometimes causes a lot of problems. Character development turns Dogma from a mindless force of nature into a much more benevolent God of Goodness.

A little known fact is that Dogma's entire body is actually transparent if the surrounding sources of light are in a good condition to showcase this fact. Not only that, but when directly next to Dogma at his gigantic size, he's completely invisible, and beings that are too small will actually phase through his body as if he was never there.

In a breather episode right after Code Black Act II, Ultima refers to Dogma's tinier, humanoid mode as his "Therian Mode", which the name represents a physical form commonly associated with animals different from a human or humanoid form. Dogma and his siblings are the only ones to refer to Dogma's human-like mode as a Therian Mode; the other siblings all have Therian modes that are beastly (Ultima as a Wyvern, Kagubot as a Centaur, Granjia as an Amoeba, Zenith as a Phoenix, and Ancient Oblivion as a chimeric, non-draconid lizard). Why this is the case remains unclear, but Shiramu Inc.'s database on Dogma's biography Post-Rebirth from when Dogma was originally killed explains why this is the case; this entry in particular was secretly written by none other than Ultima himself.

Dogma can barely understand human logic. He had always taken things very literally, sometimes without realizing the proper context of anything. Upon discovering humans, he had no idea that they were entirely different from a standard animal, and instead viewed them as an Infinity Grade animal species which he still seems completely convinced of; ever since his mind became cleansed, he had never once harmed a human since. Even when his mind was plagued, he holds the record of the absolute lowest kill count against humans than any other Ultimorian unique entity has; absolutely none. That is how much Dogma's confusing degree of worship towards humankind he displays, because he views them as animals so unnaturally powerful that they legitimately frighten him if they ever manage to stand their ground against him. Dogma has once told me that he was often internally screaming in fear whenever he had to disguise himself as his Therian Mode and mingle with humankind to help his mind heal from the results of his cleansing rebirth, and how Dogma has admitted he is scared stiff of what he would end up doing if they were to try and harm him.
~ Shiramu Inc.'s second bio of Dogma in the database, secretly typed up by Ultima.


  • Dogma's physical design and backstory is inspired by a bizarre, trippy dream that the author had, in which he saw almost all of his former characters he was working on be destroyed, only for them to wake up in different appearances and in less powerful forms, as they all look towards a container which reveals to be what looked like KeraBeast, but the dream ended before it was fully revealed. Due to such, Dogma is the basis for KeraBeast's possible true form design.
  • Dogma didn't completely get rid of the Ultimorians; it simply retconned everything that was problematic about their continued existences in stories out of existence, while eliminating any and all damages to other universes they had caused in the process, so that, as stated, "everything is at a clean slate" once more.
  • Dogma is planned to be mentioned in a fan comic by the author called "Bomberman Classic", which includes the various reincarnations of the Ultimorian Deities who got destroyed prior to existence having been reset, and also explain as to why and how these specific instances are not the same exact ones who are talked about at my Villains Fanon Wiki series of work.
  • Dogma is not planned to appear directly in The Blue Tri, but his incarnation, KeraBeast, will give a similar effect to Dogma actually being present, as by the time KeraBeast reacquires his true form, Plio Kenson gains the ability to not only transform into Kerason without KeraBeast's help, but also to acquire a new super mode type of form if he fuses with KeraBeast's true form, and can further amplify it with KeraMaster's super mode state. Both forms are called "Kerason Infinity Mode" and "KeraMaster Infinity Mode". Both of these transformations are exclusive to Plio and KeraBeast, and are only utilized in the final Season of The Blue Tri.
  • Dogma seems some parallels with the Mecha known as Daijinryuu from Gosei Sentai Dairanger. Both of them are giant sized even by the standards of what creatures are normally seen in their respective series, both of them are deities created by existence itself to maintain a balance between good and evil, with the only true difference being what creatures they take the form of, and the alignment of Dogma being Chaotic Good, whereas Daijinryuu is Chaotic Neutral. Both of them, however, also share the same lack of caring over other characters who are Good aligned, and if anything relating to them poses a threat at all, both of them will proceed to destroy them outright with tremendous force.
  • In The Blue Tri, it's revealed that something else rivals Dogma and Kagubot in size that isn't made obvious until it's ultimately revealed. (As of 3/8/2015, it's revealed to be called "Granjia", but no picture exists yet).
  • Dogma's voice is a bit of an enigma. Since Dogma's a shape shifter, it's believed Dogma has no "true" voice or vocal ID. At the same time, for instance, Dogma is capable of having a very deep or very high pitched tone at the same time.