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  1. Daffy Duck from Learning with Pibby: The Darkness - Ends July 6th

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  1. None at the moment.


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This is the wiki for those who wanted to add heroes originating from various fanon works that in your opinion are heroes. For villains, see Villains Fanon Wiki.

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Tohka Yatogami is the main heroine of Date A Re:Live.

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RonTheCowardlyDog RonTheCowardlyDog 15 minutes ago

Pure of Heart Proposals: Courage and Muriel Bagge (from Learning With Pibby: The Darkness)

A double proposal? Yes.

  • 1 What is the work?
  • 2 Who are they? What have they done?
  • 3 Admirable Standards
    • 3.1 In General
    • 3.2 Learnin…

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RonTheCowardlyDog RonTheCowardlyDog 6 days ago

Pure of Heart Proposal: Daffy Duck (from Learning With Pibby: The Darkness)

So yeah I am proposing one of the redeemed villains of all time, Daffy. Also yeah this is my 1st PoH proposal made for …
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