Hikari Kamiya, nicknamed Kari, is a member of the DigiDestined, partnered with Gatomon and holder of the Crest of Light. Kari is the little sister of Tai, the leader of the DigiDestined. She is a child who thinks of others first, always doing her best to put them before herself, regardless of her own situation. Kari has a weak immune system, and is prone to illness. Once, when she was only four or five, she almost died through negligent behaviour on Tai's part, when he took her out to play soccer with him, even though she was sick. She ended up with pneumonia. This incident may have been the cause of her weak immune system, or it may only have occurred as a result of said affliction - it is unclear. Over the years, Kari and T.K. became very close.  Four years before the events at summer camp, Kari and Tai encountered a Digimon for the first time when a Digi-Egg came through their computer and hatched. The Digimon that emerged Digivolved into an Agumon, which took Kari for an impromptu piggyback ride through the city. Tai followed them as best he could, but when another Digimon, Parrotmon, appeared, the Agumon defended Kari and Tai, despite Kari’s pleas for him not to fight. The Agumon Digivolved into a Greymon, but was defeated by Parrotmon. Tai used Kari’s whistle to wake him, and he blasted Parrotmon. The two Digimon were then drawn back into the DigiWorld, although Kari and Tai thought they had been destroyed. The fight was witnessed by the six other kids as well as Tai and Kari, leading to their selection as he new DigiDestined by the mysterious group charged with the DigiWorld's protection. As the years rolled by, the kids repressed any memory of the fight. However, Kari was struck down with flu, and could not accompany the other seven kids to summer camp, and, as such, was not sucked into the DigiWorld. However, her Digivice did appear in the Kamiya's apartment. When Tai and Koromon were sucked back to Earth after the final battle with Etemon, Tai immediately headed back to the Kamiya's apartment, where he met back up with Kari, to discover that she knew what Digimon and the DigiWorld were - though Tai didn't remember at the time, Kari's memories of the Digimon battle from four years ago were buried in her subconscious, creeping to the surface. Tai discovered that the freak weather conditions plaguing the globe were as a result of Digimon crossing over to Earth from the DigiWorld - but only he, Koromon, and Kari could see them. After Koromon Digivolved back to Agumon to battle Ogremon, he and Tai returned to the DigiWorld. Kari was sad to see him go, but understood how important it was. Shortly thereafter, Tai and the other DigiDestined returned to Earth again to stop the plans of the evil Digimon overlord, Myotismon, who was attempting to locate the Eighth Child, the predestined eighth member of the DigiDestined. Although no-one realised it then, Kari was that child. The kids regained their memories of the Digimon battle from four years ago, and realised that whoever the Eighth Child was, they must have seen the battle too. The search began in earnest, as the DigiDestined were drawn into battles with Myotismon and his minions, as they attempted to find the Eighth Child before he, his lieutenants - Gatomon andDemiDevimon - or any of his servants could. The Kamiya's cat, Miko, inadvertently wound up taking Kari's Digivice from the apartment, before anyone was aware of it's existence, only to have it stolen by a magpie. Wizardmon - a kindly Digimon masquerading as one of Myotismon's servants - recovered it, and used it to prove to Gatomon that she was actually the Digimon of the Eighth Child, and that Kari was that child. While attempting to recover Kari's Crest from Myotismon, Wizardmon was hurled into Odaiba Bay, and Gatomon was captured. Myotismon planned to use her to identify the Eighth Child, and had her review the hordes of captive children his armies had corralled in the Odaiba City Convention Centre. Kari, true to her nature, tried to stop the violence in the city by giving herself up to Myotismon. Myotismon took her to the Odaiba TV station, and prepared to kill her, thus fulfilling his destiny and being able to rule both Earth and the DigiWorld. Wizardmon, having been rescued from the bay by Joe and T.K., sacrificed himself to save Kari from Myotismon's wrath, allowing her to gain possession of her Crest and Digivice, and for Gatomon to Digivolve to Angewomon. Angewomon used the powers of the other Digimon to destroy Myotismon. However, Myotismon was able to reconstitute his body, in the process Warp-Digivolving into his Mega stage of VenomMyotismon. In accordance with a prophecy unearthed by Gennai, Kari and T.K. had Angewomon and Angemon direct their attacks at Tai and Matt, giving Agumon and Gabumon the power to Warp-Digivolve into their own Mega stages of WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon, who went on to defeat VenomMyotismon. Kari then returned to the DigiWorld with the others kids and Digimon to battle the Dark Masters. After the kids defeated MetalSeadramon, Matt was convinced by the evil Cherrymon, a servant of Puppetmon, to fight with Tai so that he could grow as a person. Prior to this, Kari had been hearing some form of disembodied voice, and, as Tai and Matt fought, located the source of it. The entity to which the voice belonged possessed Kari's body and stopped the fight, taking the kids away and showing them the full story behind their selection as the DigiDestined. Kari returned to normal with no memory of the incident. Kari stayed with Tai when the group began to split up. While on the kids were on their way to fight Machinedramon, Kari fell seriously ill again. The kids took refuge in Machinedramon's city, and Tai and Izzy searched out medicine for her at a nearby hospital. However, they were set upon by Machinedramon's forces, and then by Machinedramon himself, who destroyed the building they had taken refuge in, and sent them hurtling down into the city's sewers. Kari awoke a little later, her fever gone, but when she, T.K. and Soradiscovered a large number of enslaved Numemon being abused by WaruMonzaemon, Kari began to glow with a bizarre light, which energised the kids' Digimon, allowing them to Digivolve and defeat WaruMonzaemon. A little later, when that trio met up with Tai and Izzy again, the light energised WarGreymon, allowing him to defeat Machinedramon. After building a monument to the Numemon killed in the battle with Machinedramon, the kids were set upon by LadyDevimon, the bodyguard of Piedmon, the last of the Dark Masters. Angewomon engaged her in battle, and, with a little help from MegaKabuterimon, obliterated her with her Heaven's Charm attack. The kids went on to reunite with the lost members of their group, and to battle and defeat Piedmon and Apocalymon. As the DigiWorld was reformatted to normalcy, Kari said that she was sure that they would meet their Digimon again. Eight months later, when Diaboromon menaced the Internet, Kari was at a birthday party, and unable to come to help Tai and Izzy battle the evil Digimon. In May 2000, Kari and the other DigiDestined were called back into the DigiWorld by Gennai, and instructed to release the powers of their Crests, to create a barrier that would protect the DigiWorld against evil. However, as a result of the release of the energy of the Crests, Gatomon and the other Digimon were left unable to Digivolve to the Ultimate level.

Over the next four years, the illnesses that had plagued Kari in her younger life became a thing of the past, as she grew healthy and strong. Kari became well acquainted with Davis, a boy in the same year as her in school, who she knew full well had a crush on her. On the first day of the new school year, T.K. joined the school, and shared a class with Kari, making Davis exceedingly jealous. Meanwhile, Tai had been called to the DigiWorld by Agumon, where he discovered that the evil Digimon Emperor was in the process of conquering it, enslaving Digimon with his Dark Rings, and inhibiting Digivolution with his Control Spires. An e-mail for help went astray, and was received by Yolei, who brought it to Kari’s attention. Kari and T.K. met up with Izzy, and planned to head straight to the DigiWorld – until three new Digivices were released from the computer, and one of them flew straight into Davis’s hands! T.K., Davis and Kari all went into the DigiWorld, and battled a Monochromon under the Emperor’s control.

The next day, Kari and T.K. went into the DigiWorld with Yolei, Cody, Davis, Izzy and Sora, but Davis was captured by the Emperor. Yolei and Cody found their Digi-Eggs and Digimon, and helped free Davis.

While battling some of the Emperor’s Tyrannomon¸ T.K. and Kari fled the battle field, their Digimon unable to help. Their Digivice began picking up a signal, and in a cave, they found the Digi-Eggs of Light and Hope. With the Digi-Egg of Light, Kari was able toArmour Digivolve Gatomon into Nefertimon.

Kari was present for almost all of the team’s adventures as time went on. On one occasion, she was trapped in the city of Gardromonwhen the TV escape route was destroyed before she could pass through it. She and Gatomon hid out, and were rescued by T.K. and Davis.

A short while later, Kari began to suffer recurring nightmares, which affected her badly. One day in class, she suffered what she thought was a hallucination, when she felt as if she were being drawn into an ocean. In actuality, she was slipping out of phase with the real world, and being drawn into the mysterious World of Darkness. While in the halls alone, she saw a creature that caused her to cry out – but she managed to escape. After school, when crossing the road... she simply disappeared, having been drawn fully into the World of Darkness, where she was confronted by the “Scubamon,” who told her that a “dark man” had come to their master’s kingdom and that they needed her help. She was unable to remove the Dark Spirals on them, but then, they were attacked by anAirdramon. Somehow, Kari was able to open a portal to Earth, through which T.K. Gatomon and Patamon leapt. Pegasusmon destroyed the Control Spire in the World of Darkness, and then a beam of pink energy appeared – somehow connected with Kari’s Crest – which allowed Gatomon to Digivolve to Angewomon and destroy the Airdramon. Angewomon then freed the “Scubamon” from the Dark Spirals, but they changed shape and turned on Kari, trying to force her to come with them into their undersea kingdom. Angewomon beat them back, and they all returned to the real world. In the dub, the “Scubamon” said they wanted Kari to lead them against their master, but in the original, they wanted her to come with them so she could be their bride and procreate with them. Icky.

On the anniversary of the defeat of Myotismon, all of the DigiDestined went to the TV station. Kari carried a bunch of roses to lay down in memory of Wizardmon – only to have Wizardmon’s ghost appear and give the team a cryptic warning about the future.

When the location of the Digimon Emperor’s base was discovered, Kari and the other kids stayed in the DigiWorld until they had successfully managed to destroy it and the Emperor’s creation, Kimeramon.

At some point between the discovery of the Digi-Egg of Friendship and the introduction of ExVeemon, Kari and T.K. went to America to visit Mimi, only to witness a battle between two Digimon – Kokomon and Terriermon. They attempted to follow the boy they had seen at the battle – Willis – but Kokomon attacked their train, and derailed their plans. They later arrived in the middle of a battle between Kokomon and the other kids’ Digimon, and were regressed into children by Kokomon’s powers. Magnamon and Rapidmon destroyed him, reversing the effects. Note that this adventure is out of continuity, but has been shoehorned in by the dubbers.

Initially, Kari was very unsure about allowing Ken to join the team, after the things he had done as the Emperor, but after the fight with Okuwamon, she began to come around to the idea.

When they DigiDestined were lured to the Giga House by Arukenimon, Kari, T.K. and Yolei were attacked by a squadron of Flymon and Snimon. Kari helped Yolei operate the giant computer, so they could warp the sound of Arukenimon’s mind-controlling flute and free the Digimon. During the ensuing battle with Arukenimon, Kari and T.K. delivered an electric shock to the spider-woman. She was saved by Mummymon.

When travelling through a forest not long after, Gatomon recognised the area as the spot where she had previously lost her Tail Ring. The DigiDestined set about searching for it, but Kari and Yolei were drawn away from the group when they heard Ken scream. Together, the trio inadvertently stumbled through a phase warp into the World of Darkness. The portal back to the DigiWorld was opened up when Arukenimon turned some Control Spires into a Blossomon, but Kari was near hysterical thanks to the threat of the darkness. Yolei slapped some sense into her, and the enigmatic pink light appeared once again, facilitating Gatomon andAquilamon’s DNA Digivolution into Silphymon. Silphymon destroyed the Blossomon, and as time passed, Kari and Yolei became much greater friends, drawn closer together by the experience.

When the kids freed Azulongmon from his prison, Kari and T.K. learned of the significance of their Crests, and why they had been given Digi-Eggs.

At Christmas, Kari and the other kids went to Ken’s party at his apartment, but during the fun, Kari received a phone call from Tai, alerting her to a situation developing elsewhere in town – a Control Spire, and a large number of wild Digimon had appeared! The DigiDestined raced to the scene, and destroyed the Control Spire, allowing everyone to Digivolve and send the Digimon back to the DigiWorld.

When Digimon began to appear all over the world, Kari went with Izzy, Gatomon and Tentomon (with their ability to Digivolve to Ultimate restored thanks to a power boost from one of Azulongmon’s Digi-Cores, courtesy of Gennai) to Hong Kong, where they met up with the Poi Brothers. The three boys took one look at Kari and decided they’d help them out, if only so they could get to ask Kari on a date! With the majority of Digimon rounded up, Kari and Izzy headed to the India/China border to help a girl named Mina cross over. The Digimon were all then sent back to the DigiWorld.

That night, after they all returned to Tokyo, Tai warned Kari that the time would soon come when she and the other new DigiDestined were going to have to destroy a real Digimon. That time came sooner than expected, when the Daemon Corps appeared in Tokyo the next day, searching for Ken and the Dark Spore within him. Kari and Angewomon tackled LadyDevimon, who fled when reinforcements arrived. They then headed to the site of the battle between SkullSatamon.Energised by the power of the original eight Digimon, Imperialdramon Mode Changed into his Fighter Mode and destroyed SkullSatamon.

As the DigiDestined pursued Arukenimon’s truck in Jim Kido’s car, Kari and Yolei left to tackle LadyDevimon again. Silphymon engaged her in battle, but was badly beaten. When LadyDevimon threatened a young boy, Yolei struck her with a skateboard, giving Silphymon time to act, obliterating LadyDevimon. Kari helped Yolei come to terms with the destruction of the evil Digimon, and they then headed to join the final battle against Daemon. Kari was the one who suggested they attempt to use the World of Darkness to contain Daemon, and she and T.K. were the first to offer their support as Ken opened the gate.

While Davis, Cody and Yolei staked out the children Oikawa had implanted with Dark Spores, Kari and Tai were called into the DigiWorld by Agumon. There, they discovered a mass of destruction, courtesy of the returned BlackWarGreymon, who had travelled through a warp to Mount Fuji on Earth. Tai and Kari followed, and while WarGreymon battled BlackWarGreymon, Kari and Nefertimon chased after Oikawa, Arukenimon and Mummymon. Yolei, T.K. and their Digimon joined the chase, but when they entered a populated area, could not attack. Mummymon had no such compunctions, and blasted the Digimon back to theirRookie forms.

When Oikawa opened the portal to what he thought was the DigiWorld, the DigiDestined and their Digimon followed him through it, only to discover that they had wound up in an entirely different world. There, it transpired that the “ghost” of Myotismon was within Oikawa, and had been manipulating him all along. Myotismon exited Oikawa’s body and used the Dark Spores to transform himself into MaloMyotismon, subjecting the kids to illusions of their greatest desires. Kari’s desire was to see humans and Digimon living together in peace, and that was what she saw – until Gatomon explained to her that it was nothing more than an illusion. Raidramon appeared and brought Kari back to reality.

The kids then used the power of the dimension to their own ends, enabling their Digimon to split into all their different Digivolutions at once. MaloMyotismon fled to the DigiWorld, but the kids followed – Kari could sense the darkness as it began to manifest, as MaloMyotismon began to infect Earth with pure darkness. However, the power of dreams, and Imperialdramon's Giga Crusher attack - powered with the energy of the Digivices of all the world's DigiDestined - destroyed him for good. Three months later, it was discovered that Diaboromon had survived his battle with Omnimon four years previously, and that in the time in between, he had reproduced himself as millions of Kuramon. Tai, Matt and Omnimon headed into the Internet to battle him, while the other kids tracked down Kuramon who were emerging in the real world. Kari and Yolei were the first to capture one, and then Kari, T.K. and their Digimon headed into the 'net to help Omnimon. Angemon and Angewomon held down Diaboromon, allowing Omnimon to successfully destroy him, but when Davis learned that Kari had gone into the 'net, he played right into Diaboromon's hands by demanding that Yolei open the gate for him to follow. The gate opened so wide that all the remaining Kuramon escaped through it into the real world, and merged into Armageddemon in Tokyo Harbour. As Imperialdramon Paladin Mode battled and defeated him, Kari and T.K. watched from Izzy's apartment, where they had returned to. Twenty-five years into the future, the portal to the DigiWorld remains open, and Gatomon is still at Kari’s side. Kari has fulfilled her dream of becoming a kindergarten teacher, and is married with a son, who has a Salamon for a partner. Nothing was said of her husband, but it ain’t T.K., no matter how much you might want to think it is.  Kari first appears in "Home Away From Home." Her voice is supplied by Lara Jill Miller, and she also narrates the entirety of "Digimon: The Movie."