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Wrong film Leslie
(Leslie Burke: phew...thanks for saving me Jess...)I had to...I didn't want you to finish like the girl in Bridge to Terabithia...
~ Jess saving Leslie from MayBelle.

Jesse Aarons Jr is the male protagonist of Bridge to Terabithia, Bridge to Terabithia 2: Welcome to Paris and Jess and Leslie 3: Bridge to Maturity.

Jess is misunderstood at home and bullied at school until he met a girl, Leslie Burke (Welcome to Paris). He befriends Leslie until she died by drowning herself on the river,

In Bridge to Terabithia 2: Welcome to Paris Leslie's death was faked, and Jess faked his own death to go to Paris with music teacher Mrs Nabilla Edmunds (Welcome to Paris) to begin a new life...

10 years later, Jess became a pizza boy but ends up retriving Leslie for some adventures and marry her.

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