Kung Fu Fanart
Joe Mayama (originally known as Kung Fu Man) is the first ever-created character for M.U.G.E.N fighting game engine and the main titular protagonist of its arcade story mode. He is a martial artist who is fully skilled in performing Kung Fu techniques like Kung Fu Palm, Kung Fu Knee, Kung Fu Upper and Kung Fu Blow, as well as his 2 super moves.

In arcade mode, the story begins with Kung Fu Man and his girlfriend walking on the land but they get ambushed by Suave Dude and his fellow minions, though as his pre-engagement, Suave captures her and bring back to his secret mountainside temple hideout. In order to get her back, he sets off for Suave Dude's hiding place, letting nothing stand in his respective way if his goal fails. So the story line is incomplete when Elecbyte didn't make the main antagonist before the game.