The Justice Alliance, or JA for short, are a team consisting of heroes from alternate dimension, brought together by an ancient being called The light, who is the personification of good. They were created to stop various villains called the Bringers of Darkness. Different incarnations of the team were seen in the first three Multiverse series, with the last one bringing all three versions together.


1st team

Sonic the Hedgehog (Earth-9574)

Bruce Wayne (Earth-63745)

Doctor (Earth-90)

Peter Parker (Earth-576)

2nd team

Cole MacGrath (Earth-11)

Niko Bellic (Earth-5)

Dante (Earth-85)

Sam Winchester (Earth-53)

3rd team

Mario (Earth-57)

Buffy Summers (Earth-96)

Link (Earth-89)

Goku (Earth-57)

4th team

All above.