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Mama F*cker!
~ Mario's catchphrase

Mario is one of the two main protagonists (alongside SMG4) of the Australian adult-animated web series SMG4 and is the older brother of Luigi. He is easily one of, if not the dumbest character in the series and has played several antagonistic roles, involving his sibling rivalry with Luigi, stupidity, addiction to spaghetti, and egotistical attitude, but at the same time, he is ultimately heroic in spite of his serious flaws (as an anti-hero). He is based off his Nintendo counterpart.

Personality and Traits

Unlike his canon counterpart, Mario is a completely different person, as he is notably self-centered, extremely dull witted, lazier, has several perverted tendencies, and is addicted to spaghetti to the point where it overshadows the safety of his friends and tends to make their lives (especially that of Luigi and Toad) miserable and is an annoyance to just about everyone around him, especially his friend SMG4. Like the rest of the characters, his rudeness extends to his raising of his middle finger to insult anyone. His eyes often cross outward when going into Derp Mode. Mario tends to be outright arrogant and he claimed to have an IQ of 300 (which is ironic as it led to disastrous consequences) and tends to be a sore loser and acts like a spoiled kid. As brain dead as he is, Mario does show some form of intelligence and can think straight when necessary, and can detect sarcasm and malice when he isn't being a dimwit.

Despite his flaws, Mario does retain some level of kindness and heroism, usually when his spaghetti is attacked or when the world is in danger, Mario will put aside his antics for the bigger good, and his stupidity occasionally becomes an act of intelligence when it defeats villains or just turns the tide of the battle in his favor. Out of all the relationships with the characters in the SMG4 series, he has the most positive relationship with Meggy Spletzer whom he would gladly lend a hand in her time of need.



  • Bowser has hated Mario since the day he made him drop his sandwich.
  • Mario can fly without a winged cap when he goes completely insane.

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