Megumi Fukushira is a supporting Character in the Margra Batto and Kyra Verbeten franchise, as well its sister series, Miracle Loving Fortune as well as the Female Protagonist in The Start of the Mysterious Tragedy prequel.


Megumi, at first, was a little shy person, but after meeting Takahiro and Spyro, she opens up a little, and after meeting her classmates, she opens up even more, however, this sadly doesn't last long as her boyfriend Takahiro disappear, until she finally saw him again, as Takuru.

Megumi was also worried when it comes to missions, such as to save her Teacher like-close friend, Spyro Doomfire, unfortunately, it failed after Spyro was brainwashed, and when Megumi saw Spyro again, she was a little worried. And as shown in her execution, she was also very self-confident and wants to go back to her classmates, which sadly failed after Megumi ended up triggering the last trap, killing her. However, as a ghost, she is very forgiving and sweet, and is willing to help Spyro.

Megumi has some notable differences with her AI counterpart, such as her speech being more natural sounding and her appearing much less sleepy. Being a human, she has a wider emotional range, being much more visibly shocked and up crying desperately in immense pain during her last moments, in stark contrast to her AI self who appeared notably calm and unfazed during her execution albeit having a few expressions of distress.

AI Self

While she is based on some of human Megumi's traits, AI Megumi differs from her in some ways. Unlike the human, she appears constantly sleepy and her way of speaking is much less natural sounding. As an AI, she also appears unusually calm and unfazed, even during her own execution, which is very different from the human Megumi's much more human and painful reaction. She also has her own identity as an AI created by Kyomi Suzuharu, considering her a "parent". Some of Megumi's behavior also appears a bit childlike, most notably her handwriting and drawings that resemble ones of a young child, which could be a result of her being a relatively young AI. However, she matures throughout the course of the game and in the end, she even seems to be able to resist her programming, albeit just a little bit.

Kisekae Code



  • Due to her brutal execution, Megumi became the hardest character in the franchise to revive.
  • Due to the rest of the Class being revived from their comatose states, Megumi is the only deceased student.


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