Mordecai Lune is one of the main protagonists of Regular Show, along with his best friend, Rigby. Mordecai is a 23-year old Blue Jay. He made his debut in the Pilot episode. Mordecai is voiced by the show's creator, J.G. Quintel.


Mordecai is about a 6'3 tall, anthropomorphic Blue Jay. He sports a black beak, with teeth, a light blue chest, as well as black stripes on his tail feathers and fingers, as well as two white stripes on his wings, or arms. Mordecai's white feathers vary throughout the cartoon, at times appearing pure white, sometimes appearing tinged blue.

In Bugs Bunny's Laff-A-Lympics the Movie: Riders of Adventure, He wears blue goggles with amber lenses.


Mordecai is mild-mannered and laid back. Like Rigby, he lacks clothing, plays video games, sings karaoke, and drinks lots of amounts of coffee and soda. Of the duo, Mordecai displays far more patience, responsibility, and intelligence than Rigby does. Although almost every problem caused by the duo is Rigby's fault, Mordecai does cause problems at time, though they are unrelated to work.


Mordecai has shown a variety of abilities and habits -- both good and bad --throughout the series.

  • Leadership - Mordecai has some notable leadership skills, as displayed in many episodes, such as "Exit 9B".
  • Video Game Master - Mordecai is an expert at video games. Anytime Mordecai and Rigby play against each other, Mordecai would win every time (except in "It's Time" because of Rigby's constant bragging about going out with Margaret, "Jinx", and "Bet to Be Blonde" when Rigby cheats and unplugs Mordecai's controller). Mordecai is always player one, except at the end of "Death Punchies ".
  • Educated - Mordecai is both figuratively and literally smarter than Rigby in nearly every possible way. He has mentioned to have acquired not only a high school diploma, which Rigby doesn't have (as mentioned in the episode "More Smarter"), but also a college education (although, in "Fool Me Twice", Rigby said that Mordecai never graduated). However, he was outwitted by Rigby when the latter got him to drink "Rig Juice".
  • Skilled Liar - In "Grilled Cheese Deluxe", Mordecai showed great aptitude for lying. He competed against Rigby to prove who was the better liar and ultimately emerged victorious.
  • Skilled at Staring - Mordecai has shown that he can go hours into a staring contest. He did so against "Peeps" in the episode of the same name and won, even though he couldn't blink after the contest and had to go to the hospital.
  • Heavy Sleeper - Throughout the entire show, Mordecai is shown to be a habitual heavy sleeper, falling asleep very often. Rigby has to gently shake him to get him to wake up many times (examples, "Ello Gov'nor", "This Is My Jam" and "Really Real Wrestling").
  • Guitar Player - In "This Is My Jam", he was shown to have increased his skill at playing the guitar, unlike in "Mordecai and the Rigbys", where neither Rigby or himself knew how to work the instrument.
  • Enhanced Strength - This greatly varies from episode to episode, though he is always seen to be much stronger than Rigby; this is notable when the two engage in a game of Punchies. However, while not on Skips' or Muscle Man's level, there are several evidences that Mordecai possesses well above average strength, as he has on several occasions bashed his way through locked doors ("Just Set Up the Chairs"). In fact, he's so strong that he can break a broom with one punch and easily rip a shirt as shown in "Mordecai and the Rigbys". However, his most recent and impressive feat of physical strength is show when he bashed Death Bear across a room and through a wall in the episode of the same name.
  • Coffee Drinker - Mordecai is often seen with coffee, more so than Rigby. In "Free Cake", the episode starts with Mordecai supposedly drinking from a half full pot of coffee. In "Mordecai and the Rigbys", Mordecai starts out with a cup of coffee in his hands when Rigby enters the Coffee Shop.
  • Speeches - Mordecai tends to persuade people when he gives talks and speeches, ex. Don, when Mordecai persuades Rigby to confront and mend Rigby's relationship with his brother; Rage Against The TV, when Mordecai tells Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost to help with beating The Hammer; in "Muscle Woman" when he talks to Starla, unintentionally infatuating her; and in "Mordecai and the Rigbys", when Mordecai tries to tell the crowd about being tricked into lip-synching. Another example would be when Mordecai apologizes to C.J. to calm her down in "Yes Dude Yes". Also, he gave a protest speech to Margaret being trapped in the Voice Messaging Control Center in "Butt Dial", begging her not to play the message that contained song Mordecai made up about how it would be like if they were together forever. However, it didn't work. He is also shown to give a great speech in "Exit 9B", which Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. claimed touching. In "Do or Diaper ", he explained to Margaret about the bet, and admitting that he likes her.
  • Kind-Hearted - Mordecai possesses social skills that an immature Rigby doesn't. Mordecai has better relations with his friends, and has never really shown many harsh feelings toward them. He always tries to settle disagreements. He also admitted a certain secret to save his life. The only major time he wasn't kind-hearted was in "It's Time" when he pushed Rigby off a microwave, killing him, though it was out of anger, and he was immediately regretful of his actions.
  • Truthful - Mordecai is not only a skilled liar, unlike Rigby, but he is also very truthful. For example, in "The Power", Mordecai instantly admitted what happened to Skips when Benson asked him.
  • Musician - Mordecai has shown on several occasions that he can sing very well. In the "Mordecai and the Rigbys", "Karaoke Video", and "Butt Dial" he sings nice and clear, although he tends to be off-key. Also, he seemed to know about a song called Brain Explosion (song) that Rigby didn't know about in This Is My Jam. Also, he listened to a song on repeat for five days in Yes Dude Yes.
  • Slacker - Mordecai and Rigby both have a tendency of slacking off from work. Benson then yells at them to stop slacking off. This is seen in almost every episode.
  • Skilled Fighter - Mordecai is very good at fighting others, as is seen in many episodes. Examples are Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost in "The Night Owl", Chad and Jeremy in "Replaced", Carrey O'Key and Carl in Karaoke Video and The "Family" "Restaurant" people in "Out of Commission ". He is also skilled in the powerful martial arts of Death Kwon Do and can perform many amazing techniques when wearing the proper attire.
  • Lousy Swimmer - It is seen in "Meat Your Maker" when the hot dogs put Skips, Pops, Benson and Mordecai to marinate, he was practically drowning. Though this might not be true, considering the fact that it was marinade and not water.
  • Party Animal - In "Party Pete", "See You There", and some other episodes, it shows that Mordecai really likes to party.
  • Sanitation - Even though Mordecai is a party animal, he is good at cleaning up major parties. This is shown in "Replaced", "Butt Dial", "Party Pete", etc.
  • Snoring - It is seen in "Ello Gov'nor" that he snores when he sleeps.
  • Ladies Man - Despite the fact he has a crush on Margaret, he has earned attention of Starla from "Muscle Woman", CJ and his 12 dates from "Yes Dude Yes", possibly Ladonna from "Access Denied", and a woman from "Do or Diaper" gives him her phone number when Mordecai was practicing his kissing.
  • Skilled Rapper- Along with Rigby, he is shown on occasions such as "Rap It Up" and "Party Pete" rapping very well. They also tried to teach Pops how to rap in order to take on the CrewCrew to prepare him in their rap battle.
  • Skilled Dancer - As seen in "TGI Tuesday", Mordecai is a skilled dancer.


Cyber Mode is a increased power and agility, metallic gauntlets and metallic greaves. This mode was given the derogatory nickname "Battle Thong" by fans. To activate, Mordecai, calls "Cyber Mode Activate!", and gaining metallic armor and a energy sword.

  • Magna Morpher
    • Energy Sword

Mordecai Cyber Mode transforms into Super Mode. Most of his weapons goes onto his back while two leg pieces connect to the blue part of his legs and his mouthplate comes over his face. Mordecai goes into Super Mode when fighting in battle against anybody vaguely threatening.

  • Attacks
    • Cyber Buster

Mordecai Super Mode transform into Hyper Mode.

  • Attacks
    • Hyper Punch
    • Hyper Kick
    • Hyper Slash
    • Hyper Shoot

Mordecai Hyper Mode transform into Ultimate Mode.

  • Attacks
    • Ultimate Kick
    • Ultimate Punch
    • Ultimate Slash
    • Ultimate Shoot

Mordecai Gold Mode, is the Golden Armor form of Mordecai Ultimate Mode. Unlike most members of his species, he has five fingers per hand instead of three.

  • Attacks
    • Gold Blast: Unleashes a large number of energy bullets or missiles from his body.
    • Gold Explosion: Unleashes a large energy wave from his body.
    • Gold Punch: A punch attack that results in a small shock wave.
    • Gold Kick: A simple kick attack.

Mordecai Crimson Mode is the mode form of Mordecai Gold Mode. Mordecai Crimson Mode appeared in Bugs Bunny's Laff-A-Lympics The Movie: Riders of Adventure

  • Attacks
    • Crimson Light: Mordecai Crimson Mode shatters the bonds between this world and next, casting his enemies into oblivion.
    • Final Justice: He obliterates his adversaries with the full might of his gungnir.
    • Invincible Sword: Attacks with the full might of his sword Blutgang, the sword glows and releases a huge slash.

Mordecai Fighter Mode, is an alternate form of Mordecai Crimson Mode. The Fighter Mode gives Mordecai Super Mode a more human shape. It is also said that his fighting power is tripled.

  • Attacks
    • Laser: Fires a huge blast of positron energy from the same-name cannon on his right arm, causing major disaster. It only functions as a "normal" hyperlaser cannon in the Real World, however. The attack is more 'laser-ish' upon Fighter and Paladin Modes.
    • Ginga Crush: Transforms the Positron Laser on his arm into a bigger form held by both arms which fires a powerful blast of dark matter on his enemy. Alternately he can fire the same attack when the dragon mouth on his chest opens up with the PL protruding from it to fire a white spherical version.

Mordecai Paladin Mode is an even more powerful alternate form of Mordecai Fighter Mode.

  • Attacks
    • Mega Sword: Cuts the opponent in two with a single stroke of his Mega Sword, resetting and clearing their configuration data.

Mordecai Sonic Mode is Mordecai's new form. It used as armor (torso and shins, jet pack, siren blasters). Sonic Mode comes with its own finishing move; The sword becomes a flaming sword, then Mordecai flies up in the air, and releases four streaks of fire from the sword.

  • Attacks
    • Sonic Sword

Ultra Mode is Mordecai's new form.

  • Attacks
    • Ultra Sword

Mordecai Burst Mode is the new form of Mordecai Ultra Mode.

  • Attacks
    • Corona Blaze Sword: Combines his flame shield and sword into a new, far more powerful sword.
    • Final Shining Burst: Uses every last bit of his power to create a great explosion.

Mordecai Booster Mode's most notable feature is its additional armoring compared to fly with great mobility, leaving large contrails of fire due to the tripled thermal energy output and perform the Booster Slasher.

  • Attacks
    • Booster Slasher

Mordecai Rising Mode is the upgrade.

  • Attacks
    • Rising Blast
    • Rising Slash

Mordecai Survive Mode is Mordecai's Survive form that appeared in Mordecai's Laff-A-Lympics the Movie: Riders of Gravity.

  • Attacks
    • Survive Blast
    • Survive Slash

In Shining Mode, Mordecai wields the Shining Caliber in Twin Mode as paired blades for his high-speed "Shining Clash" attack. His final attack is Shining Kick and Shining Punch.

  • Attacks
    • Shining Caliber Twin Mode
    • Shining Kick
    • Shining Punch

Infinity Mode is Mordecai's diamond-based ultimate form.

  • Attacks
    • Infinity Slash

Cosmic Mode is Mordecai's electric blue form.

  • Attacks
    • Barizun Sword
    • Super Galaxy Finish

Strongest Complete Mode is the true form of Mordecai.

  • Attacks
    • Strongest Complete Kick
    • Strongest Complete Shoot
    • Strongest Complete Slash

Brave Mode: Makes its first appearance in Mordecai's Laff-A-Lympics the Movie: Riders of Gravity

  • Attacks
    • Mebium Knight Blade

Phoenix Mode is power up.

  • Attacks
    • Phoenix Shoot
    • Phoenix Slash

Phoenix Brave Mode: This form appears in Mordecai's Laff-A-Lympics the Movie: Riders of Gravity

  • Attacks
    • Mebium Twin Swords

Mordecai Phoenix Brave Mode morphs into his Mega Mode.

  • Attacks
    • Mega Blade

Electric Mode is Mordecai's golden form.

  • Attacks
    • Electric Rod
    • Electirc Shock

Fusion Mode is Mordecai's first purple form.

  • Attacks
    • Fusion Shoot
    • Fusion Slash

Beast Mode is Mordecai's wild form.

  • Attacks
    • Beast Shoot
    • Beast Slash

Rising Ultimate Mode is Mordecai's rising ultimate mode.

  • Attacks
    • Rising Ultimate Kick
    • Rising Ultimate Punch
    • Rising Ultimate Shoot
    • Rising Ultimate Slash

Rainbow Mode is Mordecai's rainbow mode.

  • Attacks
    • Rainbow Shoot
    • Rainbow Slash

Wing Mode is Mordecai's flying mode.

  • Weapons
    • Wing Sword
    • Wing Blaster
    • Wing Gauntlet
    • Wing Smasher
    • Wing Bomber
  • Attacks
    • Wing Kick
    • Wing Punch
    • Wing Beam
    • Wing Chaser
    • Motion Chaser

Innocent Mode is Mordecai's power up.

  • Attacks
    • Innocent Shoot
    • Innocent Slash

Speed Mode is Mordecai's Speed mode.

  • Attacks
    • Speed Punch
    • Speed Kick
    • Speed Shoot
    • Speed Slash

Turbo Mode is Mordecai's Turbo form.

  • Attacks
    • Turbo Smash
    • Turbo Kick
    • Turbo Shoot
    • Turbo Slash

Prototype Mode is Mordecai's Prototype form.

  • Attacks
    • Prototype Shoot
    • Prototype Slash

Reboot Mode is Mordecai's Reboot form.

  • Attacks
    • Reboot Shoot
    • Reboot Slash

Techno Mode is Mordecai's Techno form.

  • Attacks
    • Techno Shoot
    • Techno Slash

Magnet Mode is Mordecai's Magnet form.

  • Attacks
    • N Magnet Cannon
    • S Magnet Cannon
    • N&S MagCannon
    • Super Electromagnetic Bomber

Burning Mode is Mordecai's Burning form.

  • Attacks
    • Burning Punch
    • Burning Kick
    • Burning Shoot
    • Burning Slash

Burning Brave Mode is Mordecai's New Burning form. It has a gold fire symbol line running along the chest, abdomen and upper arms, and the area where an ear is red increased.

  • Attacks
    • Mebium Burst
    • Mebium Spin Kick

Flame Mode is Mordecai's ruby-based fire elemental form.

  • Attacks
    • Flame Punch
    • Flame Kick

Fire Mode is Mordecai's red form.

  • Attacks
    • Fire Exploding Shoot

Water Mode is Mordecai's sapphire-based water elemental form.

  • Attacks
    • Water Shoot
    • Water Slash

Aqua Mode is Mordecai's new water form.

  • Attacks
    • Aqua Shoot
    • Aqua Slash

Storm Mode is Mordecai's new blue form.

  • Attacks
    • Storm Spin

Rod Mode is Mordecai's new blue form.

  • Attacks
    • Rod Slash
    • Rod Kick

Hurricane Mode is Mordecai's emerald-based wind elemental form.

  • Attacks
    • Hurricane Shoot
    • Hurricane Slash

Tornado Mode is Mordecai's new wind form.

  • Attacks
    • Tornado Shoot
    • Tornado Slash

Wild Mode is Mordecai's dune buggy-based form.

    • Atttacks
    • Wildrop

Technic Mode is Mordecai's garbage truck-based form.

  • Attacks
    • Technidrop

Sword Mode is Mordecai's red form.

  • Attacks
    • Super Finishing Attack Sword Kick
    • Super Finishing Attack Sword Slash

Mighty Mode is Mordecai's red form.

  • Attacks
    • Mighty Punch
    • Mighty Kick

Gun Mode is Mordecai's purple form.

  • Attacks
    • Gun Shooting

Titan Mode is Mordecai's purple form.

  • Attacks
    • Calamity Titan

Complete Mode is Mordecai's purple form.

  • Attacks
    • Complete Kick
    • Complete Shoot
    • Complete Slash

Axel Mode is Mordecai's black form.

  • Attacks
    • Axel Smash

Carnival Mode is Mordecai's red form.

  • Attacks
    • Carnival Kick
    • Carnival Finish

Mordecai Samba Carnival Mode is the Carnival Arms change of Dino Charge Megazord.

In this Arms change, Mordecai is armed with the Stego Shield on his right arm and the Tricera Drill on his left arm.

Mordecai Western Carnival Mode is the Carnival Arms change of Dino Charge Megazord.

In this Arms change, Mordecai is armed with the Para Beam Gun on his right arm and the Raptor Sword on his left arm.

Mordecai Macho Carnival Mode is the Carnival Arms change of Dino Charge Megazord.

In this Arms change, Mordecai is armed with the Ankylo Hammer on his right arm and the Tricera Drill on his left arm.

Mordecai Kung-Fu Carnival Mode is the Carnival Arms change of Dino Charge Megazord.

In this Arms change, Mordecai is armed with the Ankylo Hammer on his right arm and the Packy Ball on his left arm.

Mordecai Samba Carnival Special Mode is the Carnival Arms change of Stego Zord and Spino Zord.

In this Arms change, Mordecai wields the Spino Boomerang in his right hand, the Spino Defenser in his left hand, and is armed with the Stego Shield on his right arm.

Get Wild Mode is Mordecai's new dune buggy-based form.

  • Attacks
    • Get Wildrop

Ultra Technic Mode is Mordecai's new garbage truck-based form.

  • Attacks
    • Ultra Technidrop

Fruits Mode is Mordecai's fruit form.

  • Attacks
    • Fruits Kick
    • Fruits Sparkling
    • Great Fruits Sword Strike
    • Fruits Unrivaled Slash

Ultra Fruits Mode is Mordecai's new fruit form.

  • Attacks
    • Ultra Fruits Kick
    • Ultra Fruits Sparkling
    • Great Ultra Fruits Sword Strike
    • Ultra Fruits Unrivaled Slash

Fresh Fruits Mode is Mordecai's new fresh fruit form.

  • Attacks
    • Fresh Fruits Kick
    • Fresh Fruits Sparkling
    • Fresh Fruits Sword Strike
    • Fresh Fruits Unrivaled Slash

Dead Heat Mode is Mordecai's dead heart form.

  • Attacks
    • Dead Heat Kick
    • Dead Heat Punch

Super Dead Heat Mode is Mordecai's new dead heat form.

  • Attacks
    • Super Dead Heat Kick
    • Super Dead Heat Punch

Formula Mode is Mordecai's Formula One car-based form.

  • Attacks
    • Formula Kick
    • Formula Punch
    • Formula Cannon

Dash Formula Mode is Mordecai's New Formula One car-based form.

  • Attacks
    • Dash Formula Kick
    • Dash Formula Punch
    • Dash Formula Cannon

Speed Prototype Mode is Mordecai's purple form.

  • Attacks
    • Speed Prototype Punch
    • Speed Prototype Kick
    • Speed Prototype Shoot
    • Speed Prototype Slash

High Speed Mode is Mordecai's luxurious sports car-based form, which is essentially a silver version of his Speed Mode with altered shoulder pads and the emblem on the helmet receiving wings.

  • Attacks
    • High Speed Punch
    • High Speed Kick
    • High Speed Shoot
    • High Speed Slash

Super Speed Mode is Mordecai's new speed form.

  • Attacks
    • Super Speed Punch
    • Super Speed Kick
    • Super Speed Shoot
    • Super Speed Slash

Hyper Speed Mode is Mordecai's hyper speed form.

  • Attacks
    • Hyper Speed Punch
    • Hyper Speed Kick
    • Hyper Speed Shoot
    • Hyper Speed Slash

Mach Speed Mode is Mordecai's white speed form.

  • Attacks
    • Mach Speed Punch
    • Mach Speed Kick
    • Mach Speed Shoot
    • Mach Speed Slash

Max Speed Mode is Mordecai's new speed form.

  • Attacks
    • Max Speed Punch
    • Max Speed Kick
    • Max Speed Shoot
    • Max Speed Slash

Light Speed Mode is Mordecai's light speed form.

  • Attacks
    • Light Speed Punch
    • Light Speed Kick
    • Light Speed Shoot
    • Light Speed Slash

Full Speed Mode is Mordecai's ultimate speed form.

  • Attacks
    • Full Speed Punch
    • Full Speed Kick
    • Full Speed Shoot
    • Full Speed Slash

Speed Wild Technic Mode is Mordecai's new form.

  • Attacks
    • Speed Wild Technidrop

Speed Dragon Mode is Mordecai's speed dragon form.

  • Attack
    • Speed Dragon Kick

Accel Mode is Mordecai's red form.

  • Attack
    • Accel Glanzer

Trial Mode is Mordecai's blue form.

  • Attack
    • Machine Gun Spike

Trialbooster Mode is Mordecai's blue and yellow form.

  • Attack
    • Trialbooster Glanzer

Full Throttle Mode is Mordecai's fast form.

  • Attack
    • Full Throttle Kick

Next Mode is Mordecai's blue and black form.

  • Attack
    • NexDrop

Get Next Mode is Mordecai's new form.

  • Attack
    • Get NexDrop

Special Mode is Mordecai's futuristic car-based form.

  • Attack
    • SpeciDrop

Over HighHeat Mode is Mordecai's new heat form.

  • Attack
    • Over HighHeat Punch
    • Over HighHeat Kick

Tomahawk Mode is Mordecai's new form.

  • Attack
    • Tomahawk Shoot
    • Tomahawk Kick

Proto-Zero Mode is Mordecai's gray form.

  • Attack
    • Proto-Zero Punch
    • Proto-Zero Kick

Maximum Mode is Mordecai's maximum form.

  • Attack
    • Maximum Punch
    • Maximum Kick

Mach Speed Prototype Mode is Mordecai's dark red form.

  • Attacks
    • Mach Speed Prototype Punch
    • Mach Speed Prototype Kick
    • Mach Speed Prototype Shoot
    • Mach Speed Prototype Slash

Engine Mode is Mordecai's new engine form.

  • Attacks
    • Engine Dynamic Ace

Signal Mode is Mordecai's signal form.

  • Attack
    • Across Breaker

Next Prototype Mode is Mordecai's new prototype form.

  • Attack
    • Next ProtoDrop

Speed Gold Mode is Mordecai's new gold form.

  • Attacks
    • Speed Gold Punch
    • Speed Gold Kick
    • Speed Gold Shoot
    • Speed Gold Slash

Speed Gold Prototype Mode is Mordecai's gold prototype form.

  • Attacks
    • Speed Gold Prototype Punch
    • Speed Gold Prototype Kick
    • Speed Gold Prototype Shoot
    • Speed Gold Prototype Slash

Cruise Mode is Mordecai's sports car-based evolved form of Speed Mode, as well as his ultimate form. P.L.A.T.O. can assume control over Cruiser Mode's body when needed. On such ocassions, his face graphics appear on the Dual High Beam Eye of Mordecai's Cruiser-D Met.

  • Attack
    • CruiDrop

Over Cruiser Mode is Mordecai's new sports car form.

  • Attack
    • Over CruiDrop

Prototype Cruiser Mode is Mordecai's purple sports car form.

  • Attack
    • Prototype CruiDrop

Next Cruiser Mode is Mordecai's blue sports car form.

  • Attack
    • Next CruiDrop

Next Cruiser Prototype Mode is Mordecai's prototype blue sports car form.

  • Attack
    • Next Cruiser ProtoDrop

Gold Cruiser Mode is Mordecai's gold sports car form.

  • Attack
    • Gold CruiDrop

Gold Cruiser Prototype Mode is Mordecai's prototype gold sports car form.

  • Attack
    • Gold Cruiser ProtoDrop

Crosser Mode is Mordecai's fusion sports car form.

  • Attack
    • Crosser Shoot
    • Crosser Kick

Land Mode is Mordecai's topaz-based earth elemental form.

  • Attack
    • Land Kick

Cross Fusion Mode is Mordecai's new form.

  • Attack
    • Cross Fusion Blast

Cross Beast Mode is Mordecai's new beast form.

  • Attack
    • Slash Beast

Rocket Mode is Mordecai's new orange form.

  • Attacks
    • Tailspin Crusher
    • Double Rocket Kick

Drill States is Mordecai's new yellow form.

  • Attack
    • Double Drill Kick

Rocket Drill Mode is Mordecai's second orange form.

  • Attack
    • Rocket Drill Blast

Super Rocket Drill Mode is Mordecai's orange and yellow form.

  • Attack
    • Super Double Rocket Drill Kick

Storm Mode is Mordecai's blue and yellow form.

  • Attack
    • Storm Punisher

Storm Galaxy Mode is Mordecai's new blue form.

  • Attack
    • Storm Galaxy Punisher

Flare Mode is Mordecai's new red form.

  • Attack
    • Flare Punisher

Super Rocket Drill Storm Galaxy Flare Fusion Mode is Mordecai's orange, yellow blue, red and purple form.

  • Attack
    • Super Rocket Drill Storm Galaxy Flare Fusion Kick

Space Mode is Mordecai's silver form.

  • Attack
    • Space Beam

Gravity Mode is Mordecai's purple form.

  • Attack
    • Rising Orbit

Gamma Mode is Mordecai's green form.

  • Attack
    • Gamma Ray Cannon

Plasma Mode is Mordecai's dark red.

  • Attack
    • The Lightning Star Volley

Dynamic Mode is Mordecai's orange form.

  • Attacks
    • Dynamic Chop
    • Dynamic Boomerang

Eclipse Mode is Mordecai's black form.

  • Attack
    • Red Moon Breaker

Adapter Mode is Mordecai's white form.

  • Attack
    • Adapter Punch

Break Mode is Mordecai's new black form.

  • Attack
    • Break Smash

Blaster Mode is Mordecai's red form.

  • Attacks
    • Photon Buster
    • Photon Breaker

Knight Mode is Mordecai's blue and silver form.

  • Attacks
    • Knight Victorium Break
    • Knight Victorium Shoot

Kurenai Mode is Mordecai's red form.

  • Attack
    • Sound Attack Stroke: the Explosive True Crimson Style

Armed Mode is Mordecai's mew red form.

  • Attack
    • Sound Attack Blade: Fierce Demon Arousal

Metal Mode is Mordecai's metal form.

  • Attacks
    • Metal Branding
    • Metal Twister
    • Metal Illusion

Titanium Mode is Mordecai's titanium form.

  • Attacks
    • Titanium Branding
    • Titanium Twister
    • Titanium Illusion

Steel Mode is Mordecai's steel form.

  • Attacks
    • Steel Branding
    • Steel Twister
    • Steel Illusion

Storm Mode is Mordecai's blue form.

  • Attack
    • Halberd Spin

Pegasus Mode is Mordecai's green form.

  • Attack
    • Blast Pegasus

Amazing Mighty Mode is Mordecai's black-armored form.

  • Attack
    • Amazing Mighty Kick

Ground Mode is Mordecai's yellow form.

  • Attacks
    • Ground Kick
    • Ground Punch

Trinity Mode is Mordecai's red, yellow and blue form.

  • Attack
    • Fire Storm Attack

Sonic Wing Mode is Mordecai's new wing form.

  • Weapons
    • Sonic Wing Sword
    • Sonic Wing Blaster
    • Sonic Wing Gauntlet
    • Sonic Wing Smasher
    • Sonic Wing Bomber
  • Attacks
    • Sonic Wing Kick
    • Sonic Wing Punch
    • Sonic Wing Beam
    • Sonic Wing Chaser

Rising Mighty Mode is Mordecai's new rising form.

  • Attack
    • Rising Mighty Kick

Rising Pegasus Mode is Mordecai's new rising form.

  • Attack
    • Rising Blast Pegasus

Rising Titan Mode is Mordecai's new rising form.

  • Attacks
    • Rising Calamity Titan
    • Double Rising Calamity Titan

Growing Mode is Mordecai's white form.

  • Attack
    • Growing Kick

Crystal Mode is Mordecai's shiny form.

  • Attack
    • Crystal Break

Prism Mode is Mordecai's new shiny form.

  • Attack
    • Prism Break

Legend Mode is Mordecai's legend form.

  • Attack
    • Legend Warriors United Formation

Dragon Mode is Mordecai's dragon form.

  • Attacks
    • Splash Dragon
    • Strike Dragon

Dragon Energy Mode is Mordecai's pitaya-based (specifically the Pitahaya blanca) armored European Knight/Archer form.

  • Attack
    • Dragon Energy Squash

Rising Dragon Mode is Mordecai's new rising form.

  • Attack
    • Rising Splash Dragon
    • Rising Strike Dragon

Flame Dragon Mode is Mordecai's flame dragon form.

  • Attack
    • Flame Strike Dragon

Water Dragon Mode is Mordecai's water dragon form.

  • Attack
    • Dragon Smash

Hurricane Dragon Mode is Mordecai's hurricane dragon form.

  • Attack
    • Dragon Sonic

Land Dragon Mode is Mordecai's land dragon form.

  • Attack
    • Dragon Land Claws

Infinity Dragon Mode is Mordecai's infinity dragon form.

  • Attack
    • Infinity End

Infinity Dragon Gold Mode is Mordecai's infinity dragon form.

  • Attack
    • Infinity Gold End

Fire Dragon Mode is Mordecai's fire dragon form.

  • Attack
    • Fire Dragon Exploding Shoot

Metal Dragon Mode is Mordecai's metal dragon form.

  • Attacks
    • Metal Dragon Branding
    • Metal Dragon Twister
    • Metal Dragon Illusion

Titanium Dragon Mode is Mordecai's titanium dragon form.

  • Attacks
    • Titanium Dragon Branding
    • Titanium Dragon Twister
    • Titanium Dragon Illusion

Gravity Dragon Mode is Mordecai's gravity dragon form.

  • Attack
    • Rising Dragon Orbit

Strike Mode is Mordecai's blue form.

  • Attacks
    • Strike Kick
    • Counter Slash

Altair Mode is Mordecai's green form.

  • Attack
    • Altair Shoot
    • Altair Slash

Vega Mode is Mordecai's vega form.

  • Attacks
    • Vega Shoot
    • Vega Slash

Zero Mode is Mordecai's red form.

  • Attack
    • Zero Shoot

Zero Vega Mode is Mordecai's new vega form.

  • Attack
    • Splendid Nova

Climax Mode is Mordecai's climax form.

  • Attacks
    • Climax Kick
    • Climax Punch

Super Climax Mode is Mordecai's new climax form.

  • Attack
    • Super Climax Kick
    • Super Climax Punch

Hyper Climax Mode is Mordecai's hyper climax form.

  • Attacks
    • Hyper Climax Kick
    • Hyper Climax Punch

Fang Mode is Mordecai's fang form.

  • Attacks
    • Arm Fang
    • Shoulder Fang
    • Fang Streiser

Lightning Mode is Mordecai's lightning form.

  • Attacks
    • Lightning Sword
    • Lightning Fury

Lightning Dragon Mode is Mordecai's lightning dragon form.

  • Attacks
    • Lightning Dragon Sword
    • Lightning Dragon Fury

Jungle Master Mode is Mordecai's jungle master form.

  • Attack
    • Jungle Master Booster

Flight Mode is Mordecai's flight form.

  • Attack
    • Ultra Laser

Ninja Mode is Mordecai's ninja form.

  • Attack
    • Ninja Sword

Thunder Mode is Mordecai's thunder form.

  • Attacks
    • Thunder Staff
    • Thunder Blaster

Shark Attack Mode is Mordecai's shark attack form.

  • Attack
    • Shark Sword Strike

Shark Attack Mega Mode is Mordecai's shark attack mega form.

  • Attack
    • Shark Sword Mega Strike

Dino Mode is Mordecai's dino form.

  • Attacks
    • Dino Saber
    • Dino Blade Blaster
    • Dino Dynamite
    • Dino Thruster: Circle Moon
    • Dino Thruster: Head Crash
    • Dino Thruster: Crescent Moon
    • Dino Spike
    • Dino Rage
    • Dino Doom

Super Dino Mode is Mordecai's new dino form.

  • Attacks
    • Super Dino Saber
    • Super Dino Blade Blaster
    • Super Dino Dynamite
    • Super Dino Thruster: Circle Moon
    • Super Dino Thruster: Head Crash
    • Super Dino Thruster: Crescent Moon
    • Super Dino Spike
    • Super Dino Rage
    • Super Dino Doom

Superior Dino Mode is Mordecai's superior dino form.

  • Attacks
    • Superior Dino Saber
    • Superor Dino Blade Blaster
    • Superior Dino Dynamite
    • Superior Dino Thruster: Circle Moon
    • Superior Dino Thruster: Head Crash
    • Superior Dino Thruster: Crescent Moon
    • Superior Dino Spike
    • Superior Dino Rage
    • Superior Dino Doom

Dino Drive Mode is Mordecai's dino drive form.

  • Attacks
    • Dino Drive Saber
    • Dino Drive Blade Blaster
    • Dino Drive Dynamite
    • Dino Drive Thruster: Circle Moon
    • Dino Drive Thruster: Head Crash
    • Dino Drive Thruster: Crescent Moon
    • Dino Drive Spike
    • Dino Drive Rage
    • Dino Drive Doom

Super Dino Drive Mode is Mordecai's new dino drive form.

  • Attacks
    • Dino Super Drive Saber
    • Dino Super Drive Blade Blaster
    • Dino Super Drive Dynamite
    • Dino Super Drive Thruster: Circle Moon
    • Dino Super Drive Thruster: Head Crash
    • Dino Super Drive Thruster: Crescent Moon
    • Dino Super Drive Spike
    • Dino Super Drive Rage
    • Dino Super Drive Doom

Trassic Mode is Mordecai's trassic form.

  • Attack
    • Shield of Triumph

Super Special Mode is Mordecai's new special form.

  • Attack
    • Super SpeciDrop

Police Mode is Mordecai's police form.

  • Attack
    • Police Smash

S.W.A.T. Mode is Mordecai swat form.

  • Attack
    • Delta Enforcer

Supersonic Mode is Mordecai's supersonic form.

  • Attack
    • Supersonic Sword

Spirit Mode is Mordecai's spirit form.

  • Attack
    • Spirit Hammer

Super Mega Mode is Mordecai's super mega form.

  • Attack
    • Super Mega Blast

Blizzard Mode is Mordecai's blizzard form.

  • Attack
    • Blizzard Claw Execution

Shogun Mode is Mordecai's shogun form.

  • Attack
    • Shogun Strike

Samurai Mode is Mordecai's samurai form.

  • Attack
    • Samurai Strike

Super Samurai Mode is Mordecai's super samurai form.

  • Attack
    • Super Samurai Strike

Laser Mode is Mordecai's laser form.

  • Attack
    • Laser Pistol
    • Laser Blade/Laser Slash

Sorcerer Mode is Mordecai's sorcerer form.

  • Attack
    • Strike Sorcerer

Infinity Beast Dragon Mode is Mordecai's infinity beast dragon form.

  • Attack
    • Infinity Beast Dragon End

Infinity Element Dragon Mode is Mordecai's infinity element dragon form.

  • Attack
    • Infinity Element Dragon End

Crusher Mode is Mordecai's crusher form.

  • Attack
    • Crusher High Kick

Keeper Mode is Mordecai's keeper form.

  • Attack
    • Reflection Blade

Eclipse Mode is Mordecai's eclipse form.

  • Attack
    • Eclipse Blade

Blast Mode is Mordecai's blast form.

  • Attacks
    • Blast Kick
    • Blast Chop

Glitter Mode is Mordecai's glitter form.

  • Attack
    • Glitter Zepellion Ray

Extreme Mode is Mordecai's extreme form.

  • Attack
    • Extreme Kick

Prism Extreme Mode is Mordeci's prism extreme form.

  • Attack
    • Prism Extreme

Gold Extreme Mode is Mordecai's gold extreme form.

  • Attack
    • Gold Extreme

Gold Prism Extreme Mode is Mordecai's gold prism extreme form.

  • Attack
    • Gold Prism Extreme

Stone Mode is Mordecai's stone form.

  • Attack
    • Stone Shoot

Sentinel Mode is Mordecai's sentinel form.

  • Attack
    • Double Sentinel Slash

Hunter Knight Mode is Mordecai's new knight form.

  • Attacks
    • Hunter Knight Kick
    • Hunter Knight Punch
    • Hunter Knight Chop
    • Hunter Knight Blade

Super Charge Mode is Mordecai's super charge form.

  • Attack
    • Super Charge Blast

Emperor Mode is Mordecai's emperor form.

  • Attacks
    • Emperor Moon Break
    • Emperor Howling Slash
    • Emperor Aqua Tornado
    • Emperor Thunder Slap
    • Final Emperor Slash

Liner Mode is Mordecai's liner form.

  • Attacks
    • Liner Slash
    • Liner Attack
    • Liner Chop
    • Liner Shot
    • Liner Fullthrottle Break

Super Liner Mode is Mordecai's super liner form.

  • Attacks
    • Super Liner Slash
    • Super Liner Attack
    • Super Liner Chop
    • Super Liner Shot
    • Super Liner Fullthrottle Break

Hyper Liner Mode is Mordecai's hyper liner form.

  • Attacks
    • Hyper Liner Slash
    • Hyper Liner Attack
    • Hyper Liner Chop
    • Hyper Liner Shot
    • Hyper Liner Fullthrottle Break

Fire Squad Mode is Mordecai's fire squad form.

  • Attacks
    • Fire Squad Blasters
    • Fire Squad Blaster Combo Mode
    • Fire Squad Deltamax Loaded

Power Mode is Mordecai's power form.

  • Attacks
    • Power Sword
    • Power Axe
    • Power Lance
    • Power Daggers
    • Power Blaster
    • Power Cannon

Bionic Mode is Mordecai's bionic form.

  • Attacks
    • Bionic Sword
    • Bionic Axe
    • Bionic Lance
    • Bionic Daggers
    • Bionic Blaster
    • Bionic Cannon

Saga Mode is Mordecai's saga form.

  • Attacks
    • Saga Plasma
    • Drill Saga
    • Thrasher Saga
    • Saga Shooter
    • Saga Cutter
    • Saga Spinner
    • Snaking Death-break

Future Mode is Mordecai's future form.

  • Attack
    • Future Strike

Supreme Mode is Mordecai's surpreme form.

  • Attacks
    • Supreme Punch
    • Supreme Kick
    • Supreme Chop
    • Supreme Shinning Blade

Superior Mode is Mordecai's superior form.

  • Weapons
    • Brave Snatcher
  • Attacks
    • Brave Slash
    • Superior Buster
    • Superior Blade

  • Legendary Morpher (temporarily)
  • Super Mega Blaster (temporarily)
  • Super Mega Saber (temporarily)

File:Shark Ranger.png
  • Jungle Fury Shark Ranger
    • Weapons
      • Jungle Blades

  • Kamen Rider Dragon Knight
    • Weapons
      • Sword Vent
      • Strike Vent

  • Jungle Fury Red Ranger Jungle Master Mode
    • Weapons
      • Claw Boosters

  • Ranger Operator Series Red Shark Attack Mode
    • Weapons
      • Nitro Blaster (Sword Mode)

  • VR Ryan
    • Weapons
      • Laser Pistol
      • Laser Saber