The Onyxlyn Guards of the Night are the royal guards on night duty to the Omega castle for King Nimuel. It is their duty to protect Omega from the beginning of night til dawn. They quickly became allies to the Good-Hearted Howlers due to most of them, including their apprentices, being pro-wolf.


Hemachandra - the leader of night guards. A strict spectacled bear, he started off as the guard who trusted the Howlers the least. However, by the time of ​Good Wolf: Back to the Gin Mill​, he began to deem them more trustworthy. Being the strongest and oldest of the night guards, Hemachandra (or Hema as they call him for short) is a master of Earth magic and lances. He is the mentor of Sandrine.

Breuse - a black pegasus who is usaully shown with Otieno. Being a wise-cracking kind of guy, he and Otieno usaully joke around the howlers during serious moments (much to the annoyance of ceratain characters).  But despite his humor, he is also shown to be a serious mentor to the apprentices. He is the mentor of Arthuretta.