Orange Ninja

Full Name

Skylar DeWitt

Other Aliases

Green Ninja's Sidekick, Apprentice to the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master


Steven Roy (Boyfriend, deceased), Green Ninja (Teacher)


Student at New Ninjago State University


Help Green Ninja defend New Ninjago and the world from the Forces of Garmadon


Garmadon, Shadow Ninja, Lady Terror, Samukai, Skales, Kozu, Cryptor, Hurricane Master

Type of Hero

Honorable Hero, Sidekick

"You took me in without question. treated me like a member of your... spectacular family. I'd be honored to fight alongside you, Master"

Skylar DeWitt on becoming the Orange Ninja

Skylar DeWitt AKA The Orange Ninja is sidekick and student of Green Ninja.


Skylar's mother and father were murdered by the Shadow Ninja when she was very young. She grew up having a tough childhood. Despite that, she got a place in New Ninjago State University.

Powers and Abilities

  • Expert Combat Skills
  • Control of the element of Fire
  • Flight
  • Marksmanship
  • Wit
  • Spinjitzu