Perry is like his p&f counterpart and is heroic. He has done heroic actions.

Heroic Actions/Season 1

He defeated a cruel biker who shoots people for no reason.

He saved 1,000's of lives from Weegee.

His friend Darth Vader drew the line so he punches his face and says "YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR (Bleep) MIND, YA HOLY (Bleep), SO YOU OUGHTA (Bleep) YOURSELF OR I WILL UNSCREW YA HEAD AND (Bleep) IT ON YOUR (Bleep), YOU (Bleep) MOTHER(Bleep)!!!!!"


He has also done villainous roles too such as cursing at Darth Vader, giving Marshall Lee a half-empty can of soda, running over Steve without showing any concern, harshly rejecting a hobo elephant, killing Scarlett and Max with a missile, drowning Craig and even causing the loss of millions of lives.

He has dog-like qualities such as fetching a ball and chasing cats and squirrels.