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Plio Kenson (Kerason)
Plio Kenson



Other Aliases

KeraMaster (Shared with KeraBeast)


William and Brenda Kenson (Parents)
KeraBeast (Partner)
Arkadi Orlov (Former enemy/reformed bully)
RakoRider (Neutral)
Chioma Jonathan (Rival, future Love Interest/wife)
Atlas (Childhood Idol)
Geo Stelar (Crossover)
Steven Universe (Crossover)


Elementary School Student
Dinoid Knight (Post-Pilot)


To fight against evil to protect his family


Tyrannox, Pterazok, Saideus, other Dinoid Villains, the Elders, various Daikaiju, Arkadi Orlov (Former), Draikox, Omnicron, the Dinoid Conquerors faction, ESPECIALLY ToroShade.

Type of Hero

Playful Hacker
Anti-Hero (by methods only)
Robot Pilot (via KeraMaster)


9 (Debut)
11 (Season 1 Finale)
13 (Season 2 Finale)
16 (Season 3)
18+ (Series Finale)
9-18+ (Crossover Material)
26 (Endgame)


Kenson Household (First son)
Dinoid Knights (Leader, Season 2 onward)
Terran Defense Force (Chapter 9 onward)
Ultimorian Deities (Series Finale Onwards)

(Note: For an important form he learns about in Season 2 onward, go here.)

Kerason! Charge up!
~ Plio Kenson.
"To resolve and befriend those who disagree."
~ Plio's vow.

Plio Kenson is a 9 year old male attending Elementary School that one day has almost all of his current life change due to his initial meeting with KeraBeast, and how their interactions result in the death of a highly feared Dinoid General, and now Saideus is personally out for both of them and threatens all of Earth along with it. Let's just say Plio isn't exactly thrilled by this idea, since his parents know about this little incident, and soon, other people he interacts with on a daily basis will also soon know about his identity as Kerason. Very late in the series, in the series finale, he gains the Super Mode known as KeraKing. Plio's Master Mode, alongside KeraBeast, is unique in that it does not actually use KeraBeast's true form as a basis, but rather the Dinoid programming given to KeraBeast as an experiment. As a result, the form of KeraMaster is also known to the Dinoids themselves as the deceased "Legendary Dinoid KeraTrident".


Plio is a 9 year old male human, with his clothing consisting primarily of blue shirt and shorts, the latter looking a bit baggy in appearance, and having shoes that need to be tied, in addition to brownish/reddish hair, with bright blue eyes. KeraBeast, in almost all situations, is perched on Plio's right arm wrist, with another device of sorts strapped to his left wrist, with it's function currently unknown.

As Kerason, his appearance is altered a tad bit. His hands grow more larger in size as Kerason, in addition to his arm muscles increasing as Kerason. His entire body is covered in a blue spandex costume with a color palette similar to his normal clothing, only a bit brighter, and Kerason's head is covered in a Triceratops themed helmet with a dark visor making it difficult to see his facial features through it. In addition to that, he wears a cyan scarf in this form as well, which out of all of the Dinoid Knights, he is the only one to have an accessory around his neck.

As KeraMaster, his appearance drastically changes into that of a semi-bipedal Triceratops Super Robot, with the same color palette from Kerason being used, in addition a sometimes blank eye "screens", one on each side of his head, which glow to reveal KeraMaster's actual eyes. In addition to having the exact same features mentioned on KeraBeast's page regarding KeraMaster, he has a circular cockpit located on his back around his shoulders, which can contain up to five to seven people inside to keep them from harm, but since Kerason directly transforms into KeraMaster, and thus he and KeraMaster's physical form are one in the same, neither Plio nor KeraBeast are located here. Keramaster is technically the body of the deceased Legendary Dinoid "KeraTrident", but looks different in that his eyes are more expressive. When KeraTrident used to use this body, his eyes were a completely blue coloration and couldn't express much emotion as a result. It appears both Plio AND KeraBeast are effecting KeraTrident's physical form when they transform into KeraMaster.

A strange, yet freaky, oddity regarding Kerason's powers is that they did not naturally belong to KeraBeast, and early on, especially in Season 1, whenever Plio Kenson was in a state of absolute dread or paranoia, Plio would go into panic and pass out, allowing some unidentified entity hiding in KeraBeast's circuits ever since the Pilot to possess Kerason, and is noted this way by glowing violet eyes through his visor, and KeraBeast's eyes having an empty, soulless look as if his eyes had shut off in terms of function. If transformed into KeraMaster in this state, KeraMaster displays the same soulless eyes.

As KeraKing, KeraBeast acquires an actual jaw for him to utilize, which can vary from two weapons and finishers dubbed "Starlight Omega Excalibur", which projects an energy sword made of heavily dense light molecules, and can used to brutally dismember opponents normally immune to bladed attacks. The second, and primary finisher, is called "Starlight Omega Bomb", which causes KeraBeast to open his jaws in a 180 degree angle, and as a massive cannon projects itself from his jaws, and when fired, fires an explosive blast of pure energy capable of completely vaporizing matter at direct impact. This, alongside Starlight Omega Excalibur, are the ONLY attacks capable of truly killing Omnicron, but there exists a third variant which will just simply seal Omnicron's fate; "Starlight Omega Override", which is a combination of KeraKing's sword and cannon attack, which can brutally impale opponents and permanently delete targets from existence.

In regards to looks in this form, KeraKing gains a royal color palette in regards to his looks, and gains Gold as his primary colors in addition to a royal shade of blue. He also acquires a cape which is capable of deflecting or reflecting virtually every attack launched at KeraKing back at the opposing target. KeraKing's helmet is a modified version of the helmet of Kerason, and in addition to the near god-like powers as KeraKing, he actually does not utilize KeraMaster in this form. Instead, however, KeraMaster can be summoned as a separate entity and be used as a mount for KeraKing to ride on, and gives KeraMaster incredible buffs to speed and the ability to fly. Both Plio and KeraBeast's eyes glow a bright gold in this form.

In Season 3, Plio has grown up for certain. At the age of 16-18, Plio is noticeably taller than William, but still shorter than Brenda. This means Plio has indirectly inherited some of Brenda's height, and as a result, Plio is taller than he would've been otherwise... but is still a tad shorter than Chioma. For comparison, he is also pathetically tiny compared to Arkadi, who had grown to actually become taller than Brenda. In addition to his increase in height, Plio's robotic right arm is modified a tad bit to include his Kerason Insignia on the shoulder. His right arm, due to being robotic, is also skinnier than his left arm, which had become stronger in appearance since a lot of Plio's body has become more heavily built, but not to the extreme as Arkadi. His hair has also grown longer than it was when he was younger, to where he keeps it up in a ponytail a la his own dad when he was younger. KeraBeast, as tradition calls for it, is still occupying his right wrist, and KeraBeast himself is notably unchanged outside of his altered Battle Mode form as Kerason 2.0.

Very rarely in the series, sometime after Brenda's backstory as being from a family of Demons, Plio is actually shown to be capable to transform into a Demi-Demon form, which looks like a smaller, less intimidating version of Diablo Ananta's form. Another difference is that instead of a more Devil-like demon, he looks more akin to a Triceratops or, more specifically, an dark version of his idol Atlas. He has no actual need for this form, but notes that it does have a key use; it can allow him to enter the Infernal Void and survive because of the form's presence. In addition, it is highly reasoned that in addition to a glitch on KeraBeast's part, this very form is the reason why Fryz ended up being created to begin with, due to the fact that Plio's Demi-Demon form has an odd affinity for Ice.


Plio is trying to be an innocent kid, but with every technological device he comes across, he always tries to improve it to function more like it should considering the highly technological setting of 2209 this comic takes place in, but most of his attempts to improve the tech in a facility ends in a disaster, with one incident having led to an entire city block having lost all power. Due to this tendency, Plio had been forced to move to three different schools after his original one kicked him out for good, and at each school he's been to, the bullies just kept getting worse and worse according to him. Given that the diamond gang actually considered using knives to kill him until his state of panic caused him to go berserk and save himself all the while utterly demolishing the diamond gang, it is clear Plio's mental state is severely troubled, as this isn't the first time a ghostly entity had been involved in his life.

Due to an early childhood trauma, his sleeping mind sometimes has visions of a spectral humanoid that can transform into a Dinosaur, with the primary feature he can see being a very pale coloration and magenta eyes. After Season 1, however, these dreams depict the creature as having a pale red eye color. Whenever Plio utterly snaps from panic, he goes into a mental state where he is to not be messed with lest he uses whatever abilities he has access to use to nearly kill or destroy anybody who gets within range of him, and his powers as Kerason, which are Thunder Element when working normal, change to Ice Element when he transforms into Kerason or KeraMaster in this same possessed state.

Initially when these trance-like states are revealed, the only times in which he can activate KeraMaster while possessed is if he's already transformed into Kerason prior to being possessed and used as a machine of destruction. However, while most cases Plio isn't aware of the destruction he may be causing as Kerason or KeraMaster in this state, he sometimes claims to actually remember exactly what he did in those trance-like states, but never goes into full details because of the chances of him re-entering that lethal state of mind.

In the second time he's possessed and he becomes KeraMaster as a result, he winds up gaining a bad reputation from the locals since without a Dinoid target to fight against, KeraMaster's possessed state decided to go on a spree of destruction across the city, demolishing entire buildings, and even using his charged up finisher moves against opposing military forces, a scenario which lasts about an hour until KeraMaster mysteriously vanishes and Plio finds himself in his bedroom, completely oblivious to the destruction he caused as his possessed self. However, it was later revealed that the incident wasn't completely Plio's fault (Zeratodon took on KeraMaster's form and did even worse chaos than what KeraMaster had actually done just to frame Plio).

It's later revealed that this possessed version of him is the work of an entity called Fryz, who had been slowly configuring it's own physical form based off of Kerason and KeraMaster, and in the finale of Season 1, bursts through Plio's chest while in this form and goes on a rampage through the city, lifting what little blame still persisted on KeraMaster for it's possessed antics. Prior to this, in the chapter from which the revolts are most violent, Plio, in an attempt to reason with the leader of the protest against Kerason and KeraMaster, nearly gets arrested, and is about to taken to jail where his mind enters his possessed mode and almost immediately transforms him into KeraMaster, his immediate roar spelling loud and clear that this is most definitely NOT Plio nor KeraBeast's fault, and that some third party entity had decided to possess and torment Plio's mind, and no known solution exists as to how to purge Plio of Fryz's influence until it alone emerges from Plio's chest and temporarily kills him off as a result.

Even during these possessed episodes, though, the possession can be broken if somebody extremely close to Plio manages to snap him out of it, or if whoever caused the entire panic mode to ensue steps up and apologizes to Plio for not understanding what severe situation is at hand regarding Plio's ability to control his actions as Kerason and KeraMaster in situations like these. KeraMaster, however, is much more difficult to reason with than Kerason would be though, considering none of the military vehicles that approach KeraMaster are willing to stand down and back off from KeraMaster, even if it means the pilots will be killed by KeraMaster, which is a frequent problem that causes Plio to have a vendetta against the military. In fact, he outright stops being a hero for a day when Fryz attacks just to dare them to "clean up their own mess" in regards to almost ruining his ability to revert back to normal mentality, and this shows Plio is rather morally questionable if he had been recently possessed and is still suffering from the aftermath of the possession.

It should be noted that these are NOT the only times in which Plio is possessed by an otherworldly force, though apparently the exact cause for this chaos within Plio's mind is bizarre and confused attempts by Dogma to use Plio to communicate with humans, though his attempts, while intended as noble, come off as highly savage in nature because of the bizarre alien mental set that Dogma has in comparison to the human that is Plio, which results in Plio making some very bizarre choices for his motives and actions all because of Dogma effectively forcing him down certain paths against his will, and he barely even realizes it's all Dogma who unintentionally causes almost every instance of chaos that isn't Fryz when it comes to Plio's mentality in his transformed states being screwed with. After realizing Dogma had been screwing with his mind long enough to know Dogma speaks Norwegian, Plio immediately began taking a class for that language to counteract Dogma's mental link, showing that if Plio finds a weakspot for either himself or KeraBeast that proves to be lethal, he'll take immediate action to find the solution to it.

Though gender equality is generally a common thing in The Blue Tri's timeline due to various changes in culture all across Earth, Plio is heavily offended when female characters frequently abuse the male characters in some media that are older than when gender equality all began for Earth's humans. While it's clear he's also against female abuse as well, it's apparently obvious he has something more against females abusing males than he does the latter, due to his own personal experiences at school. He later changes his views, but that doesn't stop him from at least chewing out Chie and Yukiko in a crossover for their unwarranted behavior towards the men and not being punished for the things THEY did wrong in the first place.

By the beginning of Season 3, Plio seems to be suffering heavy cases of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, considering by this point, it's been three years since his life had changed forever from the fateful day he had met KeraBeast, to one year after the horrifying incident with Madness and everything else in-between. Plio seems to have difficulty adjusting to how nothing is the same anymore for him, and seems to be on the verge of suicide given how he can't seem to handle how much has drastically changed in so short amount of time. However, he is stopped from doing so by Chioma after some pleading from her with how she forgives him from what he was forced to try and do when Madness was possessing him, and blames herself for being unable to save Plio from his suffering now that she knows the full extent of it. Plio, scared as heck, ends up hugging her and crying, as he and Chioma kiss sometime after their conversation is finished, as Plio, while still suffering from a lot of stress after this, realizes he is not alone in regards to how he is suffering this time around.

It is also noted that Plio can easily identify somebody if their disguise is too weak compared to the kind that he himself, or any of the other heroes just like him, use. Plio comments since his hero costume covers his entire body, that the only way people would guess who he was right off the bat would be his shorter height, which was only a problem in Season 1 and early Season 2, in which after that, people who had never met Kerason before had difficulty identifying him since by then he was about as tall as an average human. In the Mega Man Star Force crossover, once he's seen Geo and Mega Man at separate times, he easily deduced the identity of both being one in the same because of the fact Mega Man's helmet did not fully cover his features, primarily his spiky hair towards the back. After some arguing, Geo was actually surprised that Plio managed to realize who he was, as in a later instance. He does, however, note that KeraBeast could easily be a giveaway to Plio's identity, since Omega-Xis called out Kerason for the same noticeable detail.

In another crossover, which takes place between the Pilot and the remainder of Season 1, Kerason is constantly morphed for most of the RP. During this RP, it is noted that Plio and KeraBeast leave in the end forgetting most of what happens, but then there's an encounter with Dr. Devoniak aboard Saideus's flagship, with the latter actively going out of his way to save KeraMaster from Devoniak. This encounter proves to Plio, as well as KeraBeast, that Saideus is not as evil as they once thought (though scenes featuring just Saideus would've long since shown this to a degree). Saideus's calling of a truce when Plio goes into a coma is because Saideus recalls a similar event from the RP in which Saideus was given a temporary cure to his mental handicap, and because of his talk with one of the protagonists, Saideus agreed to the truce because he knew his days were numbered anyways since he had done too much to ever redeem himself.

In Season 3, Plio's mental state borders on that of insanity at times, making him more of an Anti-Hero than he originally was. His introduction in Season 3 has him pondering on life and whether or not he should still be alive, since no conflict had arisen in the past three years, and it takes Chioma to remind him he still has people who want him alive. When Plio finally joins in on an incoming conflict involving the AI Omnicron and eventually a unison of the Ultimorian Deities, Plio is showcased to take more risks and seems to deliberately be seeking thrills when attacking Omnicron's Soldier Units. It takes Ultima, the second Ultimorian Deity he meets, to talk some sense into him about acting more serious regarding the Soldier Units, showcasing that, as a whole, Plio as a 16+ year old is shown to have a huge reckless side akin to what KeraBeast USED to be. Nowadays, KeraBeast is actually the more cautious one of the two in comparison, and isn't as dumb as he used to be thanks to Plio's own intellect, which is still intact entirely in Season 3.

Plio, though obsessive about tech, also seems to appreciate cute things that enter his vicinity. Particularly Rose as her bunny form gets his attention far too easily than what Rose herself would like. While he is obsessed with tech, however, he seems to fail to realize his robotic arm is prone to overheating when he overworks himself, as shown in a side story based off of post-Season 3 events. He seems to neglect his own need for relaxation and rest so he can get something done quite a lot, which makes Chioma heavily worry about Plio's condition. In a NSFW story about their lives after Season 3, Chioma is a care taker for Plio to ensure that he doesn't overwork himself, and her efforts in helping him relax eventually lead to them having sex for the first time.

As shown in a NSFW story when they're adults, Plio is actually submissive for the most part during sex. Not only that, but when Chioma uses her acting abilities to play a villainess for the purpose of infiltrating an enemy base and stealing their information on Omnicron, Plio is revealed to actually be heavily turned on by this "evil" side of Chioma. Chioma, during her infiltrating, acted between a mixture of a psychopath and an incredibly flirty individual who had ended up charming all of the men in the area and even some of the women (much to Plio's annoyance, though). Plio doesn't exactly know why he's turned on by Chioma's pretend personality, but he admits that he had seen somebody act in a similar way many years ago when he was younger, having watched a movie with a villainess who was both attractive and fit several major comparison's to Chioma's pretend villainess personality.

On a more platonic, yet still romance based note, Chioma ends up having a nightmare during Season 3, and wakes up Plio to seek comfort from him, as Plio insists that she'll take his bed for now on, but Chioma, instead, decides to get into bed with him to try and calm her nerves down. Plio, still somewhat asleep, is awake enough to talk with Chioma for a while as they lay down together, and when they both finally go to sleep, Plio and Chioma are both in each other's arms. When Chioma wakes up, she notices how Plio is hugging her and notices how Plio is extremely protective of her.


It is highly speculated among several characters in-universe that Plio may either be gay or bisexual at the least, which can be seen by how equally close he is to Arkadi as he is to Chioma. However, Arkadi knows that this is for the most part because of how Chioma has had difficulty approaching Plio at times with not just her initially harsh attitude, or their differing interests at times, but also the fact KasuBuster made their interactions rather rough initially since Plio was highly wary of Chioma's possession of KasuBuster, the very being who had torn off Plio's arm to begin with, as the Beast Morpher she uses.

However, is is unable to be confirmed or denied as to whether Plio is either bi or simply straight; even then, his more positive interactions with Chioma tend to showcase either way that there is a lot of feminine qualities in Plio's personality. Often times he's seen dressing in uniforms only suited for girls, and his physique tends to stay relatively slender in appearance to where some others mistake him for a woman as he grows older. Especially prominent in that even though he hooks up with Chioma, Chioma becomes mistaken for a Lesbian due to the fact the accusations come from people who mistook Plio for a girl.

In addition to that, but even after Plio and Chioma get together, more often then not, Plio is often seen wearing formal attire for women whereas Chioma caught onto this and began wearing men's attire in response. Not only that, but (with Chioma's permission), Plio has been known to willingly flirt with either gender just as a means to get information out of specific people, which again adds to the fact that Plio is more than likely Bisexual than he is simply Straight. Even then, though, the fact Plio tends to use female associated outfits outside of his standard clothing is not entirely out of the ordinary for Plio as a whole.


Plio may be the main protagonist of the story, but he certainly is no angel, but at the same time, some of his flaws aren't without some kind of reason. For example, he once stole some spare change from his parents to afford a more functional and useful power tool to better work on KeraBeast's circuits than the cheap tools he's had already, with the only reason he stole said money is because the money in which he's owned himself was stolen by Arkadi's gang of bullies. However, at the same time that was revealed, Plio was perfectly willing to allow KeraBeast to get involved in violence since Plio intending on using KeraBeast as a means of getting payback against them during that school day, something that doesn't go as planned due to not having access to Kerason yet (and even having regrets for having the idea in the first place after Chapter 2 for obvious reasons).

Plio, in addition, has also been known to get rather jealous and envious of people who do own things that he does not have access to. However, at the same time, he knows very well why he is not allowed to have access to such things due to how he is prone to making modifications and also prone to making accidents with said modifications. Heck, the only real he's allowed to keep the power tool he acquires in the Pilot is because of the fact he had used it to save his parents and rescue KeraBeast from Pterazok to showcase to KeraBeast that Plio is indeed worthy of Kerason's powers, but in a different way from what KeraBeast is known for thinking rather than through physical strength alone. Speaking of which, Plio's intelligence has also been known to get him into trouble; pretty much all of Season 3's plots involving Omnicron occur because Plio's intellect had unwittingly given away Shiramu Inc.'s location to the public, even though neither Plio nor KeraBeast even knew what Shiramu Inc. even was at the time, or even what they had done in the first place.

For an odd reason, Plio seems to be frequently prone to being forced to do certain actions by a more powerful being on one occasion or another, which may or may not be Plio's fault, but considering Brenda was formerly from a sect of demons banished from the Infernal Voids, it appears that these higher beings simply view Plio as the easiest to possess and manipulate due to his younger age not having developed a proper method of blocking them out of his mind like how Brenda is safe from such problems.

When he gains his prosthetic arm post-Season 1 of The Blue Tri, his robotic arm is capable of overheating if not properly cared for. However, at the same time, it requires for Plio to basically work himself to death for it to happen, since if a fight doesn't put enough pressure onto Plio, his arm won't overheat and malfunction as a result. However, om post-Season 3 works, this is shown to be hindering him early on in his adult life, considering he overworks himself much more easily with simply lifting furniture. However, by the time this is shown, it should be noted that this could also be remnants of how much of a lack of a chance for breaks Plio had got during Omnicron's full on assault of the Ultimorian Universe.

On a minor note, by Season 3 when he finally re-enters the job of a hero, he is noted as being an incredible workaholic, to the point he frequently has to be forced to take breaks to prevent himself from tiring himself out. He explains this as this having been the result of 4 years of conflict between Dinoids and Elders, and notes how that during Season 3, he's going up against beings that have proven themselves to be far stronger than both combined. He believes that, because of this, the need to overwork is justified because these new opponents he's going up against are all equivalent to higher grade leaders of an evil faction rather than simply minions of them. Since he's referring mostly the either Omnicron's summons or the Ultimorian Deities who are first introduced to him through a fight, he is by no means far from the truth when he says this.


The Blue Tri

Pilot Chapter

At the beginning of The Blue Tri, he's introduced entering his room just after having ate dinner. Before this, he was tinkering with an electronic toy that shares KeraBeast's mold, from which KeraBeast himself had taken the place of. After tinkering with KeraBeast and modifying him into a wrist mounted device, KeraBeast's fangs bite into Plio's wrist as both of them experience an electrical surge of sorts, and while Plio recovers quickly, KeraBeast is briefly dazed from it. After KeraBeast snaps out of it, KeraBeast tells Plio who he is, and asks for Plio to keep quiet about him and nothing more.

Plio, unsure about KeraBeast is about to ask a question before his own tiredness for the day kicks in, and he ends falling asleep on his bed. While dreaming, Plio and KeraBeast are able to see each other in their own sleeping states, as they are greeted by the ominous spirit of a massive, Triceratops-like ghost. It states from this day forward, that because of Plio and KeraBeast's first connection, that Plio will have great prowess that he isn't truly aware of. In the dream, Plio morphs into Kerason and curbstomps several false Velocilites, before transforming into KeraMaster and witnessing Tyrannox firing a gigantic laser into the sky, as the dream abruptly ends.

With his mom calling him downstairs to get ready for school, KeraBeast notes it odd about Plio's slight sense of fear regarding school. During school, KeraBeast learns why. Plio is outright miserable with having to not be able to use any of the electronic devices to get his work done safely, has all of his work for the day stolen by Arkadi's four friends, gets beaten up, and then tossed onto the sidewalk after they're done mugging him, with Arkadi stating this could've all ended with a simple $10 payment. KeraBeast, outright furious due to feeling the same pain that Plio is, desperately wants to kill something.

Soon enough, a swarm of Velocilites shows up to confront Plio in search of KeraBeast. KeraBeast attempts to ram them like he did on the ship he was originally on, but can't because of him being bounded to Plio's wrist. Meanwhile, Plio tries to run from them in panic, only to then get an idea from remembering the dream from the night before. Calling out the phrase the ghostly figure told him; "Kerason! Charge Up!", he transforms into Kerason for the first official time and utterly demolishes the Velocilites that were chasing him, but doesn't kill any of them, which frustrates KeraBeast.

Upon arriving home, Plio gets into an argument with KeraBeast as to why Plio chose to spare the Velocilites, and Plio says he doesn't want to have the burden of killing anybody unless their is an actual reason to do so. KeraBeast immediately turns this right back at him, since sparing the Velocilites basically gave Pterazok a trail for him to follow right to Plio's own home. Almost immediately after that is said, Pterazok breaks into the living room and captures William and Brenda with his strong talons, and is about to carry them off as prisoners until Plio confronts them. Pterazok agrees to hand them back over only if Plio hands over KeraBeast. Given Plio's obliviousness as to why KeraBeast is so important, he agrees, only to be immediately back stabbed by Pterazok who simply takes all three victims away to his own ship.

Plio, trying to think of any possible solution to how to get his parents back in desperation, sees a limping Velocilite heading to somewhere behind his house. Using the secret entrance in his own bedroom to get there first, he finds a small shuttle that was used by the Velocilite to get here, and then immediately jumps into the cockpit and tries to get it work as the wounded Velocilite immediately begins wailing at the window to attack Plio, but is thwarted when Plio manages to jumpstart the shuttle and immediately take him to Pterazok's ship.

Once on board, he grabs a loose piece of metal laying around where he crashed when he entered the ship, and by use of stealth, he gets past a few Velocilites by hitting nerves on their necks that paralyze them into helplessness, as he finds the cell where his parents are being held, and learns that the only way to unlock the cell is through physical force alone. His mother apparently tried to already do so, but the barrier was too strong even for her. As a result, Plio sets out to find KeraBeast, letting his parents know he'll be right back.

When he finds where KeraBeast is contained, he confronts Pterazok and realizes he has a bit of an upper hand; Pterazok is relatively useless in combat in his current location, which allows Plio to whack Pterazok a few times on the snout, before using a trick his mother taught him and suplexing Pterazok to the side, showing that while he is physically weak, he is only weak in stamina; he did indeed inherit some of his mother's strength abilities, and through continues tossing around Pterazok, Plio slams Pterazok's helpless body onto KeraBeast's container to smash it open. After doing so, Plio reacquires KeraBeast and places him on his own wrist once more, as KeraBeast asks if Plio has any regrets yet, to which Plio remarks that it's most definitely obvious he does.

When Saideus forcefully causes Pterazok's ship to countdown into a selfdestruct sequence, Plio morphs into Kerason, and uses his "Omega Impact" finisher to break the barrier keeping his parents captive. When looking for a way to escape, Plio utilizes KeraBeast to grab Pterazok in a choke hold and forces him to fly all of them out of the ship as it is about to detonate, and Pterazok flies in an absolute hurry to escape with his "crew", and Kerason has Pterazok place his own parents down onto the ground near his house, as he forces Pterazok to fly upwards at a steep slope, as Plio and KeraBeast both agree that they have a reason to kill Pterazok, and thus send Pterazok crashing into the ground with Omega Impact... just as Tyrannox arrives from his own personal ship to clean up the mess that Pterazok had allowed to happen.

Seeing Tyrannox makes something in Plio's mind click, as he orders his parents to stay away from the incoming battle, as he charges forward to confront the much larger and more physically powerful Tyrannox, using various moves from his own arsenal to attack Tyrannox to no effect, and only Omega Impact has any sort of effect on Tyrannox at all, but at this rate, it's pointless... until Plio and KeraBeast both recall the transformation they both shared in the dream, and calling the phrase "KeraMaster! Charge Up!", Kerason transforms into the 22 meter tall KeraMaster and proceeds to utterly demolish Tyrannox while he's still much smaller, but even KeraMaster's attacks don't seem to hinder the tyrant very much, as Tyrannox survives long enough to activate his own giant mode "Tyrannox Tyrant Mode".

Almost immediately, Tyrannox uses the giant rail gun on his back to fire a powerful laser beam into the sky, and have the bomb formed from it drop down onto the city. With KeraMaster standing upright almost like a lightning rod, he tanks the blast of the bomb as a dust cloud of red covers the impact zone... but KeraMaster survives with his horns and frill surging with a powerful energy. With Tyrannox in panic as he doesn't have enough energy to continue fighting due to his earlier thrashing, KeraMaster utilizes "The Blue Tri Charge" against Tyrannox and drills right through his chest, and that's all it takes to kill off Tyrannox as he collapses to the ground and goes out with a bang.

With KeraMaster reverting back to Kerason, he notes the public attention is drawn towards himself, but flees the vicinity and de-morphs into Plio, and reunites with his parents and decides that he's had enough for the day and simply wants to sleep, unaware that this is only the beginning of Saideus's own madness against humanity...

Chapters 11-12

At the beginning of Chapter 11, Plio is walking home from school with KeraBeast as they both begin to prepare for the holidays, but something is wrong. Plio is acting oddly, and not in a good way, as he soon passes out on the ground as two adults end up looking down at Plio, realizing their "work" had finally been accomplished. Within seconds they put Plio into the back of a van and drive off... unaware that KeraBeast had went inactive and reactivated soon after with glowing, pink eyes, as Plio wakes up with the same exact eyes. Within seconds Plio activates Kerason in the exact same possessed fashion he shown in Chapter 2, and proceeds to immediately use Omega Impact towards the front of the van, sending the front half of the van careening off the edge of a cliff to the kidnapper's doom, all the while Kerason doesn't even flinch as he escapes unnoticed, but keeps making motions as he grasps as his chest.

At the end of Part 1 of the season finale, Kerason's chest bursts open as he is forced back into Plio, as the entity known as Fryz emerges from his heavily damaged body and escapes towards the city. Kerason, upon being found by William and Brenda after they had both been tracking down where he went, is helped put back together by Wengi and Aisha using an emergency healing chamber to quickly fix up Kerason's wounds. Chioma, hearing of what happens, quickly deduces the freakish humanoid that is Fryz to be the source of the problem, and begins to spy on Fryz to find out what had happened. When Wengi Harris arrives on the scene as Night Flash to deal with Fryz, Fryz simply lets out demonic laughter as it dodges Night Flash's attacks, even managing to avoid her more dangerous attacks. However, Fryz decides to make the field more even to see how long Night Flash will last, and transforms into her Daikaiju, Dinoid mode.

Night Flash, seem being thrashed by Fryz yet again, this time turns the tables just long enough before she ends up forcing Fryz into a corner and Fryz creates a gigantic blizzard which freezes Night Flash's body parts to prevent her from fighting back. Upon Wengi calling for backup from back where the others are, Plio insists he go and fight Fryz, and when tried to be convinced to stay and rest, Plio simply responds that somebody has to put up a fight against Fryz, and that KeraMaster's arms are known to be able to keep his body constantly heated up. KeraBeast, knowing that Plio is right, tells the others to be prepared to send backup if necessary, but also tells them to be careful since Fryz could simply freeze solid anybody else in the fight.

At the climax of Part 2, Fryz is escalating her blizzard spell, as KeraMaster arrives on the scene with his body being constantly heated up by his tank treads on his arms generating heat. As backup does arrive regardless, Fryz turns to them to freeze them solid; however, they had arrived specifically to allow KeraMaster to get in close quickly enough to begin thrashing at Fryz, which for the most part works perfectly well. However, the turning point happens again when Fryz's grasping mechanism (later known as KasuBuster) grabs a hold of KeraMaster's right arm and forcefully tears it off entirely, which also severely damages the region around KeraMaster's chest and neck. As Fryz rears up to finish him off, KeraMaster suddenly jumps right into Fryz's chest, impaling his brow horns into it, as KeraMaster uses the little heat and electricity he has left to fire a beam of energy straight through Fryz, vaporizing her almost entirely.

Later on, Plio wakes up in a hospital and quickly learns that he now has (an early version of) his prosthetic arm as he is being patched up. KeraBeast comforts him the entire time to try and keep Plio calm about the problem, as soon, Plio's family, Wengi, Aisha, and Arkadi all arrive to help cheer Plio up as he recovers. However, Plio quickly notices that somebody is missing; Chioma had still been spying on Fryz, and eventually finds her remains in a forest where a very damaged KasuBuster is trying to make his escape. Chioma then grabs a hold of KasuBuster and straps him to her right wrist, stating that she will ensure that Fryz will never harm Plio again and will utilize KasuBuster with the intent of joining Plio in battle against future enemies.

Season 2

Chapters 22-24

Plio, in addition to KeraBeast, spend a full year in a coma being treated for severe acidic injuries caused by Dr. Devoniak's (the previous Arc Villain) last ditch effort to spite Plio as he's being dragged into the Infernal Void. During these chapters, Plio is only mentioned as these three chapters in particular focus on the re-establishing of the Dinoids under Blades's rulership. The reason this arc focuses on the Dinoids that were once major antagonists at one point or another is because Shiramu-Kuromu didn't want Plio in the full spotlight at all possible times, and since Season 2 establishes a lot of new characters, the focus needs to be shifted towards new characters to properly get them introduced. This arc also introduces teasers for where KeraBeast originated from, though, and sheds some light on his existence during these three chapters, which ultimately prove to determine whether Plio will be able to survive, even if it's clear he will survive this ordeal, though it'll leave him very, VERY scarred for life and acting differently for a good portion of his later life after this very emotional, traumatic event.

While he is in a coma, Arkadi is taking all of his time he can to become a better person as a whole, and Chioma is soon realizing how much that Plio has mattered to her ever since she had first met him years ago, and soon becomes a nervous wreck with dreams that haunt her about the possibility of seeing Plio alive again, only for the dream to end and for her to know that Plio is still in a coma. This is something that soon turns out to be important in Chapter 26, which is the beginning of Plio and Chioma's romance as a whole.

Chapter 26

This chapter focuses on the true beginning of Plio and Chioma's romance, although they don't officially become a couple until two chapters later. However, it is actually implied this chapter is when they become a couple. Due to the fact Plio is now 13 years old, and Chioma 14, Plio begins to feel emotions about Chioma he hadn't felt prior within the previous four years of having known her. While they're on a walk in the park during sunset, Plio is liking finally being able to walk again again after how much his back had hurt for the entire year he was in a coma. Chioma, in an odd gesture, gently grasps at Plio's hand, as she looks teary eyed as she has difficulty wondering whether she's actually seeing Plio alive before her, or if this is some sick dream of hers like she's had the prior year every now and then. Plio in with a bit of hesitance, moves in front of Chioma and seems to get the idea of what she is saying, and then, ditching his own cowardice in this type of situation, hugs Chioma to calm her down.

Chioma, in shock, knows that Plio is serious about proving to her that this isn't a dream, as she hugs him back and begins crying about how terrible she felt for not being able to save Plio from Devoniak's attack, and Plio comforts her with his presence, with Chioma actually putting up with Plio touching her hair as he caresses her head as she hides her tears in his chest. KeraBeast, getting a transmission from Guruson, is warned about the Infernal Void Prince Darigus arriving on Earth, and KeraBeast tells them to all get into action. Plio, sighing, feels disappointed that he can't help calm down Chioma any further, and then Chioma reassures him that she'll be by his side for the fight ahead. As Plio gets ready to head out, Chioma asks him to wait for a moment, as Plio turns to face her as Chioma kisses him full on the lips, much to Plio's surprise.

As they later arrive onto the scene with a rampaging Darigus, Kerason and Kasuoma both utilize an improvised combination attack based on their strengthened bond and attraction towards each other, and manage to deliver a heavy thrashing to Darigus. When the battle is over, Darigus is tempted to use his Shadow Grasp attack to kill Plio and drag him into the Infernal Void, but he is struck by what is implied to be Ultima's Solar Sword while projected on the ground as a shadow, and prevented from going through with it. Ultima's booming voice can be heard from the heavens, especially him scolding Darigus for only trying to make the situation worse from how he likes to make sure his adversaries go down with him. Darigus, heavily crippled from the Solar Sword's attack, leaves back into the Infernal Void with a bit of annoyance, but stats to Plio that perhaps sparing him will prove useful later down the road to where Ultima's own reasoning will make more sense.

Season 3

In Season 3, Plio is 16 at the beginning of the Season, which is different from how Season 2 started off without a major timeskip between Chapter 13 and Chapter 12. Here Plio is noticeably suicidal and isolating himself due to his own emotional scars he had gained from the seven years of his life having been spent fighting off against dangerous opponents at a young age, and the fact that he's been doing so to begin with has finally gotten to the point where he became emotionally traumatized by it once he realized the full nature of what he had been through.

Thankfully, Chioma is able to help Plio snap out of it, and showcases to him her own love for him to help with doing so, but also how everybody is counting on all of them to be able to keep Earth safe from whatever threats arrive since they are the best around. As a result, Plio sees new inspiration for something, and modifies KeraBeast for the "2.0 Upgrade" he had been planning ever since 5 years ago, and finally comes around to finishing it and, as a result, transforming Kerason's appearance into Kerason 2.0, the revamped Kerason that'll be much more practical in battles against enemies.

In this Season, it is notable in that KeraMaster is the least utilized method of attacking an enemy here, but at the same time, utilized much more quickly than beforehand due to the fact several of the Ultimorians that appear are gigantic in size to begin with.

Mega Man Star Force: Calm before the Storm

During not just this crossover mini-special, but also throughout Season 3 of The Blue Tri, Plio, in addition to Chioma and Arkadi, stay in close contact with Geo, Sonia, and the others from the Mega Man Star Force Universe. One of the reasons being that they are still working on helping to refine a medicine for Zenith's Plague, and the other being that ever since Omnicron showed up in The Blue Tri's universe, Geo, Sonia, and the others from their universe made Global Interface avatars in The Blue Tri universe so that they could continue to maintain contact without the threat of Omnicron trying to invade their own universe.

The entire group maintains close, friendly relationships throughout the Season, with Plio and Chioma even helping Geo and Sonia during a personal crisis that winds up with Plio making a suggestion to Geo that results in the latter proposing to Sonia, much to her shock and joy. Plio and Chioma, having watched the scene silently from the background, begin to wonder how their own relationship will go when they also become old enough to consider marriage as a possibility.

Post Season 3

Cooldown (NSFW)

(Warning: The following details a storyline which contains heavily explicit sexual material, and as such can only be linked in private for those who wish to read it for themselves. It is posted on Author Of Our Own, but it will not be directly linked here for the time being.)

A few days after Omnicron's defeat at his own hands, Plio begins to overwork himself yet again as he tries to help his family get all of their stuff back into their house now that the threat from Omnicron was no longer present in their neighborhood. Chioma, now having been living under the same roof as Plio for two years, becomes increasingly worried about Plio driving himself into such high fatigue without letting himself get a single break, and she feels hurt that the mere sight of Plio in such an exhausting state is making her worried about his health. Prior to the beginning of this story in particular, Chioma has a different uniform which is much more revealing of her actual curves and leaves little to the imagination on purpose with the intent of getting Plio tempted towards her, especially considering both of them are now legal age of consent.

Plio, while moving a cabinet into his bedroom, is immediately warned by KeraBeast to stop where he is because of the fact KeraBeast's sensors detect that Plio's prosthetic arm is overheating, which is something that hasn't happened before considering the type of cooling system it has. KeraBeast quietly deduces that it's because of the fact when Plio first got it, he had plenty of chances for rest, but when Omnicron showed his ugly hide for the first time, Omnicron kept driving Plio to his absolute limit in terms of having Kerason constantly getting into fights because of Omnicron's experiments to try and break free into the physical realm. Chioma, realizing Plio's problem in a hurry, moves to the slumped over, exhausted as hell Plio as she begins to shut off the systems on Plio's robotic arm so that simply powering it off will begin to cool it down, which leaves Plio in a nervous, worrying situation for the events that follower for the remainder of the night.

This is the first time Plio and Chioma have had sex when they're both considered legal age, and Chioma was already prepared for this day to happen at some point. Plio, on the other hand, is incredibly panicky that he feels weak because of how he requires Chioma's help to simply keep balanced when walking. Much to Plio's own enjoyment, Chioma dedicates their first time to make sure that Plio feels relaxed and pleasured from her taking charge and trying to encourage Plio to relax; however, Plio really feels guilty in that not only do his attempts to give Chioma foreplay not work very well because of his tired mind making him move too fast for her, and the fact he has only one hand to work with at the current time, Plio wakes up in the middle of the night as he already knows how he's going to make up for not being able to pleasure Chioma as much; he and KeraBeast, with additional support from the Ultimorian Deities, have orchestrated the ideal setup for Plio to propose to Chioma the next day.

Crossover Material

Tumblr RP

An RP blog by Shiramu-Kuromu himself is available should any major questions be present for Plio Kenson and KeraBeast. PLEASE NOTE, however, that the blog itself has been modified for Shiramu-Kuromu to utilize ANY major character from the Neo Ultimorian Canon as a whole, but out of all of them, currently only Plio and KeraBeast have "reaction images" which some Tumblr Roleplayers use.

Mega Man Star Force: Organigazer's Eye

(Note: The following takes place during Season 1 of The Blue Tri.)

Upon being assigned to track down a missing Daikaiju known as "Organigazer", Plio and KeraBeast end up heading to another universe to track it down, in which they arrive in the Mega Man Star Force universe. Upon arrival, they meet Mega Man and later deduce that the boy Geo Stelar is the exact same person due to his hairstyle. Geo, on the other hand, doesn't piece together who Kerason is until Kerason flat out reveals himself. As the story progresses, an EM-Being called a "Daikaiju Overlord" shows up and tries to brainwash Sonia Strumm into having her attack Mega Man to no success, which only allows her to warn Geo of the monstrous EM-Being.

Upon arrival to the battlefield, Mega Man takes on the EM-Being, and just as Kerason is to do the same, Kerason is interrupted by being swatted away by the very being who he was sent here to capture; Organigazer. Transforming into KeraMaster due to the fact Organigazer stands a full 33.3 meters tall, KeraMaster fights off with Organigazer to no real effect. Eventually Mega Man repels the Daikaiju Overlord from the fight, and KeraMaster eventually wounds Organigazer and exposes metallic parts which are vulnerable to EM waves, and allows Mega Man to attack. When Organigazer's face is eventually broken open, the creature is soon destroyed.

Mega Man Star Force: Eye of the Overlord

A mysterious Daikaiju summons Mega Man, his allies, in addition to Plio, KeraBeast, and their own allies as well. The Daikaiju is called "Keeper", and he admits the Mega Man Star Force universe is being plagued by a "disease" that needs to be quickly cured. When asked more about it, he begins to calmly explain, without blaming anybody, that several characters either native to this universe or having simply interacted with it, had been poisoned into acting in ways in which it would either go against their character (Chioma seeking out KasuBuster at the end of Season 1 with the level of importance as she puts it to at the time), or become just a stupid decision or big mistake in the long run (Sonia's brief betrayal in an attempt to protect Geo, completely disregarding he is far more than capable of handling himself).

When asked how the universe is being threatened, this is the first moment in which the heroes learn of the demon called "Zenith", in which Darigus himself briefly shows up to explain about Zenith due to being his son and all. Keeper insists politely that Darigus leaves the room, since the room is basically a quarantine zone, and Darigus's presence here is making him nervous. While Darigus does mock the latter bit given Keeper's huge size, he does leave as asked. When Geo and co. ask if they can help, Plio gets an idea based on what KeraBeast is telling him about the room's element particles; all of the air and moisture in the room is a mixture of the atmospheres of both Earth and Titan. Figuring they can make a liquid medicine version of this same type of purifying air, Plio initially suggests that he, Chioma, and Arkadi leave for Titan to gather methane liquids, while Geo and co. defend Earth.

However, this plan ends up being turned around entirely. Instead, Geo and co. go and gather liquid methane from Titan, while Plio and co. instead defends Earth; three Daikaiju suddenly spawned on Earth in their absence. With that, they take the fight to Earth as KeraMaster, KasuMaster, and RakoMaster, all the while they notice a surprise for a change; they had know known more about the Daikaiju Overlords than they did originally, but now they notice a very distinct individual looks like a hybrid of a generic Overlord and Keeper himself. The Hybrid explains how he is Keeper's own son, and he outright states to the heroic Dinoids that Keeper is a waste of space for his desire to purify a disease when all he's doing is delaying the inevitable, all the while declaring his full loyalty to the demon Zenith as a result.

KeraMaster and KasuMaster both double team two of the Daikaiju at once, while RakoMaster demonstrates what Keeper had told them about the disease to begin with; he ends up using his Horse-like gait to trample and kill the third Daikaiju, completely disregarding all of the other buildings in the way. Given his fighting style, this should be obvious, but in reality, this hardly ever happens in The Blue Tri itself because whenever RakoMaster does take part in a fight, he has plenty of room to move around in. At first, KeraMaster is about to say something to RakoMaster, but is swiftly reminded by KasuMaster by the disease's effects. They are both unaware, though, that if the disease was not present, they would've scolded him regardless.

As the fight goes on, only one Daikaiju remains in the fight after RakoMaster's demolishing of the third leaves the Daikaiju outnumbered in forces. However, the final Daikaiju performs a fusion with the corpses of the other two and becomes "Planetary Lord Dai" (each of the three Daikaiju individual represented Land, Sea, and Sky). Meanwhile, as Geo and Sonia arrive back at Keeper's domain with enough liquids from Earth and Titan to create a medicinal recipe with, they find themselves under attack by brainwashed Daikaiju Overlords under the control of Keeper's evil son. Keeper tells them that he himself will prepare the medicine, and that for both of them to defend him in the process since his mind will be too focused on the mixing process.

As KeraMaster, KasuMaster, and RakoMaster deal their finisher moves to Planetary Lord Dai, they are now realizing their friends need their help because of the incoming swarm, and from the evil son's own pride, he gives them a wave road directly towards Keeper's domain, and insists that if they truly believe the disease is worth curing that they should "entertain him". Given how dead honest he is being, all three heroic dinoids charge onto the wave road and into space into Keeper's domain. They arrive just in time to completely level and thrash many, many Daikaiju Overlords that had been trying to get at Mega Man and Harp Note while Keeper prepared the recipe. As Keeper finishes the medicinal recipe, the Daikaiju Overlords suddenly vanish as evil son appears directly behind Keeper and impales him through his back and chest, killing him.

As Mega Man, KeraMaster and the others are all about to attack evil son, Zenith's own presence forces them all into a horrified emotion, as Zenith's gigantic, lava flowing shadow emerges from behind evil son, with the only parts visible being Zenith's lava veins and his six, red eyes, and whatever parts of his red colored inner mouth look like. As evil son declares he will return again to ensure that the disease spreads even further, KasuBuster suddenly orders everybody to vacate immediately, and as everyone is leaving in a hurry, evil son is confused as to why... until he turns around and sees Zenith suddenly lunging at him and dragging him into the Infernal Void.

What happens next remains to be concluded in the third part of the trilogy, but is stated that Geo and Plio keep in touch so they can continue to work on the medicine. In Season 3 of The Blue Tri, Grandis himself personally contacts Geo about the events of Part 2 of the crossover trilogy, and later joins in their efforts to perfect the medicine. Not only that, but all of the other Ultimorian Deities, even Darigus oddly enough, and even former enemies such as the Dinoids (particularly Blades) also join in to help with the medicine. While Zenith is not noted to be the Big Bad of Part 3 of the trilogy, evil son actually serves this role, under his actual name; Neo Darigus.

Steven Universe Crossover

Plio, from a currently undetermined Season of The Blue Tri, will take part in a fanfic with Steven Universe involving an antagonist Dinoid who is a combining mecha from two separate Dinoid entities.

Design Notes

Given how The Blue Tri uses several aspects of Super Sentai as an influence, there are in fact three possible team combinations due to how Super Sentai can vary from a three man team to a five man team. The first is Kerason, Guruson, and Ursason due to all three of them being a family. The second is Kerason, Kasuoma, and Rakokadi, due to being much closer in age group and all three having Ceratopsian Dinosaurs as their design motifs. Lastly, there's the team with all five; Kerason, Kasuoma, Rakokadi, Ursason, and Guruson. Oddly enough, we have two differing shades of blue, a brownish red, a purple/white, and a green ranger, which is certainly odd consider Super Sentai color standards.
~ Shiramu-Kuromu on his teaming options for Kerason.

Kerason was first thought up in a daydream around the years 1999 and 2000, but actual drawings of Kerason didn't exist until at least 2004. Kerason, as the oldest character of those designed for The Blue Tri, was also designed alongside a Pink Pteranodon hero and a Green Dragon hero. The Green Dragon would be redesigned over time to become Rakokadi, with the female hero being scrapped in favor of a completely different character in the form of Chioma Jonathan, who is eventually given her own hero form in the identity of Kasuoma.

Kerason's name and age varied with each attempt he resurfaced as a concept. For instance, he was once originally called Mark in his human identity, and he was around 18 years old. Plio Kenson, who would ultimately take the role of the finalized design, starts off as a 9 year old and ages progressively into a 14 year old by the end of the series. Height wise, Plio is not very tall, as when he's 14, he looks noticeably shorter than some of his friends, including his love interest Chioma. Plio's pairing with Chioma is handled differently than other romances from Shiramu-Kuromu's cast of characters, since Plio and Chioma both start off as either oblivious to romance, or against it. In Late-Season 2 of The Blue Tri, Plio and Chioma are both 12 years old by that point, and begin to take a lot of interest in each other after that point.

Kerason's design as a Super Sentai/Power Ranger type of hero costume was originally against what his original depiction was (which was more in common with a robot or Megaman type of character design). The reason for the retcon into a Super Sentai type of character design was not only as a homage to the series (The Blue Tri took a lot of notes from various seasons to begin with), but also because the finalized design of Kerason looked more easier on the eyes to the Author than his immediate prior design did. Oddly enough, when the finalized design was finished, Kerason was depicted as having KeraBeast as his default mode instead of in battle mode as he's always supposed to be. In the actual story, KeraBeast is only capable of this if Kerason's helmet is not present, but regardless, KeraBeast can still appear in battle mode even if Kerason's helmet is not present, since Kerason's physical strength doesn't rely on his full costume, so nothing is preventing Plio from still being able to lift KeraBeast properly even if his helmet was off.

In a way, when Season 2's redesign of Plio came to be, I couldn't help but be reminded of Hiccup from How To Train Your Dragon. I dunno, must be the fact Plio loses an entire arm and has a robotic replacement for it.
~ Shiramu-Kuromu on Plio's robotic arm.

In Season 1's finale of The Blue Tri, the author wanted to showcase just how extreme Fryz's damages were to the city and also to Plio especially. Even though Fryz's emergence from Plio did put him into a coma for a while, it was felt that Plio should sustain a permanent injury, and thus before the finishing blow could be properly dealt to Fryz, the tail grasps KeraMaster's right arm and completely tears it off. The arm remains lost for the remainder of the battle, as KeraMaster utilizes an alternative Finisher Move to kill Fryz, due to The Blue Tri Charge being unable to work thanks to the missing limb.

In the aftermath, with KeraMaster being forced to use the less skilled "The Blue Tri Thunder" to smite Fryz to oblivion, KeraMaster collapsed and the next thing seen is Plio in a hospital alongside his friends and family. Plio doesn't notice it at first, but notes that his entire right arm is now replaced with a robotic arm, indicating that Fryz's damage to KeraMaster was so great that he lost his own human arm in the process. KeraBeast's development into a nicer personality showcases here, as KeraBeast, being in more direct control of Plio's arm by this point, helps Plio to properly grasp things when he needs to, helped especially by the mental link both of them have had since the Pilot.

Originally, it was not intended for both Plio and Chioma to age up as much in the story just like how the other characters would, but it was later decided to increase the amount of time between key chapters to allow further aging for certain characters, and thus, a more realistic beginning for Plio and Chioma's romance as a result.

It was not originally intended for KeraMaster to have any form of cockpit since Kerason directly transformed into KeraMaster. However, some scenes in The Blue Tri end up implying there is some form of cockpit, though this is more or less to give the reader's view of Kerason while they're transformed as KeraMaster if a situation calls for him to be shown while KeraMaster is active.

In addition to things not originally planned from the beginning, Plio and Atlas will in fact get a chance to meet in person in Chapter 34 and 35 of The Blue Tri. Plio also makes a lot of friends on the Global Terminal who are actually from other universes, including verifying that the Mega Man Star Force related crossover trilogy is in fact canon to the main story.

Plio's list of attacks are listed below:

Kerason's Attacks

  • Omega Impact (Megaton Punch attack that can deal heavy damage).
  • Thunder Flail (KeraBeast transforms into a Ball and Chain weapon to shatter through heavily armored targets and send them flying, or deliberately accelerate Kerason's own agility as a result).
  • Keratops Drill (KeraBeast transforms into a drill with the aura of a Triceratops head covering his frame. Can deal heavy damage to larger opponents, and can be used in conjunction with Omega Impact).

KeraMaster's Attacks

  • The Blue Tri Charge (Rams into the opponent while supercharged with energy. The easiest to use attack).
  • The Blue Tri Thunder (Difficult to use due to Plio and KeraBeast's minimal knowledge of magic, but has a notable use in being the only attack that ends up truly finishing off Fryz in the end of Season 1).
  • The Blue Tri Stampede (Used in conjunction with signature attacks from KasuMaster, RakoMaster, GuruMaster, and UrsaMaster in the form of a simultaneous combo attack. Does not outright require the entire team to work, but it will be noticeably weaker if less of the team is present for it).

KeraKing's Attacks

  • The Blue Tri Impact (Infinity Grade version of Omega Impact. The only attack used by any Ultimorian native that deals Omni-Elemental damage. Utilized in full force to destroy Omnicron 1B).
  • The Blue Tri Smite (Infinity Grade version of KeraMaster's The Blue Tri Thunder. KeraBeast transforms into a giant cannon attachment that can blast through even the toughest of armor).
  • The Blue Tri Wave (Infinity Grade version of attacks utilized by all of Plio's allies, in the form of a sword attack that can strike at ridiculous speeds and possesses absolute raw power, but no elemental affinity).

Design Notes

Plio was designed in 1999 as a mere concept for a Power Rangers type superhero in theme. He took the traits of the MMPR and Turbo Blue Rangers with a Triceratops mecha similar to the former's. As years passed, Plio's mecha was eventually modeled to include Dino Thunder's Tricerazord, and then much later down the road add elements of the MMPR Tyrannosaurus Dinozord. Plio, prior to December of 2014, was constantly not taken seriously as a design, as his own series required too many questions being asked regarding the overall logic of the series it was originally penned as.


  • The whole paranormal possession gimmick with Plio was originally meant to apply only to Fryz, but was instead changed to not only be applied to Fryz, but also to Dogma due to the decision of designing KeraBeast's true form as an incarnation of Dogma.
  • Plio, alongside Kerason and KeraMaster, are the oldest concepts for The Blue Tri to have been finalized. In his original concept, his hair color was far more blonde in coloration than it is now, and his skin was a different shade than it is now, plus the fact he was originally designed as a teenager around 16-17 years old.
  • In the original concept drafts for Plio, his original name was Mark; he had no last name given at the time of his original design. Another oddity about his original design was, as Kerason, his face was partially exposed, and bits of hair in the back was also exposed, despite wearing a full helmet and gear ready for battle.
  • His transformation into Kerason was different in his 1999 concept; he instead used a special device on his left wrist to transform into Kerason, and KeraBeast did not exist at all in his original design. As a result of the change, the original transformation trinket was added to Plio's final design as a leftover from his old design, with the tank treads on KeraMaster serving a similar purpose. However, both aspects from the scrapped concepts still have a major function in their 2015 finalized designs.
  • His personality is also different from his original concept. While both ideas had him with a genius intellect, the real main difference was that Mark was more physically fit and able to hold his own in a fight, whereas Plio, who is not only more unfit in physical structure, but is actually a bit of a coward and would prefer to run in a situation where he knows he doesn't stand a chance. While this most certainly does fade out rather quickly, it's maintained for good reason whenever a specific threat proves far too much to handle compared to what threats he's able to take on as Kerason or KeraMaster. The main reason he doesn't show this in the pilot is due to having KeraBeast most of the time, and even in the one situation he doesn't, he knows that if he doesn't get into the action, his family will be gone, meaning while he is a coward, he knows when to get into the action to justify moments of bravery on his end. Mark, meanwhile, simply had bravery about every situation without question.
  • There's also the specific ways in which KeraMaster was handled back in the 1999 concept compared to the 2015 finalized draft. KeraMaster, in the original, constantly caused collateral damage and this was never punished at all. In the final product, this is punished whenever it is relevant to do so, and the only times it doesn't become a situation for Plio to handle is when the destruction happens and it doesn't end up in his own fault (A separate entity causing the destruction), yet still feels like he's responsible for all of it since he's the one with KeraBeast at almost all times, so feels he is responsible for making sure humanity stays safe as long as bad people are after KeraBeast.
  • In the Season Finale of Season 1 of The Blue Tri, Plio Kenson loses his right arm entirely in the fight against Fryz due to various reasons; he was semi-incapable of properly fighting it due to having been near death when Fryz emerged from his own body and escaped, his tank treads as KeraMaster were his only defense against Fryz's frigid blizzard effects, and in the final stretch of the battle, Fryz directly tries to tear off KeraMaster's right arm, and right before it is killed, she freezes his right arm solid as it shatters like glass, causing KeraMaster to revert back into Plio Kenson by force, as he's just barely saved by the now separated KeraBeast's own reflection form, before promptly being in the hospital with KeraBeast, and realizes the full extent of his injuries he sustained during the battle. He manages to get over most of the angst, but he never forgets about the lose of his right arm for various reasons.
  • Despite having a robotic arm beginning with Season 2, Kerason's design is not changed to match it until around Season 3 where Plio grows older and taller than he used to be, which results in a redesigned costume. In a similar fashion to KeraKing, the overall shape of the robotic arm as Kerason is near identical, and KeraBeast's battle mode is also altered directly by Plio to make better use of the new redesign as a whole that is being planned.
  • With one exception, all of Kerason's upgraded weapon and abilities are only acquired after the defeat of an enemy that would've easily been able to be defeated by said upgrade, but the upgrade in question was not acquired at the time. By the final upgrade, Plio acquires this particular one differently from the other methods he used to acquire the upgrades he's had prior to this.
  • As KeraKing, Plio Kenson rivals Grandis and Ultima in terms of most powerful heroic character in Neo-Ultimoria based lore. However, unlike both of them, KeraKing actually has the power to permanently kill Omnicron, but despite this, is only in third place because Plio is still a mortal being, and he still relies on KeraBeast to function as his KeraKing form, which both of them tie in third place because of it.
  • Although for a while when the author was still 6-7 years old when he first designed Plio, he was briefly considered an author avatar until Mirror M took over that role, and then later down the road, Grandis took the role permanently.
  • A lot of fanart for Kerason during Pre-Release seems to depict Kerason as being much older than he really is, specifically in that his physical proportions are those of a teenager or young adult, rather than the 9 year old kid he starts off as. While it is true that Plio does age to where he'll eventually gain a redesigned version of Kerason in Season 3, he is not exactly tall enough for the proportions depicted in the fanart to be accurate, since he is noted for being rather short overall.
  • Originally, both Plio and Chioma aged slower and didn't reach Age 18, but it was since retconned to make it so they aged at more points in the story to make Plio and Chioma's romance more realistic in proportion to their current ages.
  • Shiramu-Kuromu's own term for the official couple of Plio and Chioma is "PlioChio".
  • Plio's pose and expression in each of his three primary artwork represent both his character development and the overall tone of that particular season.