Portal is a superhero with the power to teleport to diferent places. He often assists Morpheus in evading the government and stopping villains. While Morpheus is an anti-hero, Portal is a superhero.


Portal can teleport. Along with this, he always carries a stun gun and he is highly trained in martial arts.


Anti-Power: Anti-Power is the toughest villain in this hero universe. He has the power to disable heroes powers and gain them himself. The effects do wear off after a period of time, but if they are 50 metres or closer the powers don't fade until the hero gets away. He is the mastermind behind all crime in the city and has minor villains and spies planted everywhere.

Copycat: Copycat is a villain who cqnmake hundreds of clones of himself, each being exactly the same. This makes him impossible to be captured and it makes him hard to beat. He has a very high I.Q and used to be a scientist.

Necros: A necromancer who unlike all of his brethren, loves chaos and is against peace. With the power to control shadows and raise the dead, he is a deadly enemy.