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Oi! Our universe may be doomed, but we're taking you down with it Zero!
~ SMG1 before defeating SMG0 the first time.
~ SMG2 to SMG0 during their fight at the cathedral.

SuperMemeGuardian1 and SuperMemeGuardian2, better known as SMG1 and SMG2 are the overarching protagonists of the Australian adult-animated series SMG4.

They serve as the unseen overarching protagonists of the first ten seasons and the YouTube Arc, two of the three tritagonists of The SMG4 Movie: Anniversary Special, and two of the three deuteragonists of the Genesis Arc (both alongside SMG3).

They are two SMGs that came from another universe known as the Toytoy Kingdom, living with their avatar Spudnick and often going on different adventures. This was until SMG0 arrived and brutally killed him, resulting in the destruction of their universe. After arriving in SMG4's universe, they looked for SMG4, and soon, they would help him in his journey of stopping SMG0.

SMG1 is voiced by MediExcalibur2012 while SMG2 is voiced by Robin Barry-Cotter, who also voiced Spudnick in the same series and Theo from Meta Runner.



SMG1 is a blue humanoid with a square shaped head with two antennas, a red scarf, and a brown belt. He also wears a brown hat with the number one on it. After SMG0 killed Spudnick, purple binary appeared on his right arm and right leg.


SMG2 resembles Spudnick a little more closely than SMG1, with him looking almost identical. He is rather small and is completely yellow, wearing a green onesie with a frog on it. He also wears a brown hat with the number two on it and he has one yellow antenna poking out. After SMG0 killed Spudnick, purple binary also appeared on SMG2, covering a large portion of his face.








Originally, SMG1 and SMG2 resided in the Toytoy Kingdom and they were the two SMGs of Spudnick. The three would go on multiple adventures with each other, similar to SMG4 and his avatar, Mario.

One day, while on another adventure, a USB would land in the Toytoy Kingdom. SMG0 would emerge from the USB and attack them, grabbing onto Spudnick and brutally kill him. Because Spudnick was the universe's avatar, the universe would soon begin to be destroyed, turning into nothing more than a wasteland and binary. SMG1 would then order SMG2 to get as many people as he could into their USB so they could evacuate the dimension, and he would go on and do so while SMG1 handled Zero. Before SMG2 could get into the USB however, he saw SMG0 standing before him, paralyzing him in fear. However, before Zero could kill him, SMG1 distracted him and trapped him inside of his own USB.

While SMG0 was trapped, his severed arm managed to get out of the pod and lunged at SMG1 and SMG2 while they entered their own pod. While they did manage to escape the universe in time, they had to fight SMG0 inside of the pod. After they entered the SMG4 universe, Zero left the pod and escaped to the Internet Graveyard, while SMG1 and SMG2's USB landed on Mt. Brazil.

Sometime afterward, the two SMGs would begin searching for SMG4 for help and to warn him about the evil virus.

SMG4: The Pursuit of Happiness

SMG4: Mario's Bed and Breakfast

The SMG4 Movie: Anniversary Special

SMG4: Mario Goes Insane

SMG4: Into The Dark Web


SMG4: The Final Piece

SMG4: War of the Fat Italians 2021


  • While not confirmed, it seems that they both were aware of who Zero was before he destroyed their universe, as they already knew his name and seemed to know about what happened to him in the past.
  • According to Luke Lerdwichagul, the reason why SMG1 doesn't resemble Spudnick as much as SMG2 was because he got into an accident at some point. What happened to him is completely unknown, however.

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