Saten Twist is the alcoholic/comedic anti hero of the fanpop mini series "Saten Twist Adventures".

Relationship with Characters

DERPY HOOVES: Derpy is his only known cousin. And the only one in his family that he seems to actually care about. As its heavily implied that Saten hate's both his brother and his mother (neither witch have been seen yet). And his father is said to be either dead or ran out on them.. Saten Twist is very over protective of her. To the point that he literary stabbed a pen into someone who implied she was ugly. And possibly killed the last person who made fun of her bizarre eye design.

APPLEJACK: It's no secret that Saten Twist has love Interest towards AppleJack. But unfortunately, he's less then pleasant about this. He is sometimes known to stalk her. And he often flirts with her, but in less then charming ways.. She dosen't have much respect for him, least till the end of episode 7. Where she finally considers him a friend. But even then she still is somewhat creeped out by him. And makes it clear that they will never be a couple.

APPLEBLOOM: Not much is known about there relationship. But they seem to be good friends.

SWEETIE BELLE: Sweetie Belle really likes him as a friend. And she sometimes asks him for advice. Though he rarely ends up giving any.

PINKIE PIE:(same as AppleBloom)

TRIXIE: His childhood friend, and despite him trying to kill her once, she has a large crush on him, but he is oblious towards it.


Although he usually means well. Saten Twist isn't always as innocent as the other my little pony characters.

He never had 'proper' childhood. His mother was abusive to him. And as a result he is short tempered, violent, unpredictable, somewhat sadistic, and sometimes rude.

He is also known for being a thief.

But despite all this. He is a good person to consider as a friend. Because there is little he won't do, to prove his loyalty to those he cares for. Espically Derpy..