Scardelita Sanchez is the main protagonist of the upcoming animated film "Endless Fiesta".


Scardelita Sanchez is mischievous, thief-like, arrogant and boastful. But when push comes to shove she will help anyone in need. She likes platypuses as evidenced by her eBid username, platypusluvr15, and the fact that she owns one.


She has a pet platypus named after the main antagonist of Ice Age 4.

She has a boyfriend named Mal Chanax.

She is the polar opposite of Mal Chanax

While Mal Chanax hides his true nature well, Scardelita openly embraces who she really is

While Mal looks alive, Scardelita looks exactly like a calaca skeleton

She occasionally outsmarts the evil athletes secretly led by Mal Chanax.