Nazo: Who are you? Are you Sonic or Shadow?

Shadic: Shadic!'

~ Shadic to Perfect Nazo

Shadic the Hedgehog is a fusion of Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog from Nazo Unleashed and its sequel The Return of Nazo. Shadic is represented as the True Ultimate Life Form by the fans. He has Sonic and Shadow's voices that the two are combined into a composite form. He is the main protagonist from Nazo Unleashed and its sequel The Return of Nazo. Shadic also appeared in the sprite movie fanfiction as well. 

Nazo Unleashed

During the events of Nazo Unleashed, Perfect Nazo defeats both Super Sonic and Super Shadow, after hearing Tikal's Prayer do the Chaos Emeralds transform into the Super Emeralds as Sonic and Shadow emerge and transform into their Hyper States. They then use Chaos Unification (also called Chaos Fusion) and fuse, thus Shadic was born. Confronting Perfect Nazo, the two engage in a fierce battle with Shadic having the upper hand.

Tired out, Nazo respects Shadic's strength but points out Shadic's weakness (Shadic's weakness being that the fusion and Hyper form is sustained by rings and Shadic uses rings 5x faster than Super Sonic). Nazo then absorbs the negative chaos energy from the Super Emeralds and transforms into Hyper Perfect Nazo (or Hyper Nazo for short).

The two engage in a beam battle, Hyper Perfect Nazo overwhelms Shadic, but with the help of Super Tails and Hyper Knuckles, the two distract Nazo. Shadic then overpowers Nazo energy blast and sends his energy beam through the blast (destroying it in the process) as Hyper Knuckles shoves Nazo into the end of Shadic's energy beam as he's then shot into space. However, Nazo was teleported away to a void made up of Chaos energy before he was blown up.

Shadic, knowing that Nazo isn't destroyed, uses Chaos Control to teleport to Nazo (who is completely weakened in the void). Shadic brings the Inert Super Emeralds and extracts the negative chaos energy out of Nazo and restores the Super Emeralds back to normal. Shadic then fully absorbs the Super Emeralds and becomes a white blur. In shock and disbelief, Nazo tries to fire a blast at Shadic, who in a flash, reverts Nazo back to his base form before firing a large Energy Blast, destroying Nazo for good, or so it seemed.

The Return of Nazo

Shadic makes his return in his super form to avoid Cyber Nazo's attacks and he shows his true power who is stronger than him.

Shadic vs. Metallix

When Sonic and Shadow used the Chaos Unification to fuse into Hyper Shadic, Metallix says that he is stronger but Shadic says to him "You're wrong" and attacks him in the process.

Wrath of Nazo

It's unknown if Shadic appears in the film.


  • Shadic is both voiced by Jason Griffith and Ryan Drummond. However, he appeared in Shadic vs. Metallix to destroy Mecha Sonic with the help from Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi.
  • Shadic can also survive in the space with his ability to fly.
  • Shadic is also an ally to Mario brothers, Yoshi, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Cream the Rabbit.
  • Shadic can also transform into his chakra Kyubi form that he receives from Kurama and Naruto.
  • He is also an ally to Naruto Uzumaki from the fanfiction.
  • He is also an ally to Goku and Vegeta.
  • He is Rivals with Vegito, The Potara Fusion of Goku and Vegeta. (He is also Rivals with Gogeta)
  • There is a variation of Hyper Shadic that uses a version of Sonic from the Fleetway Comics. The conditions that cause the form as the same for when Sonic transforms into Super Sonic in which Sonic transforms under extreme stress or exposure to Chaos Energy.
  • Shadic also has a Dark State(powered by the negative energy from the Chaos Emeralds) when he gets angry after his friends or his loved ones are badly injured by villains. The first time he turns into Dark is when Nazo badly injures or destroys Amy Rose. He furiously beats up and killed Nazo for injuring Amy.


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