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Hero Overview

Shadow Joe is the main protagonist of the character crossover Character What.


Shadow Joe along with twin brother Shadow Aaron were born 2000 years ago, When Queen Lorraine give birth to them, they were asleep, Shadow Aaron was the first to be awaken, but Shadow Joe was still asleep. Shadow Joe remain asleep for a long time.


Shadow Joe is very honesty as he always tell the truth to friends anyone he knows and not willing to tell lie, Sometimes Shadow Joe struggle tell the truth to someone knowing that can result in hurting their feelings such as when he hesitate to Fifi La Lume that Dawn is his true love knowing that telling the truth will make her feel heartbroken and make him feel bad about it. The only time Shadow Joe actually lies was in "The Lie of the Ears", when he overhear Shadow Aaron's conversation with the other villains about planning to ambush Shadow Joe along with his friends once they fell into their trap, so he has no other choose but to lie to his friends to avoid them coming with him so they are safe from danger. Furthermore, Shadow Joe felt intense anxious and remorse for lying to his friends and feared that he may lose their trust for not being honest with them. Afterwards, Shadow Joe confessed to his friends for the reason he lie to them about the instance and promises to always be honest with them, which his friends forgive him now understanding that he had good intentions for not telling them the truth.

Apart from being emotionally damaged by his evil twin brother Shadow Aaron, Shadow Joe remains kind-hearted, friendly, and gentle by being independent and strong-willed, not allowing the bitterness surrounding his life to takeover him and transform him into a evil tyrant like his evil brother Shadow Aaron. He make most of his discoveries by remaining optimistic of the possibilities of meeting several characters during his quest of being a hero, keeping himself declared to protect the world from the forces of evil and will never use his powers for evil purposes. Dozens of characters that he helps to achieve their goals and saving them from their villains. In gratitude, he earns those characters' trust and they become loyal friends of him, providing him with the company and serving as loyal companions. There are times when Shadow Joe will not always engage in a fight with a villain in order to defeat them. Instead, he will speak much more politely and reasonably to help them see the error their ways, "knowing the way to defeat an enemy is to show a little bit of kindness". In addition, Shadow Joe's kindness can his greatest's flaw in rare occasions. Due to his strong sense of kindness and more willing to listen to reason, Shadow Joe can sometimes be gullible and easily manipulated to rebel against orders of others, such as giving villains second chances (believing they truly regret for their wrongdoings) to redeem themselves in hope of redemption, ignoring the warnings from his friends. Shadow Joe's kindness can led him to the point of being fooled by the villains, hoping to take advantage of this and bring him to his downfall.

Despite living a life of luxury, Shadow Joe is very generous, preferring to use his money to help orphans, the homeless, the poor, unemployed people, and supports protecting endangered animals. Good examples of Shadow Joe's generosity is when he can give the newborn Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (from the 1998 movie) a teddy bear, Charlie Bucket a dollar for luck in buying a Wonka Bar with the last golden ticket to enter Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, and Ben Tennyson some golden Sumo Slammers cards, showing how thoughtful he truly can be. Shadow Joe is willing to share anything he has with his friends and is not selfish at all.

Shadow Joe shows loyally toward everyone, he stuck up for others who gets abused or mistreated by someone. For example in "Mulan II", he stuck up to Mushu who was getting bullied by Fa Mulan's ancestors (as payback for treating like servants) and told off the ancestors for their mistreatment toward Mushu.

Shadow Joe is very sweet and compassionate and enjoys helping other people in needs, most nobles are when he help Aunt Cass to released both of her nephews Hiro and Tadashi from the police station by paying the charges of involvement in illegal bot-fighting for her in "Big Hero 6".

Shadow Joe shows great respect to all creatures, even those who are perceived lower than him, knowing that every creature must be respected in order for the balance to be maintained between good or evil. Shadow Joe also shows absolute respect toward royalty by bowing down before them.

Shadow Joe is very reasonable and understanding, always willing to listen to reason and rarely lets his temper get the better of him, he will never result to punishment without hearing a explanation first of why somebody did something that turned out to be wrong. If he see that someone had good intentions of doing something, Then he will forgive them knowing that they had only good reasons for what they did and should not to be punished.

When having time off from his hero duties, Shadow Joe is more cheerful, laid back, fun-loving, and free-spirited. He enjoys having quality time with his friends, listening and dancing to music, watching humorous films, and drawing sketches.

Shadow Joe is very forgivable. The most notables are when he does not admonish Thumper for defying his warnings of using his magic wand being used in the wrong hands, since the rabbit confessed and apologised to him straight away in "Thumper the Magician". He forgive Mushu for ruining Mulan and Shang's relationships so he can remain as a guardian, after the dragon redeemed himself and rescued Mulan from her fate by posing as the Golden Dragon of Unity to force Lord Qin to cancel the marriage, thus allowing Mulan and Shang to marry as planned in "Mulan II". Additionally, Shadow Joe is also willing to forgive villains for their wrongdoings and give them a chance to redeem themselves. In "Keep Clam Flutter On", he had faith in Fluttershy to be able to reformed Discord, knowing that under her influence would help Discord understand the true meaning of friendship, thus abandoning his villain status and join the forces of good.

Even though Shadow Joe is gentle, he is not afraid to be assertive to people being unfair or unreasonable, such as when the Elf Referee refuses to let Bambi take part in the Reindeer Games since he was not a reindeer despite Shadow Joe explaining that Santa was okay with Bambi joining the Reindeer Games, so Shadow Joe decides to transforms into Victreebel and screeches at the Elf Referee, making the latter change his mind and allow Bambi to take part in the games in "Bambi the Red-Nosed Deer".

Despite his external goodness, Shadow Joe is also not afraid to show his anger and disappointment to people for their selfishness or mistakes. Two examples of this are; when he disapproves of Simba banishing Kova out of anger and revealed to him that Mufasa would have forgiven Kova for his initial role in Zira's plan and would have seen that her ambush was not his fault. Shadow Joe reluctant punishes Simba by removing him from the base (Shadow Joe's kingdom) so it would help Simba realise the error of his ways, but was ashamed for the King of Pride Rock failing to follow his late father's paw prints by letting his hatred get the better of him in "The Lion King II". When Shadow Joe realised that Mushu was responsible for destroying Mulan and Shang's romance, Mushu tries to defend his actions by saying that he was helping Mulan, but Shadow Joe refutes this as the dragon was only helping himself so he could keep his job, and sadly inform Mushu that Mulan will never forgive him for ruining her relationship with Shang in "Mulan II".

Shadow Joe is honourable, as he always fight his opponents and enemies fairly. Shadow Joe will always show mercy to them and will never fight a enemy that is weak or defenceless. Shadow Joe always takes his promises seriously such as being there for others and keeping his part of a bargain and will do what ever he can to not break a promise he has made. Shadow Joe always plays by the rules in games and competitions and will never have to resort to cheating and will always play fairly. Shadow Joe always follows the rules, regulations, and traditions of being a Shadow Creature and never attempts to break these laws, as he has respect for their ways of being what makes who they truly are. Shadow Joe does not tolerate those who cheat, as shown when he and Lisa confront Margie for cheating in the desert competition.

Shadow Joe is extremely brave and fearless, Whenever someone is in moral peril, he will immediately rushes to over save them with no hesitation. Shadow Joe is willing to do anything to protect his friends, even if it means getting himself either killed, injured or erased from existence, showing he is more than willing to sacrifice himself for the safety of others. Furthermore, Shadow Joe is willing to save villains from danger as well, knowing even though they are evil or done him wrong, it's only right to save them since no one deserve to die. If Shadow Joe loses his powers and immortality, he will still be willing to continue the fight and save the day, despite having a disadvantage, showing he is not a coward to stand up for what he believes in.

Shadow Joe is very wise and shows great wisdom, knowing the responsibility of being a hero and being the ruler of good. He understanding the differences of right and wrong. He will also serve as a mentor figure to help anyone and give them encouragement to make the right chooses for themselves and do the right thing. He knows very well that he can always handle things on his own all the time, and will let his friends and allies to assist him, showing that he wants them to be the heroes of the day beside him. Shadow Joe's judgement is never clouded and he will never accuse anyone for something they didn't do, instead he will seek answers without jumping to conclusions knowing it not right blame anyone for wrong doing.

Shadow Joe is no poor judge of character since he know every character in existence including their personalises without even meeting them, due to being nigh omniscience, He know the treachery of Jafar and Scar knowing that Jafar was trying to overthrown the Sultan in "Aladdin" and Scar was the one responsible for Mufasa's death, not Simba in "The Lion King". He knows that Mother Gothel was not Rapunzel's real mother and stole the princess for her hair, thus doesn't care about her at all in "Tangled". Shadow Joe was the only one who didn't show to be interested in Ronno's story on how he defeated a Man, knowing that Ronno made the whole thing up just to get attention and didn't say anything to Ronno in "Bambi". Shadow Joe never tells anyone, except Twilight Sparkle about the villains' true nature, knowing they will not believe him if he did.

Shadow Joe has very good patience with any inappropriate behaviour; such as Blinky Bill's mischievous antics, Maui's selfishness, Brandy Harrington's spoiled attitude, Slappy Squirrel's crankiness, Inspector Gadget's incompetents and Deadpool's violence antics. However, Shadow Joe's patience does have it's limits. As shown when Blinky Bill endless pulls pranks on Twilight Sparkle while teaching in Miss Magpie's school, Shadow Joe inform Blinky that if he still continues to upset Twilight, he will had no other option, but to tell Blinky's mother in "Miss Twilight".

Shadow Joe take his responsibilities of being the ruler of good very seriously, he keep on eye on his kingdom to ensure his subjects are alright and not misbehaving or breaking his rules. He make sure every villain in the prison room down below are still in their cells and behaving themselves. Shadow Joe never boss his subjects around but if any of his subjects breaks his rules, he will discipline them in a more merciful and taken lightly matter. Shadow Joe has strong sense of justice and also take his responsibilities of being a hero very seriously as well.

Shadow Joe has a very unusually appetite, such as pickles and banana custard, boiled eggs dip in melted chocolate, and pickle onions with jam. He is also addicted to tea, but not fondness to coffee.

Shadow Joe is very devoted to his best friend Twilight Sparkle, she was all he had left of his former life before Shadow Aaron took everything away from him. When he developed a strong bond with Twilight Sparkle, it give him enough strength to continue moving forward and imaginative the possibilities of having a brighter future with his new friend. Whenever Twilight Sparkle is kidnapped or missing, Shadow Joe will never give up hope on her until she is back safe and sound by his side again. Whenever he thought that Twilight Sparkle is dead or lost forever on occasions, Shadow Joe feel devastated and depressed of believing that his best friend has been taken away from his life, causing him to lose his confidants of being a hero and losing the will to move on, but when Twilight Sparkle revealed herself to be alive, Shadow Joe regain his confidants to be a hero and return to his true happy-self upon seeing his best friend still alive.

Shadow Joe is badly traumatised for losing his family, people and original home to his worst enemy, Shadow Aaron. Shadow Joe will only of his tragic backstory to his friends, if he has the courage to speak up for it. When Bambi and Littlefoot their mothers, it reminds him for how he lost his own mother, Queen Lorainne. Shadow Joe understands the feeling of losing a parental mother and knows how Bambi and Littlefoot would feel the same way he did when his own mother was killed. Whenever Shadow Joe sees characters with their sisters, it will a reminder for how he used to had a sister of his own, Shadow Selina, which is still saddened of how much he missing her, before she was killed by Shadow Aaron.

Shadow Joe is philanthropy and has true love for humans. He always look out for humanity, making sure humans are safe from danger, especially from villains who hold a grudge toward humanity.

Out of all the villains that he has faced, Shadow Joe considered Shadow Aaron to be his worst enemy of all due to being the most fearsome and dangerous in existence. Though Shadow Joe has no grudge towards Shadow Aaron despite everything he put him throughout the years. Shadow Aaron is the only villain that Shadow Joe always fights seriously without making humorous jokes or wisecracking puns about the villain, and does not like his friends making any jokes about Shadow Aaron. Shadow Joe will stop at nothing to prevent Shadow Aaron from harming innocent characters. Despite all this, Shadow Joe always shows mercy toward Shadow Aaron and always saves him whenever in jeopardy, knowing even though Shadow Aaron had emotionally damaged but doesn't means he should left his evil twin in peril.

Shadow Joe is very merciful toward his enemies, he never fights them violently and has concerns of their well being which resorts in sparing his enemies without causing serious harmed toward them, even preferred to use non-lethal weapons against his opponents. Shadow Joe never kills his enemies unless absolutely necessary and if he did killed or destroyed a villain, he always feel remorseful for ending that villain's life, specially Daleks and Cybermen despite they being nothing more than killing machines and lacking humanity.

Shadow Joe is never arrogant, reckless, and cocky, Shadow Joe always think strategies through before planning ahead, as opposed to being quick-thinking, level-headed, and never becoming overconfident and does not too much through into his actions, which would results into successfully saving people, as well as the world, on notable occasions and winning almost every fight against his enemies.

Though Shadow Joe is famous, he actually care less about fame and glory, and never let fame get to him. Shadow Joe never experts anything in return for his heroics, though still accept the rewards he is giving for his efforts due to how well-mannered he is and can't say "No". Shadow Joe always think about that helping people is the right thing to do, which is most important than fame and glory and never lose sight what's ready important.

Like all Shadow Creatures, Shadow Joe is compassionate, empathetic, sympathetic and benevolent, Shadow Joe always comforts his friends whenever they feel despair and will help cheer them up until they feel happy again. Shadow Joe always mourns over the death of other characters and shows deep sorrow their demises, whenever his subjects gives their life to the protect the innocent or for the sake of the universe, Shadow Joe will honour these characters for their heroic sacrifice (Stoick the Vast, Iron Man, Black Widow and Anakin Skywalker), and will spread this information to the rest of his living subjects to inform them about the deaths of these heroes who dead with honours.

Shadow Joe has a incorruptible will and incapable of being corrupted by villains, especially by Shadow Aaron. Shadow Joe is very slow to anger and has no corrupting factories like envy, lust, greed, pride, gluttony and sloth.

Despite his mature and serious persona, Shadow Joe has a tendency to make wisecracking or humorous puns to help him gain confidants while fighting his enemies. Shadow Joe is also comedic, and enjoys making homage impersonations of characters and dressing in different outfits from time to time. .

In Character What: Villains Revenge, After seeing Shadow Aaron alive and harming his best friend Twilight Sparkle, Shadow Joe develop a more serious personality to the point of taking his fights with the villains more seriously without humorous jokes or puns to help him gain confidants, even defeat them as quickly as he can.

Despite his hate for villains, Shadow Joe still has some form of sympathy toward villains for whatever fate come to them; He felt deeply sorry for Cozy Glow was turned into stone as punishment for her crimes against Equestria due to the fact that she is far too young to have such horrible punishment. He was shock and horrified when Deadpool killed Ajax out of spite in "Deadpool". He felt deep remorse for killing his brother, Shadow Aaron. Knowing he was too dangerous to be left alive upon learning his true cataclysmic nature despite everything Shadow Aaron done to him and other characters through the years in the "The Return of the Shadow Creature".


Character What: The Movie

Shadow Joe is first seen in a flashback when Shadow Joe and Shadow Aaron was born, Shadow Aaron was awaken, but Shadow Joe still remain asleep and remain as a baby. After Shadow Aaron was defeated by his family, Queen Lorraine remove all of knowledge of Shadow Aaron from Shadow Joe's mind so he will be unaware of his brother's existence. Shortly Shadow Joe was finally awaken and know his mother and father right away.

3 years later, Shadow Joe was seen as a child, Shadow Joe was sleeping his bed until the light from the sun shines on him from out the window. Shadow Joe woke up with excitement of his first of school and wake up his mother and father to remind them, His parents got him really for school and Shadow Joe then went on abroad the coach with other young Shadow Creatures when he befriends two young female Shadow Creatures; a Water Shadow Creature named Shadow Samantha and a Ice Shadow Creature named Shadow Lucy. At the school, Shadow Joe meets his teacher called Shadow Jessie a adult Water Shadow Creature who teaches the history of the Shadow Creatures to the students and let them show their powers. Unfortunately, Shadow Joe failed to use any of his powers due to the lack experience.

After returning home, Shadow Joe was distraught of being unable to his powers and explains it all to his parents. Shadow Joe decides to go to the forest where he can learn how to use his powers.

Character What: Villains Revenge

Powers and Abilities

See: Shadow Joe's Powers


  • Water-Conducted Electrically: Despite his electrical Immunity, Shadow Joe is vulnerable to water being conducted by electrically, meaning if he soak, he will be badly stunned and incapacitated.
  • Life-Force Crystal: If the crystal on his forehead is vulnerable Shadow Creature magic which is the only source that can damage his life-force crystal. If the crystal is minor damaged, Shadow Joe will feel very weak. If the crystal is major damaged, Shadow Joe will have to regenerate into a new form as a way to cheat death. But if the crystal is completely damaged, Shadow Joe will be unable to regenerate and slowly die.
  • Limitations: Despite being able to visually do anything, Shadow Joe's powers do have limits to what he can do or can't do such as he cannot erase anything from existence for an example and the Forge of Creation is the only place he cannot travel to. He is also not as powerful as Celestialsapiens from the Ben 10 franchise.
    • Strength Limit: Despite his visually limitless strength, The Two-Ton Tunic is the only thing that Shadow Joe cannot break.
    • Durability Limit: Despite being visually indestructible, Shadow Joe is not entirely invulnerable as he can still feel pain with enough sufficient force.
    • Speed Limit: Shadow Joe can run faster than either the speed of sound or the speed of light, Shadow Joe cannot run fast enough to travel through time.
    • Immunity Limit: Shadow Joe is not entirely immune to everything, as he is vulnerable to dream-based powers, sound-based attacks and being immobilized.
  • Sensitive Hearing: Because of his large rabbit ears, Shadow Joe is vulnerable to high-pitched sounds.
  • Lying: As shown in "Lie of the Ears". Whenever Shadow Joe actually tells a lie, his ears will grow longer as a result, similar to how Pinocchio's nose grow whenever he tells a lie. However, when Shadow Joe finally tells the truth, his ears return to their normal size.


Twilight Sparkle

Shadow Joe and Twilight share a strong relationship, as they had been best friends ever since the day they first met. Shadow Joe enjoys spending quality time with Twilight Sparkle like reading books with her, together, helping her reorganise her books, watching a movie together, and letting her join with him on his adventures. Furthermore, Shadow Joe also like sharing with Twilight Sparkle such as drinking a milkshake together and letting her have the cherry on top, having a slice pizza together and lets her have the last piece, and when breaking a biscuit in half to share, he lets her have the big half. Shadow Joe is also very protected over Twilight Sparkle and willing to do what ever he can to protect her from villains and from any harm.


Shadow Joe and Dawn share a strong relationship, as they have romantic feelings for ease other ever since their first kiss. At First, Shadow Joe was too nervous to confess to Dawn about how he really feel about her. Shadow Joe sometime impressed Dawn by giving her some romantic chocolates and flowers to show how much he cares for her. Shadow Joe also plans dates for her to show that he love her, When Dawn entered a Pokemon Contest, Shadow Joe always wished her good luck and when Shadow Joe watched Dawn in the contest, Shadow Joe always sir ports her and cheers her on. Shadow Joe care deeply about Dawn just like Twilight Sparkle, but unlike Twilight Sparkle, Shadow Joe is not over protected over Dawn.

Ben Tennyson


The Stig

Shadow Joe considered the Stig to be one of his good friends, but Shadow Joe didn't communicate with the Stig very well due the Stig not being unable to speak and not showing his emotions to Shadow Joe or his friends.

Webby Vanderquack


Shadow Joe sense Rafiki's prays to found Simba and return him to his rightful as the king of Pride Rock so Shadow Joe and Twilight Sparkle travelled to Africa to look for the lost king. When first encountering with Simba, Shadow Joe tell Simba that he knows everything about him including the death of Mufasa and inform Simba that he wasn't responsible for his father's untimely demise, but Simba didn't believe Shadow Joe since he had never met him before and therefore doesn't trust the hero. Shadow Joe and Twilight Sparkle joins Simba in the battle against Scar and the Hyenas and earn Simba's trust for helping him regain his throne and defeating his evil uncle.

During the time, Shadow Joe and Simba became good friends, both Shadow Joe along Nala often advice Simba to let his arrogates get the better of him and help Simba make the right decisions. When Simba exiles Kova from the Pride Lands for supposedly being part of the ambush, Shadow Joe confronts Simba for arrogantly banishing Kova and revealed that Mufasa would have forgiven Kova for his initial role in Zira's plan and wound have seen that her ambush was not his fault, but because Simba has completely defied Mufasa's paw prints he has failed to be like his late father. Shadow Joe became devastated at what Simba have done and decides to leave Pride Rock, leaving Simba in disgrace for his actions.

However, after the conversation with Nala about Simba realising the error of the ways and reconcile with Kiara and Kova. Shadow Joe finally forgive Simba for his mistake and decided to return to Pride Rock and reconcile with him.

Darkwing Duck

When meeting Darkwing Duck for the first time, Darkwing Duck developed a rivalry toward Shadow Joe when the hero defeated Darkwing's main enemies and stealing his spotlight, causing Darkwing's to become extremely jealous of Shadow Joe taking all the credit. However, Darkwing Duck show gratitude to Shadow Joe for saving him and working together to defeat his worst enemy NegaDuck, thus became good friends with Shadow Joe and never show jealously toward him anymore.

Slappy Squirrel

Despise Slappy's grumpy, bitter, cranky and violent personality, Shadow Joe deeply like Slappy Squirrel as he see her more like she was his own aunt.

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Known Inventions

  • Sonic Screwdriver
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Character Impersonations



  • Shadow Joe have two running gag in the Character What franchise, The first gag is not wearing a suit and the second gag is most characters forgetting about that he is immortal.
  • Shadow Joe along Shadow Aaron have visible bully button despite being hatch from eggs.
  • Shadow Joe always wears glasses when he is reading.
  • Originally, Shadow Joe was going to be more of a destructive superhero such as being a vicious villain killer, His catchphrase was going to be "Destroy" which means destroying villains, originally going to be vicious and sometime unkind toward other characters like biting Homer Simpson's hand which will make Shadow Joe more of a anti-hero rather than a true hero. but was change to make Shadow Joe's personality more sympathetic such as being friendly and kind toward other characters, especially villains, showing mercy to villains, even sparing their lives, and saving them from danger. His catchphrase is "Don't Mess With The Hero" and showing true compassion.
    • All these negative things that Shadow Joe was originally going be had been used the main antagonist, Shadow Aaron instead, who will serve as a polar opposite to Shadow Joe's heroic and positive personality.
    • Nevertheless, Shadow Joe was originally created to be a villain, but been change into a good character instead.


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