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Shadow Joe is the main protagonist of the character crossover Character What.


Shadow Joe along with twin brother Shadow Aaron were born 2000 years ago, When Queen Lorraine give birth to them, they were asleep, Shadow Aaron was the first to be awaken, but Shadow Joe was still asleep. Shadow Joe remain asleep for a long time.


Shadow Joe is good and is the opposite of Shadow Aaron, Shadow Joe is honest, kind, happy, comedic, generous, sweet, wise, loyal, and selfless.

Whenever Shadow Joe made a promise to anyone, He keep these promises he made with them. He always keeps his promises seriously and do what ever he can to not breaks these promises.

Shadow Joe is always very serious about Shadow Aaron, He doesn't want his friends or anyone to face Shadow Aaron since he is too dangerous and too powerful for anyone to fight.

Shadow Joe enjoys being a hero, fighting villains, saving life, protecting the innocent and playing around with the villains while fighting, but Shadow Joe did often take his role as hero seriously, He is also serious of being the leader of the heroes and being origination with plans and situations.

Shadow Joe is completely selfless and fearless as he will risk his own life to save anyone from danger without hesitation and care deeply about the well being and of others in need, He absolutely have qualms against selfishness as he never acted selfish in his entire life due to being a Shadow Creature and Shadow Creatures represents pure goodness.

Shadow Joe have a unforgiving hated toward his greatest enemy and twin brother Shadow Aaron due to the fact that Shadow Aaron murdered his family and all of the other Shadow Creatures in cold blood, Shadow Joe is always faced Shadow Aaron seriously and will not toy around with him or even make fun of him knowing that Shadow Aaron is the worst villain of all and a villain not be mess with.


Character What: The Movie

Shadow Joe is first seen in a flashback when Shadow Joe and Shadow Aaron was born, Shadow Aaron was awaken, but Shadow Joe still remain asleep and didn't Shadow Joe grow since he was still asleep, and remain as a baby until he was awaken. Shadow Joe was about to be awaken after King Joe, Queen Lorraine, and Shadow Selina defeated Shadow Aaron.

3 years later, Shadow Joe was seen as a child, Shadow Joe was in his bed sleeping, and then the sun shine out of Shadow Joe and wake him up. Shadow Joe then wake up King Joe and Queen Lorainne to remind them it is his first day of school, His parents got him really for school and Shadow Joe then went on the coach which was taking him and the young Shadow Creatures to school.

On the coach, Shadow Joe meets two young female Shadow Creatures; Shadow Samantha (Water Shadow Creature) and Shadow Lucy (Ice Shadow Creatures), They ask Shadow Joe if it was his first day at school and Shadow Joe said "Yes".

Character What: Villains Revenge

Margra Batto and Kyra Verbeten

Shadow Joe when Meeting Info-chan

Shadow Joe appear as guest character in Margra Batto and Kyra Verbeten. It is unknown how his role will be the series.

Powers and Abilities

See: Shadow Joe's Powers


Twilight Sparkle

Twilight Sparkle is Shadow Joe's best friend and they both share a great bond with ease other since the day they first met, Shadow Joe paid most time with her and they both enjoy doing things together, Shadow Joe is very kind and very loyal to Twilight Sparkle and cares very deeply about her and always help her when she feel sad or worried, Shadow Joe is also very protected over Twilight Sparkle and willing to do what ever he can to protect her from villains and from any harm.


Dawn is Shadow Joe's girlfriend and share a great bond with her just like Twilight Sparkle, Shadow Joe sometime give Dawn chocolates and flowers to show her that he a good boyfriend, Shadow Joe also plans dates for her to show that he love her, When Dawn entered a Pokemon Contest, Shadow Joe always wished her good luck and when Shadow Joe watched Dawn in the contest, Shadow Joe always sir ports her and cheers her on. Shadow Joe care deeply about Dawn just like Twilight Sparkle, but unlike Twilight Sparkle, Shadow Joe is not over protected over Dawn.

Ben Tennyson


The Stig

Shadow Joe considered the Stig to be one of his good friends, but Shadow Joe didn't communicate with the Stig very well due the Stig not being unable to speak and not showing his emotions to Shadow Joe or his friends.

Webby Vanderquack

Darkwing Duck

When meeting Darkwing Duck for the first time, Darkwing Duck developed a rivalry toward Shadow Joe when Shadow Joe defeat Darkwing's main enemies and taking Darkwing Duck's spotlight causing Darkwing's to become jealous of Shadow Joe taking the credit, Despise this, Darkwing Duck deeply care about Shadow Joe and will do whatever he can to help Shadow Joe and his friends and deep down Darkwing like Shadow Joe and is one of Shadow Joe's good friends.

Slappy Squirrel

Despise Slappy's grumpy, bitter, cranky and violent personality, Shadow Joe deeply like Slappy Squirrel as he see her more like she was his own aunt.

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Known Inventions

  • Sonic Screwdriver
  • Snow Blaster





  • Shadow Joe have two running gag in the Character What franchise, The first gag is not wearing a suit and the second gag is most characters forgetting about that he is immortal.
  • Shadow Joe along Shadow Aaron have visible bully button despite being hatch from eggs.
  • Shadow Joe always wears glasses when he is reading.
  • Originally, Shadow Joe was going to be more of a destructive superhero such as being a vicious villain killer, His catchphrase was going to be "Destroy" which means destroying villains, originally going to be vicious and sometime unkind toward other characters like biting Homer Simpson's hand which will make Shadow Joe more of a anti-hero rather than a true hero. but was change to make Shadow Joe's personality more sympathetic such as being friendly and kind toward other characters, especially villains, showing mercy to villains, even sparing their lives, and saving them from danger. His catchphrase is "Don't Mess With The Hero" and showing true compassion.
    • All these negative things that Shadow Joe was originally going be had been used the main antagonist, Shadow Aaron instead, who will serve as a polar opposite to Shadow Joe's heroic and positive personality.
    • Nevertheless, Shadow Joe was originally created to be a villain, but been change into a good character instead.


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