Shadow Selina, also known as Princess Selina, is a character in the character crossover Character What. She is Shadow Joe's sister and the ruler of love.


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Powers and Abilities

Shadow Selina's main powers are love-based powers, She also possesses other powers as well due to being near-omnipotence.

  • Love Embodiment: Shadow Selina is the embodiment of all love and possesses love powers.
    • Love Manipulation: Shadow Selina can manipulate and control love and its energy
      • Love Augmentation: Shadow Selina can augment love in others.
      • Love Constructs: Shadow Selina can create constructs out of the emotional energy of love.
      • Love Sense: Shadow Selina can sense the emotion of love in others.
      • Love Inducement: Shadow Selina can induce love into others.
    • Love Aura: Shadow Selina has a aura of love.
  • Super Agility: Shadow Selina has superhuman agility just like Shadow Joe and Shadow Aaron.
  • Super Reflexes:
  • Super Dexterity:
  • Super Jump:
  • Super Hearing:
  • Flight: Shadow Selina can fly using her wings.
  • Beauty Inducement:
  • Sleep Inducement:
  • Animal Empathy: Shadow Selina is empathize with animals.
  • Kiss Projection:
  • Clothing Generation:
  • Magic Dust Manipulation:
  • Siren Song:
  • Shape-Shifting: Shadow Selina can take the form a young female fawn that resemble to Faline from Bambi.
  • Age Shifting:
  • Underwater Breathing:
  • Flower Generation:
  • Pearl Generation:
  • Gemstone Generation:
  • Super Form:
  • Power Inheritance:
  • Nigh Omniscience:
  • Nigh Omnipresence:
  • Immortally/Absolute Immortally:

Character What: Hero Force

Shadow Selina makes her return in The Return of Selina, Shadow Joe use his "Resurrection" to bring Shadow Selina back to life, When Shadow Selina known that she was back in the world of the living, She tell Shadow Joe that she didn't want to been bought back to life since she failed to protect their mother from Shadow Aaron. Shadow Selina stand up to Shadow Joe when the Dazzlings were picking on him.