The Hunter is an anti-hero with a mysterious past. He awoke in a cave one morning with no memory and no idea where he was. All he had was a strong hatred for anyone in a position of power (politicians, the president, rich criminals).


The Hunter has super strength, increased speed and agility, along with the ability to control animals. He his well trained with short-ranged weapons (knives, swords) and in martial arts.


P.C.E: P.C.E is a major league criminal gang. Their leader is very mysterious, only ever appearing on T.V screens or on radios, with his voice and face always scrambled. The leader seems to know all about The Hunter's past, taunting him about it regularly. P.C.E commit all sorts of crimes including assassinations, robberies, drug-dealing and ransoms. The leader's name is unknown but is rumoured to have something to do with the gangs initials P.C.E (full name also unknown).

The President of the U.S.A: The President is constantly sending men out to find and kill The Hunter, but strangely The Hunter was being searched for before he attempted to assassinate the president (the first time).

The Huntress: The Huntress has the same powers as The Hunter, only she can use them far better. She seems to know something about the Hunter's past, but is reluctant to tell him it. They are rivals and constantly try to kill each other, although they have the same goals. They have expressed romantic feelings for each other in the past, they always put it behind themselves, focusing on their mission.