The Undertaker WWE '13
The Undertaker sometimes called Taker is the one of the main protagonists and anti-hero of WWE Battery. He is the brother of Kane. He is Edge's bullying foil and rival. 

Convincing Vince McMahon to reform

He convinced Vince McMahon to rehire his friends who was been fired by him. Vince McMahon realizes his mistake for firing The Undertaker's friends, he rehires them and apologizes to his friends for his misdeeds he did it.

When Triple H and Edge planned to take over the WWE universe with cloned fans, The Undertaker manages to bring the real fans back and destroys this cloned fans in one hit, Edge and Triple H are arrested for frauds and sabotaging the WWE Universe, Taker orders the police and Stephanie McMahon to send Triple H and Edge to jail for a long time, then Edge and Triple H promise to The Undertaker that they will renounce their selfish way and they will be invited to an restaurant by him.