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Twilight Sparkle is one of the main characters in the Character What, She is Shadow Joe's best friend.

Character What: New Nope

In Broken Friendship, Shadow Joe promise Twilight Sparkle and Dawn that he will be at the Pokemon Contest to suppose Dawn, Twilight cheer Dawn on for doing so well in the finals, Twilight noticed that Shadow Joe wasn't with her. Dawn even noticed and almost lose focus, but Dawn manages to win the Contest, thus winning a trophy, but Twilight Sparkle and Dawn was very angry with Shadow Joe not being at the contest like he promise. After Shadow Aaron left the battle, Shadow Joe realise that he miss the contest, Twilight Sparkle and Dawn arrived and scolds Shadow Joe for breaking his promise, Shadow Joe explains that Shadow Aaron was attacking Ponyville and Shadow Joe had to stop him from harming anypony was more important. Twilight Sparkle and Dawn through that Shadow Joe think defeating Shadow Aaron was more important than being at contest and keeping his promise. Shadow Joe tries to explain that not what he meant, but Twilight Sparkle and Dawn refuse to listen and decided to end their friendship with Shadow Joe since he had let them down for breaking his promise, thus leaving Shadow Joe all alone feeling heartbroken.

In Lost Hope, Twilight Sparkle and Dawn encounter with Webby Vanderquack and ask her why she was a the beach alone, Shadow Joe came out of the cafe and was shocked to his best friends with Webby. Shadow Joe took Webby with him and made a quick dash leaving Twilight Sparkle and Dawn. Later Discord shown up and cause trouble which attract the attention of Twilight Sparkle and Dawn, Discord makes his escape and Twilight and Dawn follow him. When Discord lure Twilight Sparkle and Dawn to Shadow Joe and Webby Vanderquack and Shadow Joe's former best friends were shocked to Shadow Joe hugging the duckling, thus realise that he had made a new friend. Twilight Sparkle and Dawn became outrage by this and thought that Shadow Joe was replacing them, Shadow Joe explains the reason why he became friends with Webby because she no friends of own since Huey, Dewey and Louie refuse to play with her so he decide to be friends with so she with play him. but Twilight Sparkle and Dawn didn't believe him and choose not to have anything to do with him anymore. Dawn even goes but far giving Shadow Joe a slap on the face and she and Twilight Sparkle leave Shadow Joe more heartbroken then ever. At the Golden Oak Library, Twilight Spakle and Dawn started feel intense guilt and remorse for how they treated Shadow Joe and realise that he had ready good intentions to miss the contest knowing that stopping Shadow Aaron from attacking ponies was more important.

In Importer Shadow Joe, Twilight Sparkle and Dawn were shocked to learn that Shadow Joe kidnapping Princess Luna from the footage they watched, Twilight and Dawn know very well that Shadow Joe will never such a thing and went off to find their best friend and prove his innocents. When Shadow Aaron was about to finish Shadow Joe off, Twilight and Dawn came just in time and stop the Master of All Evil from harming Shadow Joe even further. After defeating Shadow Aaron, Twilight Sparkle and Dawn apologise to Shadow Joe for the way they treated him and now realise that Shadow Joe's intentions of missing the contest were pure knowing that protecting the ponies from Shadow Aaron was more important. Shadow Joe forgive his two best friends and happy to have his friendship with them fully restore and share a group hug with his girlfriend and his best friend, even Webby join the group hug too.

In Zombie Night, Twilight Sparkle was with Shadow Joe walking through a dark forest, They saw several characters running past them and wondering what they were running away from. Twilight Sparkle and Shadow Joe saw the Zombies (from Gravity Falls) coming toward them and decide to flee. Shadow Joe, Dawn and Twilight Sparkle sing the "Three Part Harmony" together to destroy all of the zombies. After defeating the zombies, Shadow Joe said that he was happy to have both of his best friends by his side saving the day with him.

Character What: Ultimate Hero

In Ninetales And Victreebel, Dawn and Twilight Sparkle wake up and got ready to help Shadow Joe take care of his Pokemon, They both noticed that Shadow Joe was already up before them, Shadow Joe explains because he is a Shadow Creature and only needs five years a day which is the reason why he was awake early. Dawn and Twilight Sparkle was impress how Ninetales looks more beauty due Shadow Joe bursting it's fur with a hairburst.

Character What: Villains Revenge

Twilight Sparkle was enjoying reading her books somewhere for peace and quiet, but Shadow Aaron suddenly grabs her and fly over to the Smooze threatening to drop the unicorn in it, Shadow Joe comes in the nick of time and saves her. Twilight Sparkle along with Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy were undercover and witnessing Shadow Aaron burning places in Ponyville while capturing every pony that knows her when she was a Alicorn.