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Ultra Instinct Shaggy is a spin-off of the canon Shaggy Rogers, he is portrayed to be a powerful Supreme God who's limitation is a complete unknown since no one ever has the power to rival his abilities. As of August 31st 2021, Ultra Instinct Shaggy has been made a canon character in the animated movie Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle of the Realms.

On October 12th, 2017, YouTuber Midya posted an Ultra Instinct Remix featuring Shaggy fighting a gang of thugs from the 2011 film Scooby-Doo! Legend of the Phantosaur, featuring the song “Ultimate Battle” from the Dragon Ball Super soundtrack playing in the background. After the video was posted, the character inspired fan art and further video edits. On November 3rd, 2017, DeviantArtist MielSibel10032002 uploaded fan art of the character (shown below, left). Later that month, it was posted to /r/TwoBestFriendsPlay where it gained 643 points. On January 13th, 2018, Tumblr user mgx0 posted several frames of Dragon Ball with Ultra Instinct Shaggy, gaining over 35,000 notes


While his canon version is portrayed to be goofy, gluttony, cowardly, and sometimes passive. This version of him has the opposite personality of the canon. This Shaggy is instead brave, reckless, arrogant, and self-centered. He is described as the type that doesn't think twice before stepping out to challenge any enemies that claim to be the strongest among all existences. The fact is that being a powerful and unstoppable supreme being, Ultra Instinct Shaggy seemingly thinks that he is so strong that having a significant amount of pride in what he deserves best than others since no one can stop him. Thus, he wants people to know a lot about him or his servants or disciples to see him as their god, their actual superior, and their master. Therefore, interactors must always bow before him like he's a royal king and their villagers. He always told them to address him by the name of "Lord Shaggy" to prove his superior. Shaggy is still kind-hearted and cares about good people and those who have redeemable qualities and reasons to do bad things. However, when a person praises his powers, he won't hesitate but exposed his pride/arrogant attitude towards them. The fact is that Shaggy's ways of acting are based off on the beliefs of peoples and memes that he created, and since he isn't a canon character, his personalities and ways of acting are dependent/based off on fanfictions/fan-made things. This means he is empowered with memes that have him demonstrating his abilities in it.

Powers Abilities


The one and only user is the Creator and Metapotent ruler of Verses, taking on a specific form and identity in each of them according to their context/characteristics.

Shaggy can also rick roll the entire universe if he wants too, but he decide to not be that harsh on the universe.

The user is thus an omni-dimensional being, existing simultaneously in all Verses as their local Supreme Being, under a wide variety of names, traits and appearances.

This guarantees the sacrosanct unicity of Metapotence, removing all potential paradoxes, and notably explains how crossovers are possible in the first place, and why local Metapotent beings,Ultipotent beings and Nigh-omnipotent beings never fight one another. and even the creator of the real-life all verse too. Creator of all thoughts and minds and imagination etc....


  • Ultra Instinct Shaggy has a large popularity that is higher than Villain Deku and Splendor-Man (These two characters were known to be famous spin-offs with high popularities of two other famous canon characters).
    • Evidence have shown that even Mat Pad of Film Theorists even made a theory video about Ultra Instinct Shaggy's powers.
      • There has recently been a Friday Night Funkin' mod featuring him, and because of the game's large fanbase and youtubers reacting to this mod, he has become popular again.
  • As of August 31st 2021, Ultra Instinct Shaggy has been made a canon character in the animated movie Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle of the Realms.


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