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Vanessa is a creepypasta girl heroes. Who living with her big sister and parents she was very pretty and shy. She love playing with her sister when they move in they were told to not go in the woods. Vanessa wanted to know why but no one gier her th answer. So when she was playing in the backyard sh heard voices. She was the only one to heared the voice her faily believe it was just the wind. But he know what she heard the voice of a mob of men and a young boy but noone elieve what she heard. later when she return to the Backyard for play with a ball with her sister. She lose the ball in the forest shr wanted to go but not her sister. So she go same if her sister warned her she was now lost and far away from her house. She was scare and see someoe approaching she close he eyes but open it when she hard a voice. She se it wa a african american by whowas normal talking he offered her to hlp get back o her home. But she see they were going in the more deep of the forest and see the boy true self. When the police found her she was killed.