Yanet Swaby-Ebanks Arley's 2nd Cousin/maybe aunt.


  • Arley Swaby - 3rd Cousin/Half-nephew.
  • Yolanda Ebanks Powery - Abusive Mother
  • Harvey Swaby - Half-Brother
  • Lincoln Oliver - Half-Brother
  • Janiah Bodden - Daughter
  • Ashley Swaby - 3rd Cousin.
  • Evelyn Swaby - First Cousin
  • Rudy Swaby - 2nd Cousin


She's an Evil Cousin from Laughing after Bullying him, murdered by his family then after that He's Yanet's is not his cousin by that Yanet discuss about she's truthly arley's real cousin, she's a ghost

She's failed everything then she became evil after being revived from dead then she discover that killed by Clibland he wasnt her cousin after future.

She became evil after couldnt dance

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