Zizzy is the tritagonist of the 2020 roblox horror game Piggy. The Zizzy character is based off the Peppa Pig character Zoë she isn't a playable character, she can help you by knocking out Piggy in City - Chapter 9 and Mall - Chapter 10 if given Grass.


She is a zebra. She has black stripes around her head and wears a magenta dress, and a purple hat with a pink feather on it, and pink cheeks. She wields a rapier in her right hand and has a black stripe on her left arm and has purple legs


she is first seen at chapter 8 ending cutsene with pony

Chapter 9:Zizzy and Pony bring player to their safe place. However, the gate to the safe house is on fire and you have to venture an abandoned city to unlock the gate. After finally escaping, you hear a noise and Zizzy comes with player to find out what that sound is

Chapter 10:It is a fairly simple map, but with twists and turns. We start off after Chapter 9, where the player follows a shadow to a mall, which turns out to be George Piggy. After that, they try to find the shadow. By unlocking the doors, the player finds George Piggy, confirming that he is alive and not infected. The player and Zizzy bring him to the safe house, and they meet Zee and Zuzy, Pony, and we have cameos of Giraffy (Character) and Mimi (Character).

Chapter 11:player, Zizzy, and Pony track Mr. P's helicopter signal to a military outpost. At the end, you get ready to go into the military base, but you find out George followed you. Pony and Zizzy stay behind to fight a crowd of soldiers who have gathered. The player and George go into the base, and they find Mr. P, except he is a cyborg. He passes them off as "the people he has let down in the past coming back to haunt him," and leaves. George and the player follow him and the transition to Chapter 12 begins.

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